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  1. Well, this was depressing. I suppose good fiction is meant to evoke strong emotions and not necessarily good ones, but when I finished this last night it took a while to shake off the mood of futility. Worth playing but lots of frustration and slow slow scenes you're forced to plod through. That toy arrow game with Owen and the absurd guitar strum were crazy. Puzzles are ok when you know what you need to do and have to figure out how to do it, but so often I didn't, and finally I didn't care. I used 'skip puzzle' entirely after the first few.

    The freedom of multi-choice open world games like Thief, Dark Mod, and Fallout 4 have spoilt me for this type of corridor game. It feels like acting scenes in a movie. You're allowed to ad lib a tiny amount (move left round a crate instead of right) but if you act out the scene wrong then the director shouts 'cut' and you have to perform another take over and over. In fact, as with the LOU1, I'd rather have watched it as an edited-down movie (I did download a full walkthrough video at the time but it failed to play on my system so I had to persist in the game to see how it panned out.)

    Still, LOU2 must have something going for it or I wouldn't have kept going (despite abandoning it overnight at least twice and swearing never again!) It's kind of a must-play - though it feels like a gun at your head. Maybe it was just the £54 I paid and wanted my moneysworth. No, that's not fair, there are LOTS of good events in the claimed 30 hours of this game (I clocked 29 in the game saves but I played on the 'easiest' level (it's not - parts are REALLY hard except for hardcore enthusiasts maybe and I had to use a couple of walkthoughs for two combat scenes which seemed impossible and took 40 or 50 retakes before I got through.) Looking back at my start gamesave date it took me eight days of say two or three hours a day. Eh? That can't be right. It's definitely eight days and I reckon I must have played at least double the 29 hours of gamesaves. Call it 64 hours, that's 8 hours a day? Seems impossible. I know I played it a lot but... No, must be the fixed scenes take up so much of the time, and I only played over and over the awkward checkpoints... even so, I must have played 5 or 6 hours a day? Wow.

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  2. Thanks Carnage. I'd gladly use cheats but I'm playing on PS4 and I've not found any. It's a closed system with no file management other than backing up gamesaves to a flash drive. No way of tinkering with a cfg file or anything like that.


    I'm fairly sure I played 2033 on survival mode because it read to me as if it were easier and the name 'spartan' even sounds harder! But I wondered about that after re-reading so I played Last Light on Spartan. I couldn't really tell the difference - but then different games or even the same played again would have a different feel so might not be able to tell. I couldn't really check what style I played later. I mean, I think you can change the difficulty from normal to hardcore (I played normal) but style - couldn't find it anywhere.


    So many games are so very close to being GREAT, even perfect, but certain things spoil them. In Fallout 4 (the best game I ever played) it was the repetitive dialogue that really irritated.


    I hope I don't put off anyone else playing these Metro games, but be prepared for some frustration unless you play on the PC with cheats. Several times I had to reload an entire Chapter which felt a bit like replaying an entire Thief mission because the single gamesave is determined by the game itself which took no cognizance of your health or ammo or how close to death you might be. I sometimes anticipated that and, after I had spent some time (and used up filters and/or ammo) finding the way through, I reloaded the checkpoint deliberately before the game saved the next one and left me gasping and helpless!


    Now discovered my Fallout 4 DLC needs fairly advanced gamesaves to access them! And I wiped all my gamesaves when I had to make disk room for Kingdom Come and other games! Never mind, there'll be incentive to play to reach them. I started yesterday. The freedom to play in so many different ways is refreshing quite frankly. :)

  3. Only near the end did I find out how to lift the wristwatch and only after beginning Last Light did I discover how to reload my weapons! Both are only mentioned once as a brief popup while you're fighting for your life - miss it and tough luck. Even if you see about the watch (and I never did) it doesn't work if you are showing the clipboard! So, even if you try the tool selector icon it doesn't work so you assume that's a future tool like say night vision goggles and forget about it. Talking of which, just before I exited to the swamp in Last Light, the character with me waved vaguely and muttered something like 'put that on'. I searched around for what the hell he was talking about. Eventually I found a kind of suit in an open closet. Clicked it. It's on. WTF it is I have no idea and never did find out. Made no visible difference to anything. I don't even know if I look cool in it because it's 1st person.


    Anyway, after a huge effort I had to give up Last Light too because it was impossible to get past Red Square with the limited ammo and filters I had. I entered there with seconds of life left. After several reloads of the checkpoint I found a filter which gave me a minute - then another. Not sure it would matter though because I was helplessly outnumbered, brightly lit, and just kept repeatedly dying and restarting. Three or four sessions of that and I'd had enough. I checked on the net for a video walkthrough. The guy must have had a filters cheat or something because he never even looked at how many filters he had left. Plus a better weapon. He nonchalantly took his time picking off the assailant above one by one. None of them came down till later. With me, I shot one or two then was overrun every time. I laid down mines near the window they came out off but they must have just avoided them or were too strong for them to matter. Nothing I tried worked. I saw from the vid that an exit opens up later but it never did for me. It was no fun at all.


    Overall there were some great battles though, and good stealth but often it was a matter of reloading checkpoint after checkpoint - learn by dying then act out a sequence that worked. That big momma for instance, all my ammo ran out in seconds. I resorted to stabbing it until my hand hurt. It seemed unkillable so I checked for a walkthrough. Again, the guy had infinite ammo, but at least I saw it could be killed and that was the only way forward. Back to the stabbing... my hand still hurts from two days ago.


    Great game spoilt by lack of info and bad checkpoints where it can literally save as you are dying! I think Rockstar have got it right with their 'three-reloads-then-a-skip-option' which means you at least get your money's worth. I recall in Red Dead 2 having to rope a runaway bull. I had never once succeeded in roping even a friendly horse so I knew I wouldn't be able to rope this MF. I gave up and waited to die each time until the option came.


    I certainly won't be paying full price for the 3rd game in the Metro series knowing the chances are I won't be able to enjoy the whole game. Not sure I'd even pay a tenner for it now.


    I'm now downloading more content for Fallout 4 - at least I'm certain you can't fail that game because there's so much freedom to regroup and try again under better circumstances (plus true gamesaves!) On and off, I had TWO YEARS' WORTH of enjoyment with Fallout 4 which is brilliant value. And now I get to play it even more! :)

  4. Thought I'd watch a walkthrough of the end of 2033 and there's a gas mask and at least one filter

    just before that open hallway that leads to the tower.

    I was always too busy dying to go scavenging at that point but now I'll try again to see if I can finish it!

  5. Couldn't quite finish 2033. I scraped though the D6 chapter with no ammo and began the final chapter with no ammo and about 1 minute of a filter left. I did find one filter which gave me about 2.5 and I did manage to get across the car park just by stabbing and even got up the tower and get a gas mask with, presumably a filter. But I ran out within seconds of killing the demon up there. So no way of finishing the game. I restarted the chapter a few times but never reached the tower again no matter what I did. There's just that one box of ammo near the truck and precious little else so that end was doomed from the start for me. I mean, scavenging takes time and I had only seconds to live. I think they assume everyone will begin it with some filters. In D6 there was very little to find so I'm not keen to reload that far back.


    I scavenged a lot throughout this game but iIf I were to play it again I'd scavenge even more. Without filters there's nothing one can do to finish.


    I'll probably start Last Light tomorrow with that in mind.

  6. I just hit ANOTHER problem! A few days ago I installed Autoclose to try. It didn't do what I wanted so this morning I just uninstalled it. But its folder remained and contained MSCOMCTL.OCX. When I tried to delete it, Win10 said NO! - Reminder Commander is using it. I did a reboot. Reminder Commander crashed. So I reinstalled Reminder Commander over itself (without uninstalling) and then it was fine again. Now I could delete the autoclose folder with its MSCOMCTL.OCX.


    Theory: When I installed Autoclose, I think Win10 tried to be smart and thought 'Hullo, two programs using their own two instances of MSCOMCTL.OCX - I can't have that. I'll make them share. So it redirects Reminder Commander to the new copy, forgetting about uninstalls.

  7. Not sure but I've sometimes accidentally gone through spider webs with no problem so don't know what the burning is for. I mean, if you lose health (as if bitten) then that would make sense. I still can't really judge health anyway until a message says medikit. I sometime think I need to use a medikit but if I click it then it just flashes and nothing happens. The only time I get to use a medikit is when the message shows.


    BTW don't think I've mentioned, the lighting is very good in this game. There's a lot of darkness but there is ambient light except for a few short places where you can use a light briefly. Visually the light is ideal imo.

  8. Good. Got night vision now so three methods of lighting the way! Also found how to bring the watch up fully - it's on the same menu as the charger and and lighter. That's the problem with icons if you don't recognise them. And I assumed it was something not yet working same as the night vision. It was there all the time, a victim of poor game info. And finally got to throw dynamite and found it's not effective against sitting demons because they fly off soon as it lands and before it explodes. I don't suppose one can delay it pulling the pin on a grenade but waiting a second or two before throwing. This game is certainly well-paced with a good mix of combat and stealth.

  9. Finally found out how to get that weapons menu on ps4 - hold triangle and use D-pad. Been playing ages and only just discovered grenades and stuff I've got! Also found the watch! It's visible almost off-screen all the time he's holding a double-handed firearm! I was vaguely aware of some graphic down there but never looked closely at the weaponry thing so didn't connect it in the gloom with the glimpse I'd had of seeing the watch fully in some animation. I'd been expecting a button press to bring up the wrist. Still not found the mask wipe control though but I think it must clean itself in time. I mean a few splatters of blood on the visor would be useful so I know I'm wearing it! Also just remembered the charger! I thought the light was a bit dim! But I'd only ever used that charger once near the start and played all this time! Seems to me the light maybe never totally fails?

  10. Thanks, I'll check the PS4 controls later but I don't recall a wristwatch button. In fact, I've pretty much pressed every button multiple times. Actually though, that reminds me I've bought and acquired other items like dynamite or something or grenades and no way to use them. I mean, the right front button throws knives and that's it. I see no way to switch in other types. Also is wipe mask auto? I've never done it. Also I can't really tell if my mask is on or off except by donning/removing it a few times to see the movement! I've often spent a long time 'indoors' without realising my mask was on.

  11. Anyone know a good free fiction website where you can simply click and download without joining anything? I've been searching and searching for the Metro 2033 book. I'd prefer it in html quite frankly but ebook is okay. Every website I visit leads you round in circles with false links or 'join for free trial'. Only gutenberg is open and free but they don't have this book. The internet is swamped with websites that don't truly work, that trick you into false clicks or downloads that don't work or the classic: 'if this doesn't download in 1 minute then click here' and they never download so why bother? Freeware is another example.


    I was watching a bit more of the above video and he mentions the game doesn't convey the protagonist's real motive for what he's doing. That reminded me of the Goblet of Fire movie which didn't convey why Ron Weasley was really annoyed at Harry Potter for entering the tournament. The book brings that out better. Makes a big difference when you know so perhaps this vid game might feel even better if I understood that.

  12. Good video Aosys! Big too. I'm only halfway and have to break off. (BTW anyone who hasn't got it, get 4K video downloader! It's brilliant for grabbing vids so you can watch them off-line anytime.) Interesting how different people have different complaints about the same game. Much of his criticism was stuff that didn't bother me much but he never was bothered by what I didn't like. Which supports my long-standing proposition that OPTIONS is the way. The perfect game has loads of options to play in different ways. Of course, that costs more and wouldn't solve his complaint about the English voice acting etc. I was more involved in the gameplay and what they were saying than how indifferent was the voice-acting. Now I'll probably notice!

  13. Good to hear there's a lightgem in Exodus; I'll definitely be getting that when I've finished these two! I did glimpse the edge of a watch on my wrist once but no way to use it. I seriously wish I could hide weapons and clipboard! I'm forced to have one or the other on screen ALL THE TIME in any combat area. Reminds me of those Thief fan mission videos where the player plays continuously with the cosh held up!


    Everywhere is really tense - but becomes doable as you learn each checkpoint. I'd even say 'easy' compared to some games. By that I mean, a section feels near-impossible then after a few attempts it's suddenly over. That Cursed Station was like "You go and kill the monsters and get the bomb and block the airlock and blah blah on your own and we'll wait here!" Yeah right, thanks guys. But you're right Carnage, stealth worked wonders. If you crouch in the dark with light off then they can pass right by you. I think only if they collide directly with you do they know you're there. So that whole Cursed Station could probably be done in like 5 minutes? That's the perfect balance for me. Hope it remains that way. Compare Fallout 4 where there are places that are impossible to fight or stealth until you have enough weapons/armour etc. But that's a true open-world game and you just don't go there till you're ready or can back away if you do accidentally. Metro is a linear corridor game where you can only move about within locations along a fixed path. Incidentally, when I downloaded, I estimated the 2nd game to be 3 times bigger?


    I had a really bad checkpoint-repeat-forever with the Blacksmith guy further on. He blocked the door with a locker turned and ran out the opposite door. I was still paralysed by the cut-video thing. Soon as control returned I dashed after him and thought I saw him stagger to a halt waiting for me. I ran up behind him to wait. A guard came along and killed me. No matter what I did it was Groundhog minute over and over and over and over. Grrr! And I hate that the checkpoint is mostly the cut-scene where you have no control! Why do they bother with forcing the player to endure that? Better to have a new checkpoint just after he blocks the door! Anyway, I finally decided to run ahead past Blacksmith. Died. More than once. But eventually got a bit further. Suddenly I realised there's a guy running ahead of me - it's the Blacksmith! WTF? I died. Eventually it dawned on me that when he blocked the door and ran around the corner he raced ahead and probably bumped a guy who looked much the same as him who then staggered forward and stopped. In my line of sight I didn't notice the real Blacksmith running ahead (there were different people moving about.) It was one of those switch illusions (there's one on Youtube or recent TV I think where a guy asks street directions, two more guys walk between them carrying a door or something and the last of those switches places with the original talker. He carries on asking directions of the man in the street who doesn't notice it's a completely different person! Apparently that works on most(many) of us. You see what you expect to see.


    Anyway, it was both annoying and funny at the same time.


    Enjoying this game so far! Oh, one last thing before I go. Anyone thinking of playing this, the compass on the objectives clipboard POINTS THE WAY! That is brilliant! It's edgy switching between gun and compass but at least you know where to go. That's corrected me loads of times where I've gone past a turning or whatever.

  14. Managed to get through on the same checkpoint by finding two filters I'd missed. The next sections as you said is good stealth and the fact that you can extinguish lights suggests light and shadow do play a part even without a light gem. Very good game so far. I'd have liked to see more stealth and strategy approaches even with the monsters - like getting up to ledges they can't reach and overhangs to daunt the demons. The price would be time inching into position but I'd prefer that. Hack and slay is fine for a while but I like at least two ways to get through so if you can't do one then you can try another way. But it's all very edgy stuff whether fighting or sneaking! :)

  15. No, I couldn't afford the silencer. :( Also en route I regularly search everywhere, even going into side rooms and back rooms while Bourbon waits. I doubt I missed much in the way of filters but I'll have to try again.


    Can one really reload different checkpoints? I only see the option to load the last one. I think I probably have to reload the chapter when he first comes up into Moscow.

  16. OK, that worked thanks - though why running to Bourbon does anything I've no idea! I'd have never thought of that.


    Now I'm out in Moscow and doing reasonably, get separated from Bourbon, now I'm really using stealth. I've never yet killed a demon in the air no matter how many shots I fire, but I've killed one twice by creeping up behind it on the ground then either shotgun or throwing knife (which I retrieved.) Met up again with Bourbon and of course, stealth ends because he struts around with light on. Waves of monsters I can just about handle except out of filters so no chance of surviving that checkpoint. Except maybe, the compass points left but Bourbon stands to the right. Maybe I should try sneaking behind him to that area first. Otherwise, is reloading the chapter and searching for filters my only option?

  17. I'm following Bourbon and reached a graveyard with flies. Bourbon is trying to wind up a gate but he sounds mental as though affected by something. Keep getting white outs. Tried gas mask to no effect. Can't see anything that kills me nor what to do. Bourbon says 'remember our agreement' but all I can remember is maybe to watch his back? Whichever way I look I see no enemies except maybe the flies. Is this where I should burn some webs? Can't see any way to help him wind up the gate faster. I crouch before it pressing forward but never get under it even at its max.


    Is there any kind of logical solution that I'm missing? Maybe search more bodies and find a silver bullet?

  18. Mmm... I got through so far in that track cart. 2 checkpoint reloads and it seemed hopeless with the limited ammo but seemed to lash out and did reasonably well. Some confusion about controls. How to put weapon away? Decided it's just auto when combat is over. What that lighter is for I dunno. Someone shouted something about a flamethrower? The lighter came up either auto or by accident with me hitting controls. Something worked but I didn't properly see any flamethrower. Got a feeling it's just helping you through these early stages but there's some blundering to be done first. Odd that my character never seems to speak.


    Certainly looks good and with a different style. Grim.

  19. Sounds interesting so I'll give it a go. Downloading Metro Redux at £25 which, if I understand it, is Metro 2033 Redux plus Metro Last Light Redux which sounds good value at £12.50 each. Should be playing in 40 minutes. I'll keep in mind what you said, Carnage, about 2033 taking 30 minutes to get into. Glad you cautioned me about or I might have lost patience! :D

  20. Sadly I've reached my limit with this game. I've been trapped in a building for the last hour and there is no further enjoyment. There is no 'quest' listed in the brochure that I need to do - well, there are quests listed which I think I've done but they don't tick off so I can't be certain. Possibly the 'supposed' quest is to escape the building but I can't be sure of that either - nor can I find any area I've not been in before 20 or 30 times or more.


    I can't recommend this game to the average player, nor to the stealth player. I did not have a single experience of good stealth where I achieved an objective by satisfying stealth. I did however, get busted many times without knowing why. Currently I was given a torch which I cannot turn off so stealth is meaningless. I did try walking round with my wristwatch raised up to cancel the light but in the end I felt wtf, stood up, and walked boldly around accepting that I was lit up like a Christmas tree.


    So it's not stealth as we know it nor is it open-world - not like Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Dying Light, and so on. No, it's a linear, corridor game but where the path you must follow is wide in places so you can wander 'sideways' quite a bit. Ultimately you have to continue the way decided for you.


    I never understood the 'four-hour' thing because I played far longer than that without a single game reload. It was never an issue. Time never ran out for me. I took little notice of the time except to meet appointments.


    The game type has great potential and, as I've said, only needs proper difficulty levels where on the easiest level the player can have: a dynamic sketch map that fills in as the player character reaches different areas, a compass to go with it so you don't keep going round in circles like I did (then I could have given up earlier!), a proper list of story events, characters, and quests. By 'quests' I mean, it should always tell you what you need to do and why - then check them off when accomplished. Too many mysteries in this game that are not anything to do with solving a crime but to do with game management - like a whodunnit novel with missing paragraphs and pages (and the pages won't turn until you blindly guess something.)


    There is a lot of interesting stuff though so it's not all bad. Maybe wait until you can pick it up cheap for £5 or £10? I remember buying Oblivion for £12 and that was amazing value. :)




  21. Okay, I figured out the pneumatic thing - I had the switches set wrong. But now, this is the perfect example of what I've been saying. I'm Scarlet. I don't know precisely why I got into this building other than a vague idea of finding info maybe? I have zero readables except for a password I apparently wrote on my hand. I remember getting that password but I'm sure I used it before. Anyway, I used it and get the cartridge. For reasons unknown the magnetic door opens so I can exit. But what is the cartridge? Why does she want it? I can't examine it. I'm blundering through the motions blindly because that's all I can do. Possibly she referred to this in her self-mutterings previously but there was a lot of her murmuring and I can't recall anything signficant. The control for the briefcase doesn't work. Maybe it's Miller who has the case? Which reminds me, I saw a suitcase but couldn't reach it. I go down steps and all fades to black. The black fades up into the next chapter and I'm still on the stairs ready to continue. But wait! I'm the guy now! Maybe Scarlet really is Miller? Or Miller is Scarlet in drag? I think I've figured it all out now. Michael found out I was really a guy and killed himself by blowing up the building? :D

  22. I reserve judgment on recommending it until I've seen more. I definitely wouldn't want to put anyone off trying it. I look regularly at the main readable (can't remember what it's called but it's like a big empty memo with handwriting on top some of which I've recently discovered is clickable - plus there are side tabs I only just noticed. Still not sure I'm seeing all the info. And, of course, when I'm the woman I don't get any of that.


    All this game probably needs is a proper introduction (I never saw one at all and I started it twice) plus a major overview page that the player can refer to briefly describing, the big picture, main quests, and characters - probably also give more when starting new chapters as to who we are and why. The game relies on the player memorising disjointed snippets of info too much. The storytelling needs improving so everything is clear, has real purpose, and we can sympathise with character feelings. It could be brilliant by adding less than 1%.


    This is why I withhold judgement. As the story unfolds maybe I'll 'get it' and then I might decide on the excellence of the game. It's definitely playable and interesting.


    I just viewed the video again because it gives a little more than I get from playing! It confirms there's an investigative reporter (wondered where I'd got that from!) but who? I'm assuming it's this novelist Miller. Maybe he's researching for a book. The woman... sometimes I think she's just a flashback memory from someone Miller interviews... dunno. About the kids - there were definitely toys in one scene and I thought they'd belonged to her kids.


    I'm just going back in for a short session to figure out this bombed building thing with the pneumatic tube system... :)



  23. It's good to have more than one route - in fact I suspect you might be able to do a lot of that. I failed virtually all the objectives in the next section yet still came out to continue. More story is emerging but it still feels disjointed, unconnected, like pieces of a jigsaw. Now I know solving a mystery is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle but here I got no overview, no backbone story onto which to fit the pieces - so they remain scattered. In the next session I discovered after a minute or two that now I was a man! No rhyme nor reason that I'd changed characters did I detect. The overall concept of this game is good but they're not very good at conveying the story intelligibly and with clarity.


    Anyway, I later changed back to the woman in a bombed out building for some reason. How I got in there or why I don't know. I had an early impression from what I remember of the first argument that her kids were either missing or dead yet she bemoans someone else (presumably an ex-lover/husband?) with never a thought of the kids. I'm stuck in this building. Been literally round and round in circles but can't see a way forward. Keep coming back to the same safety helmet! I've had to undo two clamps which were helping to hold the building together so maybe the whole thing will collapse if I can find the right trigger.


    Yeah, I did find some interactive tabs and in the notes. Maybe they'd always been there! Never occurred to me to move a cursor over a readable and click it! Which reminds me, there's a cursor you can move when looking at the watch but I can't see any purpose to it. Maybe it's just sharing the same routine as the pager where you can use the cursor to control it.

  24. Closed the game and restarted from scratch this morning but found I hadn't missed anything at the start - there really is very little info. There's a scene with an argument but no context. In fact, that defines everything I've seen so far - no context. From within the game I don't know who or what I am or why I am doing anything. So the game is of the type which I call a game of blunders. By that I mean I learned some time ago in this type of game it's not worth trying to understand - just click everything and keep trying to blunder forward blindly. Compare that to Thief and Dark Mod where you pretty much know what your ultimate objectives are; the challenge is how to accomplish them.


    So, as I progress I discover that some handwritten notes on a large memo I've got apparently my own handwriting - notes I'm writing as I go along. Later I discover that the building I've entered into through a window is not some unknown enemy's lair but is where I work myself! This is blind blundering and for me breaks a major rule of video games: nothing should be harder than it would be in real life and nothing should be unknown that you'd expect to know in real life. Like how can this character I'm playing not even know who she is or why she's there or what she's supposed to be doing except as she goes along? I didn't even know I was the woman in the argument scene until I'd been playing for a few minutes.


    None of this may bother some players like it does me but if it does bug you, the way to play is, as said, to resign to click stuff and blunder on and let it unfold. But it lacks feeling because I don't feel desperate or scared or anything really because it's all just an abstract void.


    That said, the presentation and game movement is not bad. Leaning needs two keys/buttons which is why I never found it at first: it's one shift-type plus the move left right (and I think forward but forget to check that again.)


    I think the only game saves are probably check points.


    Forget climbing as we know it in Thief and Dark Mod - it's special-point climbing like onto a window ledge or over a desk. You can't climb over any desk except one special desk sort of thing.


    Stealth includes crouch but my first experience of any interaction with an enemy was an alarm that I think now is bound to be triggered. I was trapped in an office. The guard had a torch. I hid behind a partition. He came in and eventually went out but it's all glass partitioned offices. I had nowhere to go except out past him which seemed impossible. At his furthest distance I quietly opened the door which immediately alerted him. I back away and hid again. No solution that I could see. I eventually just walked out and he simply took me to the security head who had me evicted. So the so-called stealth seemed choreographed (even though there was a 'quest' to escape the building. Dunno if anyone got out without being seen or even if it matters.)


    Mixed feelings then. There is enough interest to keep me going for now but no passionate involvement yet, if ever. Sheesh... when I recall how excited I was when I first played Thief! Maybe I'm just getting old.


    Textures are moderate to poor. Dark Mod bookshelves are vastly better - the books spines in this bland and blank without even a blurred title! Oh well, maybe the developers don't have the time and resources and dedication of Dark Mod developers - but it shows. Seriously, the graphics are not a big issue with me; gameplay is king - but here it's more... queenish.

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