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  1. Ytube browsing from those has lead me to this, which is not so much music as dance related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAAAV7BB1HU Look at the diminuitive lady in black pants.
  2. Look at this visibility cone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaKQLQBCGVU
  3. So? They already run in it. Forever actually. Wall climbing would make the spiders actually scary (instead of a arrow target nuisance) because you'd actually not see them many times. Just imagine the oh shit moment when you enter a room and hear a 'shsshhshshskk' from the top of your head. Still, my idea for implementation with minimum effort is cratered (recast doesn't actually allow wall walking), but recast would still work for guards that are more agile (i guess it could work even for guards that can climb ropes since recast can add path nodes to the generated map at runtime i think); which would be nice for a thief enemy.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PutMIeIhX4o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTub2tSCDT0 No comment. "This is a fantastic package - a dark, witty tale of death and retribution that can be whatever you want it to. It captures the ebb and flow of tension that stealth games forgot about years ago, but presents it in a way that feels utterly contemporary." Playstation Official Magazine UK
  5. Shadowhide is correct. The game is 'dumbed down'. The new hitman too.
  6. Seems i'm not the only one with that thought. http://www.doom3worl...&sd=a&start=300 (search for recast) edit: though recast doesn't work for the wall moves apparently https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/recastnavigation/YOpf5jO97wA ;_;
  7. Ever thought about updating the pathfinding code? Eg, to something like recastnavigation, which would possibly (with lots of work i bet) allow things like that (and jumping animations + pathfinding for guards). Guards jumping up tables
  8. In the case of 'intellegence' agencies, it's because it's a security risk; secrets lead to blackmail. He would have been fine had he disclosed the affair(s) to the agency (a bit weird, since he's the boss).
  9. If so, have you thought about making spiders move in walls and ceilings? Maybe drop down (invert, probably instantaneously).
  10. Removing 'bloat' will not make your code faster.
  11. Yeah, but github has a much better patch management system. Can understand if you don't like DVS's though
  12. from the shoutbox to a more permanent space
  13. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halo-4-king-hill-fuled-by/id565679301?mt=8
  14. 'emotional, beautiful look at Master Chief's struggles in war' (kotaku)
  15. The sequel to (http://i.imgur.com/acggD.jpg): http://i.imgur.com/pPZf6.jpg - this makes me fairly sure that it's genius level trolling -AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST http://gradendine.deviantart.com/art/Building-Sally-2-137842006

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    2. SiyahParsomen


      okay this is getting serious and I don't find it funny anymore. No nightmares, please!

    3. demagogue


      *Shrugs* Some people let their obsessions run wild. If we're lucky, they are exposed to more modern art than anime & divert their crazy into great creations like Joseph Cornell. If not, then they just divert their crazy into crazy, and the whole thing ends up awkward and dumb.

    4. nbohr1more


      Only in Japa... oh wait... Time for an A&E series...

  16. Uh-uh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8WJl7oDw5k Looks damn fine to me. Look at they even react to 47 bumping into them and that affects the pathfinding of others. Do you really think that the darkmod wouldn't choke on more than 30 AI's on the same room, no matter the computer using it? And i think that H5 is not using multithreading (haven't verified, but it would be unusual in 2005). That H5 is good tech is besides the point, but that the doom3 was never meant to have permanent npcs on the map, and thus didn't really care about their scability, is pretty likely, considering they spawn - and that is important for the feel and performance of TDM. If you ever want to have a more populated city missions (outdoors), i'd suggest the cpu budget is more important than the gfx. (my suggestions wouldn't actually do anything for the 'same room scenario', but at least they attack the common FM structure today)
  17. In linux, the key config is generally fucked up, to the poin that there are some keys i can't use. I can't recall exactly what was the problem, but it exists, and is related to 1) the key string is 'wrong' as for instance: 0x00 for up arrow 2) the key is duplicated if 'configurated' (!) ie: all arrow keys are 0x00 Basically i had some keys i couldn't touch for reconfig. This is maybe due to my laptop keyboard, which might not be standard. It wasn't really important to me though, since those keys can be avoided.
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    2. PranQster


      ROFL! I don't think I would like to know anything about that dude's childhood.

    3. GameDevGoro


      This might be... the creepiest thing I've seen. The dude's got a family!? D:

    4. i30817


      I like the sex doll photo in the background of the wall, next to the furry cosplay sex photo (though at first that was a child, but probably not).

  18. You notice that I cunningly didn't mention the AI on the first post, because i know that it's gameplay affecting. And i find it pretty bizarre that the pathfinding is so temperamental that it needs physics support to actually work without penetrating walls. On the physics example i was assuming that the pathfinding could would calculate a path that wouldn't put npc's beyond edges of rooms obviously (mathematically for the routine that culls the mesh, who cares if the mesh would be outside if it never actually shows or interacts). This would be by no means easy to actually make work though (it's probably the hardest suggestion, because the player could suddenly get into a room while they are actually penetrating a object on their route, so a 'fast forward' would have to be done until they are into a part of their path that doesn't have collisions and turn on the collisions code then). On the other hand i think that tricks like this are the only sane way to increase the npc budget, look at a game like 2005 hitman. Do you think that this level: Is doing collision to all of those hundreds of people? (in fact, it's probably doing a 'special' global pathfinding so they never actually collide with eachother, and skip the collision code entirely between themselves - this is a even more 'tricky' technique, because the player can actually see that - hell they all avoid the player, the police and a huge moving object in the level even - a parade car - so the code is not only avoiding npcs).
  19. Not if the code that turns it off and on doesn't run continously (unlike physics, conversations, animations etc). For instance, when a room is sealed, it needs to have some kind of callback to see if the player is not there and skip rendering. Why not append that disabling code there, if the check is already done?
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