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Status Updates posted by fllood

  1. Huge job all of you guys finishing the 2.0 Standalone!! ... already many very positive comments in the internet. Well deserved!!!

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    2. Springheel


      Heh, translations?


    3. SeriousToni


      "Why am I not surprised that the website is completely overloaded?! HEY YOU DEVELOPERS THERE OUT IN THE WORLD - LOOK AT THIS PROJECT YOU CAN LEARN FROM SO MUCH!!"

    4. fllood


      Just one comment for example: "...I must say it's actually like the Metal Age. ... even the training mission and the search for 10 hidden potions wakes right back the old Thief feeling. In particular, the soundscape and great design are absolutely succeeded.

      Give it a try, who has even a slight memories of Thief. Exactly what 4 should be - and not like the dirt that is currently in the works."

  2. Good move guys uplifting the Standalone Version release number to TDM 2.0. Glad to see that!

    1. jaxa


      what where? OH: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3387 though internally bug releases should just be 2.01...etc.

  3. Concrats to the new website! good to see it has CMS and RSS now :)

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