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  1. I may be repeating myself, but I think it's mostly the head-bob. We are used to Thief head-bob & speed which works perfectly fine. Now that we have only the correct speed left in TDM, the missing Thief style head-bob really stands out (e.g. gives impression that the player is slower) for those who remember it well. But as always with games a minor change like this is quickly forgotten by players and they get used to it soon. Finding the correct bob is hard but I'm sure you'll manage it .
  2. Here's what I wrote to TTLG forum thread: And here's more regarding the player speed & head bob: I tried various cvar settings for pm_bobpitch, pm_bobroll, pm_bobup, pm_crouchbob and pm_runbob but the biggest problem was the bobbing speed. I don't know if you can change it, but it would work great if it were more subtle and not so sharp. Bobbing speed concerns mainly vertical bob.
  3. If you want to get full experience out of the demo then check out this link: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/8...43/m/7691028074 My demo thoughts: -Waaaayy to short for its size. If I didn't know more about Dark Messiah this demo would have given an impression of basic hack'n slash "RPG" (something like 3d Diablo) -All good/bad things of Source engine included (physics, good HDR etc, long loading times for small levels etc.) -Good close combat, although enemies in demo were ridiculously easy to defeat (suicidical AI) -Somewhat clumsy movement like said in previous posts (good thi
  4. True, that's why we have these low, medium, high and ultra settings. But it's pretty unfair for a player with computer that could run the game on custom quality that is almost par with ultra but he doesn't have a clue how to edit config or simply doesn't want to mess around with it. TDS and Oblivion were good (bad) examples how minimal the options were (consoles ). With simple ini editing it was possible to get rid of many performance and quality issues.
  5. I've been wondering why in todays games (especially in FPS ones) you usually have very limited options to adjust graphic quality to get more performance or just better visuals. There are usually one to four different quality levels (low to ultra like in Doom 3) but the problem is that you can't make your own custom settings unless editing some config file. I can play Doom 3 using my own "ultra" settings with no performance hit but I can only do this with custom config file . I would like to see more video options in Dark Mod rather than the simple stock settings. A new menu window where you
  6. No help unfortunately . Anyway I can easily test my textures in Hell level as it has plenty of different surfaces and light effects. Here's another screenshot showing the next texture. Notice how it needs more curved surface to bring out the detail compared to flat surface seen on the right. I'm leaving to Lahti now so expect another update on Monday .
  7. Thanks NH, much appreciated . I updated granitsand1 normal map, you can download the updated pack here. Also, does anyone know how to "reset" DOOM3ED windows (surface inspector etc.)? I used to have two monitors last time I tried the editor but now I can't view some of the tool windows anymore with my current single monitor. It seems they are still in that second monitor . Same thing happened in Valve's Hammer editor .
  8. I started another texture, this time a stone wall with big uneven granit blocks and some dark moss. Screenshot
  9. I updated the granitsand1 texture, you can download it here. This should be pretty much finished texture but there's always room for improvement. So try it and give some feedback . If you still have the old height map (granitsand1_h.tga) from my earlier rar you can delete it as it's now useless.
  10. I finally got that normal map look good. Screenshot I'm probably going to Lahti this weekend so expect another update on Monday . I will make a small bunch of sample textures now that I got hang of these special effect maps.
  11. I made another texture, this time a mixture of granit stones, concrete and sand. Screenshot Download here (rar includes the texture + normal, height and specular maps) Texture isn't tiled perfectly yet.
  12. Here's another screenshot showing the texture after few tweaks. Normal maps are still quite flat, any hints how to make them better without making 3d model of the texture itself?
  13. I made some tests with quick 5 minute normal and diffuse maps in Doom 3 Hell level. Here's a screenshot. My first ever normal and diffuse maps so they look quite flat .
  14. True, that's something I noticed while taking photos for FDFMOD textures . I tried to make neutral version of my hires granit1.tga, you can download it here. The original granit1.tga shows the proper style for normal, diffuse etc. maps.
  15. Thanks for comments. I can try to make some samples without shadows, unfortunately it's very sunny here almost every day but I'll figure out something .
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