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  1. Yes! Plugging the leaks fixed the issues on all maps! I knew I was missing something simple. I just wasn't sure how to approach the problem since the issues seemed extremely random to me. Thank you!
  2. Greetings! Complete newbie here just messing around with the editor. I've been following some youtube tutorials on how to get started with map creation. Before I really got too deep into it I kept encountering unusual problems. While I'm confident that I did every step in the editor well I seem to get inconsistencies while testing the maps. Issues such as invisible objects, deleted objects and textures still in the map during tests, black squares where certain textures or objects should be, misaligned doors...the list goes on. Generally the more I put in the map the worse these issues become, with nearly everything I spawn in appearing...well...broken. I would like to mention that these things only appear broken while testing the maps in-game and there is no trace of these issues in Dark Radiant. I figure that there's something major I'm missing here, but any replies would be appreciated! Thanks
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