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    Currently creating static meshes for the Dark Mod.
  1. I started and sticked with Blender, and did not seriously use other modeling tools. One certainly needs a bit of ambition and a good tutorial (the wikibook site is great for starters), but then the interface becomes quite handy in no time. Behold, for I have found my first model: Well.
  2. Hehe, nice to see that pair of spectacles again. It seems as it still has some scaling issues.
  3. Although I am now receiving update-mails from the CVS server, I cannot properly connect to it, 'access denied', even with a new key pair. Well, I guess I have spent too much time with that issue, I will get back to modeling soon. However, I am starting studies next week and I am currently moving to Kaiserslautern - so, unfortunately, I have little time to spare at the moment! Once I have settled everything there after arrival, I will revise my Magnesius' Meshes.
  4. Since both have changed, please update both (corrected UV map + updated texture). By the way, Sparhawk has just sent me an email that my CVS access should be working now, so that I can update my meshes once I have made some improvements to them. However, I will still send new files to your mail adress first for reviewing.
  5. Yeah, me too. I will make an updated package soon.
  6. Ah, you seem to have changed the player model's size. However, resizing the meshes in the editor works well in the most cases. You can give me a percentage number for shrinking the chest as well, though.
  7. Ah, yes, thanks for removing that... picture. Relax, I am not the person who takes all things serious, besides, I can make jokes about myself ("Plumbusius" was another possibility for my nickname, but somehow I decided better to use "Magnesius". Well!). True, we do not want to create just another mod which would eventually dissappear in oblivion soon. By the way, I do not insist that you use every mesh I am sending to you, Springheel. Uhm..., honestly, the goblet is quite tawdry. Just take the ones you consider as useful, I have no problem with it. But I would like to see the chest and the
  8. The texture was (is) experimental. It looked somewhat OK in the game, so I decided to inlcude it in the mesh package. I won't convince you to include it in TDM as well, though. It's not so nice to show the *worst* texture of the whole package for a comparison, you know I will create a completely new texture for it. Errm..., please remove that ugly picture and my goblet for now.
  9. Yes, quite certainly. By the way, are light beams (such as the blue ones in T3) planned, which could be placed before windows? They don't have to be blue, maybe a light yellow tone perhaps.
  10. It is still a static mesh, but I could add an animation (slide forward, while move the snail house and the eyes a bit) so that it will be a MD5 mesh. However, at the moment I do not know how to create a full blown NPC (and an autonomous snail would be one). On the other hand it would be too much for that little snail. We should stick to the initial idea: Moving the static mesh of the snail along some waypoints given in D3Ed. The snail does not really need any animations at all, it just slides forward. So, the snail would be technically a "train". Edit: I made a variation of the window mesh
  11. I am quite happy with Blender, and I would recommend it to everyone. Like with all more complex applications, you have to be ambitious until you get your first results. 1) Start with http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro. Although this wiki book has a badly chosen title, the beginning is helpful when you make your first steps with Blender. But beware - Blender is not really intuitive at the beginning. However, once you learned all the keyboard shortcuts, you'll quickly get into the workflow. I followed this tutorial up to the animation part of the Gingerbread man, and continue
  12. No problem, let me gather a few sites first...
  13. Animation is no problem, but then the snails follow the given path again and again in every map. So, letting the mappers decide where their snails are sliding is surely better... btw, has anyone modeled a Thief-like giant spider already?
  14. Ah, it looks much more slimey now, let's keep it this way
  15. Huh? Bizarre indeed. Well, it seems settled now. I will use the new material declarations from now on. That would be helpful. Also, I would like to try out the TDM entities in D3ed, the old FTP version somehow refuses to work with my system.
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