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  1. Neat! thank you a lot for answers, infos and links That old-school workflow is something i didn't consider so glad I ask.
  2. Hi there! Glad to see forum is active I just saw in Gameranx video info about darkmod and as thief series fan I start to think that I might do something even by my own. Im 3D artist with photogrammetry specialization (I work for Indie studio almost a year now ) so I thought it might be refreshing and interesting portfolio piece. Problem is, I watching right now second video of tutorial and there is information about lagy levels if you not use portals. My background is photogrammetry and HP modeling in zbrush so Ideally I would sculpt and decimate models with nice textures (2k or 4k), buuut; that might be not an option as far as I see. Game engines are topic that I not explore at all, because use of decimated photogrammetry assets is not a problem in UE. So, in summary, what polycount and texture size limitations we have per model. Let say custom item like candle. 2k poly and 512 texture or it must be under 200 poly or something ? Cheers and huge thanks to everybody who started and keep that project alive Cant wait to find some free time and play something new so close to Thief 3 game.
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