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  1. Hello JackFarmer. I am interested in the beta test as well.
  2. Thanks Dragofer. I hadn't even considered editing the .map file in the .pk4. I didn't realize it was plain text. I am running a map right now with the no-ko set to "Mandatory off" rendering the objective optional. I am still working on learning DR. I think that addresses my immediate bloodlust and makes it possible to "un-mandatory" objectives on maps I had passed over to avoid the no-ko/no-kill. Appreciated. CV
  3. Hello TDM crew. Some FMs have strict no-ko and/or no-kill rules. Sometimes I don't want to adhere to those rules and think it might be fun to drop all the bodies in the canal or sewer or something. Might there be a way to bypass those rules? I have considered making local copies of FMs and modifying in DarkRad, but, if there is a way in-game, I would go for that. I don't know DarkRad, yet. Fun is what you make it. Back on Thief 1, I once spent an inordinate amount of time in Bafford's Manor getting the guards to chase me down to the basement entrance so I could coax them to slip into the water. In "A New Job" on TDM, I had a grand time knocking everyone out with a box just to prove I could do it. Good times. Gruesomely yours, CVLW
  4. Hello TDM crew. I have a question regarding TDM functionality of doors. When I am opening doors, I want to "slink" through them as they are opening. This is how the Thief series worked {right?}. But, current TDM functionality is to stop the door opening when it is touched. This sometimes stops progress where I have to frob the door twice to get it to continue to open. So, I basically have to wait until the door is open {enough} to move through. I experience this on all current versions of TDM. Is there a setting where I can alter this behavior? If not, might this be a feature request? And if the answers include "Consider coding it yourself", well, I am trying to get there. C++ is not my forte. Thanks all. CVLW
  5. I am a blackjack first, ask questions later kind of player. I found the same bug as Hanmin: Thanks for the mission series. These, and many more, are good-looking environments that I hope to draw from when I create my own missions.
  6. I just saw this exact thing was noted by the COS author Bienie here, so I guess it is already known. I set the cvar tdm_drag_new 0 to revert the drag functionality and was able to frob and lift rats. Lifting rats is quite essential... it adds "kick" to life. Thanks! cvlw
  7. Hello again TDM crew. I am running TDM 2.10 beta / 64 #9627 and the map is Chronicles of Skullduggery 3 (COS3) Sacricide. When I do the rats extermination side mission, I can kill the rats, but, I cannot frob and lift the bodies up into the drop bucket. I can frob and slide the bodies around the floor, but, they just seem to stay at floor level no matter what I do. This is not an issue in 2.09 release. I played both versions to verify the bug as it is easy to recreate. To quickly recreate: 1) start the mission standing in your "delivery" box. 2) immediately go North from spawn point into the alley to the side-job notes on the wall and read the one about the rats to gain the objective. 3) go south back to your start point. 4) go east in the to the opening in the ground leading to the rats in the basement. 5) shoot a rat with an arrow. 6) attempt to frob and lift it to the drop bucket but the rat stays at the floor. I could create a vid if requested. CVLW
  8. I see only the door highlighted and not just the lever on the door. The whole door is selected and I just need to look at the door, not specifically the handle. I do have the simplest lockpicking option selected, if that matters. I have been trying this out a number of times to see if I can develop a pattern. It happens on other doors in other maps. I can't get it to recreate on the trainer map. Possibly an issue with the lever style handle with single tumbler as in the Briarwood Manor? I will keep at it and report back.
  9. I reuploaded the small video. There is apparently a difference between uploading a file in "My Files" versus the "Upload Files" main link. I used the My Files which apparently is the private link. https://gofile.io/d/X5IEU1 I verified this is accessible via another browser which showed the "private" message on the previous file. Sorry about that.
  10. I just uploaded to GoFile, so the file is temporary. It won't play in GoFile directly, but it can be downloaded and played local (VLC is what I use). https://store1.gofile.io/download/d7a8f4e4-a2df-4e48-a0eb-1753acc27909/2021-11-01 14-45-14.mp4 I approach the door, attempt the pick with the repeated engagement/disengagement, try to switch picks and fail, switch back and get the same disengagement effect.
  11. It *seems* as if the initial attempt has to be almost perfectly centered, then, if the player moves, it disengages the picking. I don't recall that happening on 2.09; I was able to move a bit and keep the pick engaged.
  12. TDM 2.10/64 #9627 // Briarwood Manor Hello TDM crew. I think I have encountered a 2.10 bug. It appears to be intermittent. This is/was not an issue on 2.09. I am running Briarwood Manor on 2.10. I had just run this map multiple times on 2.09. One difference, though is the map shows "Briarwood Manor 1.81" in the title on 2.09 and just "Briarwood Manor" on 2.10. I have no idea what that might mean. At one point, I was at the Steward's room door attempting to pick the lock with the Triangle lockpick. The pick seemed to engage, start picking, then quickly disengage, repeatedly, without progressing the picking. I was crouched right up next to the door aimed at the door handle, so, I wasn't having a distance disengagement issue. Closing and reloading the game (to a save prior to the door) allowed the pick to work normally. Thus, I suspect this is intermittent which is, of course, simply the BEST type of bug to have! I managed to capture a video of the problem when it happened. The file is too large to send in this bug.
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