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  1. Hello TDM crew. Is it possible to unshoulder a body in a tight space? For mapmaking, is it possible to prevent entry to an area if a body is shouldered? Or maybe force an unshouldering when entering an area? Much appreciated. Clint
  2. Thanks all for the thoughts on this. I am not quite ready to make a single-purpose ai entity for this as it is just a quirk resulting from natural game mechanics. My intent is/was for the player to ko or kill a "boss" ai and then drop the body out a window into a crowd of lackeys on the same team (to send a dramatic message). Think of other maps where you drop a body someplace as an objective. As it is, the body gets surrounded and the other ai who repeatedly run into it. All you hear is a lot of flopping/kicking sounds as they do it and the body bopping around on the ground. I think I will do this: create a ragdoll entity with the same appearance, shouldered name, and dead name as the boss ai and override the SND_BOUNCE* inherited spawnargs with NOSOUND. Then teleport the ragdoll in when the boss is tossed out the window. This won't stop the kicking of the body, but the incessant sounds will stop! So, half a win, I think.
  3. I am not sure if it is the ai or the ai parts colliding. Right now, I don't know how to address the ai parts in script code. I just address the ai by name arg. I can't tell what is being collided by the other ai kicking the body. This is an AI that is knocked out (or dead) laying on the ground, and other ai are running into it and kicking it around as they flail about searching for the culprit. So you can hear the kicking as they hit the body, often repeatedly. The player can move on/over/through the body without any collision. This is just an odd scenario I am dealing with trying to get my ideas into a mission. The direct solution is to make the body non-solid. I will try other things or even just let it go. Thanks again. Clint
  4. I am not referencing as any ragdoll that I know of, just the name of the ai entity. It seems there may be something to KOed ai having a different entity name. I did $ai.setContents(0) on a living ai and he went invisible but still interacted with stuff. How might I find the name of an ai AFTER they are KOed/killed? Thanks again Clint
  5. Hello TDM crew. I am wondering what it takes to make a knocked out or dead body to be non-solid to keep ai from tripping over it? I am trying to deal with a situation where other ai run over a ko/dead body and kick it around. I have tried $ai.disableClip() and $ai.becomeNonSolid(), but it is still happening. Ideas? Much appreciated. Clint
  6. Thanks for verifying. Clint
  7. Hello TDM crew. I am not sure what to search for, so am asking. Is it possible to clip/carve a module such as: "models/darkmod/architecture/modules/interior_set01_corner.lwo" to be able to manipulate it? Modules are not "ungroup-able" like prefabs. Essentially, I am looking to add a vent grate. I have been considering using combinations of the "...hole..." or "...empty..." module variants to get what I need. Much appreciated. Clint [edit] -- sorry, I will try and put these under the "newbie questions" forum going forward.
  8. Thanks for the direction. I looked and then discovered how to search a specific topic in the forums, something I hadn't known prior to this.
  9. One of the things I really need to understand about myself is that, at the moment I desire to ask the forums about something, I am really only an hour away from solving it for myself.
  10. Thanks for the reply and verification. I did at least a portion of that tutorial as one of my first DR efforts to get going. Clint
  11. I might have had success doing this: - Create the atdm_mover_button - Examine the entity - Select "Show Inherited Properties" checkbox - Change the arg snd_open to "nosound" (this creates a seemingly non-inherited snd_open arg. Does this, then, override the inherited snd_open arg which doesn't change in DR?) Thanks again. Clint
  12. Hello DR editing crew. I have an editing situation where I would like a silent button such as atdm_mover_button without the click sound. Might anyone know of a silent button or equivalent that already exists? Is it possible to remove or disable the sound from an existing button? I haven't figured out the trick to making this happen, yet. Very much appreciated. Clint
  13. I had the feeling that what I am using is good enough. Thanks again. Clint
  14. Yo TDM crew. As I delve into map creation, I have waded into scripting. I have been using notepad++ as a text editor with .script extension as C++ to bet basic coloring. Are there other editors, IDEs, or even better Notepad++ settings or addons that might be useful? Much appreciated. Clint
  15. I wish... Dark Radiant Autosave would not pop up a window at autosave time. This steals window focus and causes mouse/keyboard/selection mayhem. Suggestion... Autosave noted on the status bar or some such area without causing focus loss.
  16. Thanks for the replies. I believe I found some objects from MapStartPack in ..\Prefabs\Mapper_Tools. I am many hours into my first real attempt {from scratch} and it is amazing how one can get hung up on the minutia. Maybe even more so trying to find the one nasty teensy little leak that tempts you to simply rewrap EVERYTHING in another room box just to make it go away. Thanks. Clint
  17. Thanks Zerg. I had been eyeballing an existing map to do just that since the startmap.pk4 was a functioning and packaged mission. I will stop short of copying Iris, renaming it to, say, Lily, and submitting that to a speed build contest. There is still SOME honor among thieves. CV
  18. Hello TDM crew. I am starting to craft maps and am going through the various guides. I cannot find the startmap.pk4 that is often referenced. How might I get it? Appreciated. CVLW
  19. Yo Wellingtoncrab. I have been running this great map, thieving like a mad S.O.B. I found a possible bug: Much appreciated. cvlw
  20. I just started the map a bit and am impressed by how rich it is. V2.10 is working wonderfully, too.
  21. Hello JackFarmer. I am interested in the beta test as well.
  22. Thanks Dragofer. I hadn't even considered editing the .map file in the .pk4. I didn't realize it was plain text. I am running a map right now with the no-ko set to "Mandatory off" rendering the objective optional. I am still working on learning DR. I think that addresses my immediate bloodlust and makes it possible to "un-mandatory" objectives on maps I had passed over to avoid the no-ko/no-kill. Appreciated. CV
  23. Hello TDM crew. Some FMs have strict no-ko and/or no-kill rules. Sometimes I don't want to adhere to those rules and think it might be fun to drop all the bodies in the canal or sewer or something. Might there be a way to bypass those rules? I have considered making local copies of FMs and modifying in DarkRad, but, if there is a way in-game, I would go for that. I don't know DarkRad, yet. Fun is what you make it. Back on Thief 1, I once spent an inordinate amount of time in Bafford's Manor getting the guards to chase me down to the basement entrance so I could coax them to slip into the water. In "A New Job" on TDM, I had a grand time knocking everyone out with a box just to prove I could do it. Good times. Gruesomely yours, CVLW
  24. Hello TDM crew. I have a question regarding TDM functionality of doors. When I am opening doors, I want to "slink" through them as they are opening. This is how the Thief series worked {right?}. But, current TDM functionality is to stop the door opening when it is touched. This sometimes stops progress where I have to frob the door twice to get it to continue to open. So, I basically have to wait until the door is open {enough} to move through. I experience this on all current versions of TDM. Is there a setting where I can alter this behavior? If not, might this be a feature request? And if the answers include "Consider coding it yourself", well, I am trying to get there. C++ is not my forte. Thanks all. CVLW
  25. I am a blackjack first, ask questions later kind of player. I found the same bug as Hanmin: Thanks for the mission series. These, and many more, are good-looking environments that I hope to draw from when I create my own missions.
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