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  1. 15 minutes ago, AluminumHaste said:

    When you are using stencil shadows, open the console and type r_usebindlesstextures 1 and hit enter.

    What does your image look like?

    I did a quick test with this setting, it was already set to 1 for me so I set it to 0 and after a vid_restart I couldn't get it to bug out again.

    I didn't try it a lot of times because vid_restart takes a long time for me but seems like it could be related to that setting.

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  2. Just tested out beta-02, seems to work fine generally but I was messing around with the graphics settings to compare performance and after swapping between maps/stencil shadows there's a visible artifact in the middle of the screen with ambient occlusion enabled.



    AMD RX580 latest drivers.

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