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  1. Thanks, NeonsStyle. I will definitely try it out.
  2. Thanks a lot, nbohr1more. I already tried Moonbo's Requiem and was thrilled. I am looking forward to try some more.
  3. Hi fellow taffers, Way back, when I have a lot more time to play, I played a hundreds of hours of T1 and T2 fan missions. Being little bit nostalgic, I decided to install TDM and try some of its missions. However, having not enough time, I was wondering if anyone could suggest missions with a strong emphasis on story and preferably with a twist or two. If you ever played T2 fan missions, I am looking for something similar to Saturnine's 7th Crystal (which is 20 years old now - wow, it was looong time ago). I found many suggestions concerning best missions, but best does not necessarily means with a strong emphasis on story and twists. So I am asking which of those best missions meets my criteria. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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