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  1. @nbohr1more @grayman So I finished this brilliant Fan Mission from the likewise brilliant William Steele series using the 2.09beta version of TDM. I wasn't able to reproduce any crashes or freezing of the game. I did start out with the darkmod.cfg from version 2.08, but decided to delete it, and let TDM recreate it. And I restarted for the second time with the 2.09beta version. @grayman: A question about the
  2. Hi nbohr1more: I've just made a fast upgrade to version beta209-02 and speed played through the sewer, and so far it hasn't frozen or crashed, at the spot after the second conversation in the Compound. I'm going to finish the mission and report back with the result. Off topic: Is beta209-02 supposed to have a more bright interface and option screen? I did say yes to regenerate the old darkmod.cfg. I have not read the complete list of bug fixes and new features at the link provided. Do not regenerate the old darkmod.cfg, like I did, it will probably produce anomalies.
  3. Okay here it is. It's just before the conversations, on "difficult". https://drive.google.com/file/d/16HDSBls3-0AY73-co8UcW8vZLw0aWuzh/view?usp=sharing
  4. Yes I can. How would you like to receive it?
  5. BTW regarding the conversation between a guard at the compound and the man wearing the straw hat, I've noticed that it doesn't sounds like the guard is saying anything. At least I'm not able to hear him saying anything from inside the shed with the elevator, with the door open.
  6. Happy New Year! I've just begun replaying the WS series for the third time, and I'm having trouble with the game freezing, or crashing to the desktop, right after the second conversation in the compound finishes. (The conversation where the man wearing a straw hat talks about a map, and a new objective arrives.) What I've done so far is to delete the files from fms folder, and re download them through the in game downloader. I've also applied the patch called "ws3_cleighmoor.map". I've used a save game from before the crash and backtraced through the sewer to make sure that
  7. Great I looked at the roadmap for TDM 2.06 and 2.07 and I think that I've found a little mixup in the dates... http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/roadmap_page.php TDM 2.07 (Scheduled For Release 16/09/2017) TDM 2.06 (Scheduled For Release 13/07/2019) I am not nitpicking or anything, just thought that you might be interested.
  8. Ok I must have missed that. Thanks a lot for info though, Cambridge Spy
  9. Hello I've been replaying a handful of missions, the last couple of days, and a little problem seems to be reoccurring. Some loot, usually blue money pouches is un frobbable; In the mission "Chalice of Kings" v.3.4 there are 2 pieces of loot that I'm unable to pick up. One of the pieces is found in the Library, inside the desk (I think), and the other is well hidden inside the captains room. The last mentioned piece of loot can be tricky to pick up if the thing covering it is pressed inward (so I've read), but I did dabble with it for about 20 minutes, always reloading before another attempt
  10. I've finished the game now. I used a lot more save slots that I usually do just to be on the safe side, but I only encountered one random crash to the desktop the second time. By the way: Well done.
  11. Okay I replayed the mission fast, and this time I ended up I like the mission and the story so far. The ship is very well constructed.
  12. Just out of curiosity couldn't that be fixed with an underscore between the two words?
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