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  1. Here are some reviews: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/xbox360/masseffect2


    Doing very well including a excellent score by the legendary EDGE magazine.


    I enjoyed the first Mass Effect game, though I did think despite Bioware denials that it was a SPace Opera. Much like Dragon Age was made so they could continue in a D&D like setting despite not having the licence, I considered that Mass Effect was basically Star Wars but without the expensive licence. If they sort out the problems with loading, bugs etc and make exploration better, this should be very good.


    Anyone else looking forward to it?

  2. This and Jade Empire are by far the worst games BioWare have done. This in particular is as generic as crap. It plays like KOTOR and doesn't look good. KOTOR was brilliant by times have moved on. Mass Effect is brilliant in comparison to Dragon Age, and I thought that that was a good game rather than excellent. Bioware seems o stumblw when there aren't any official licences. However it has done a highly commendable job with Mass Effect rather than the KOTOR licence and has done this crap without D&D licence or Tolkien.

  3. Hmmm... Crystal Dynamics have been sucessful with the last 2 Tomb Raider games so I doubt they will switch from there. Timesplitters is another option, though again I doubt it as Free Radical seem to be doing the next one too.

  4. Christ almighty, but you've got a terrible taste in games. I'm surprised you even like Thief, since it stands out a mile on that list of crap you just gave as your favourites.



    Shenmue1&2 were a brilliant games, and Ocarina aswell as Minishcap, Windwaker etc. Final Fantasy VII was a class game.


    Stealth games are cool too, like Splinter Cell, but Thief is in a whole different league to it. Not only are the mechanics better, the story and setting are too. Also Garrett is without doubt the best game character I've personally played as.

  5. My fave role playing games have been FFVII and Oblivion plus a few others like Eye of the Beholder, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR 1&2...


    However my fave games are adventure games with light roleplaying elements, though they get classified as roleplaying games: Shenmue 1&2, aswell as Zelda games.

  6. Almost all reviewers of Mass Effect say that it's a major step up from KOTOR, meaning that as great as KOTOR was Mass Effect is just that much better. I'm sure a few people will disagree, but I'll take near-reviewer-consensus' word on it for this one.



    The onnly 2 places I believe to be any good with reviews are ntsc-uk and EDGE magazine.

  7. Many folk think it's more involved then Doom, with loads of computer terminals to read to get more of the story, better physics etc. I don't know as I doubt I'd have liked it as I hated Doom. What interests me is the speculation regarding the end of Halo 3 on Legendary and the possibility of a link to Marathon.

  8. Thanks Unstoppable. I've already read the WIki a few times. Thanks for the link to the games. You see I've finished Halo 3 (great game on Heroic and Legendary) and seen the Legendary ending. I just wanted to know the background to the protagonist in Marathon, which nowhere really has...

  9. BioShock is a good game and no more. To me it's basically a more fun and less boring version of Doom, the corridor shooter, more ways of doing the same thing, i.e. killing everything. The moral choices are pretty simplistic. In fact it's credit to the game that I actually finished it which I never bothered with for Doom, Unreal etc.

  10. Seems like System 3 are releasing this for handhelds and the Wii:




    It's an interesting idea keeping games in their old format and just updating graphics etc to suit modern machines. However wouldn't it have been better to have done more with the old C64 franchises? For instance The Last Ninja series, which System 3 are going to do the same as IM. A proper Ninja Adventure would be cool. Tenchu doesn't count as it's cack since the first one, which was good fun.

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