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  1. Yeah he is, he's a Beta Mapper, he's just not allowed to reveal any secrets, neither can I mind :P


    Suppose you or Bob can't put any pics up of what you've done?


    BTW who did these screenshots?









    What happened to this stuff? http://www.mindplaces.com/darkmod/screens.htm

  2. That looks honestly, rather special. The texturing and the walls of the top 2 look brill. I love the wallpaper. It looks like a 70's style suburban house. The last picture doesn't look quite right. It appears almost like a prayer room, but too bright. Maybe some shadowing there would be better etc. The first 2 are excellent !!!

  3. Sparhawk knows all about hacking, so I wouldn't put it past him that it's his fault...



    I know the theory yes, But I never bothered to actually apply it, as it is mostly boring.


    Bloody hell. I was getting really confused there as you guys were replying after my peace making replies. In that context it looks rather...

  4. Absolutely Fabulous is not piffle

    Bo Selecta is not piffle

    Extras is not piffle

    Father Ted is not piffle

    I'm Alan Partridge is not piffle

    Porridge is not piffle

    The League Of Gentlemen is not piffle

    The Office is not piffle


    I wouldn't say any of them are piffle, but some are better than others.


    Ab Fab repetitive after a while. AMusing though.

    Bo Selecta is just plain weird.

    Extras dunno about. Not a fan of the office fellow.

    Father Ted was excellent !!

    Alan Partridge is average.

    Porridge was briiliant as was Open All Hours.

    League of Gentleman is ok. I prefered The Fast Show.

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