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  1. Absolutely brill mate. Are you a student? You learn quickly !! You know all those rooms you've done recently really remind me of Resident Evil 1 in the mansion. Really spooky. I'm waiting to see you put a zombie there !! The dark area under the candle in the first pic seems very dark in reference to the surrounding light.


    Does Doom3 have problems with soft shadowing?

  2. Looks ace mate. The flames look a bit small for the candle, but it's dependent on the wick. Candles seem huge, but then again, without technology at that period, it's better to relight one huge candle then keep on bringing smaller candles in.

  3. You're from the UK aren't you Bob?


    The light around the lamp looks odd. It's almost like steam. The door looks untextured. BTW, it's better than I can do !! So don't take offence.

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