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  1. Forgot about Harold Potter. I enjoyed the 3rd one the most. I also liked the 1st one a lot too. The second one and the Goblet of Fire were my least favourites.


    The Bourne Ultimatum is like the best of the other 2. I love the fight scenes in the Bourne films, they're so cool.

  2. Sorry to go off track slightly, but what films you guys looking forward to?


    I was looking forward to Transformers then thought no my childhood will be spoilt by this as was Judge Dredd with Stallone. This means the only film of any interest is The Bourne Ultimatum. The trailers look very good and I enjoyed the other 2 films in the series.

  3. Dunno. The games I personally gonna look forward to are:


    Halo 3,


    Mass Effect,

    Assassin's Creed,


    Splinter Cell 5 seems interesting,

    Two Worlds seems interesting especially to fans of Oblivion, Gothic etc,

    Call Of Duty 4...


    Dunno any else.


    Crysis is next year I believe though not sure.

    Vampire Rain looks funny rather then serious like it seems to be taking itself...

  4. Intersting that it is seen as "racism" if somebody objects to being observed and scrutinized. Seems that the brainwashing works quite well.


    Part of the problem was that everyone else was doing it without fuss, and he did also say with some shocked suprise: "You want me to take my shoes off !" It was as if he should have special treatment. It was probably nothing racist, but it was definately being dismissive.


    PPPP....God that feels good.


    I was in Dubai recently and they have quite stringent security checks there. Virtually everyone gets bleeped through the scanner and usually have to put their shoes in for XRay. Everyone, White, Black, Brown, Oriental etc were complying in a state or harmony, except for one German fellow who made a huge song and dance about it. The security fellow pointed out that everyone else were following the rules so he has to. His wife and friends were following the rules. The odd thing is that though it was an individual person being difficult, my father and a few other people I were with were saying that he was being racist and was being dismissive of another country's ways of doing things. Either way he was a prick.

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