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  1. Is sparhawk asexual? If he has both a cock and cunt he can pleasure himself without the one hand shuffle and reproduce too !!!
  2. Have you defragmented your C drive? Checked the registry for errors?
  3. HEHEHE...just thought about contracts etc.
  4. Interesting article: http://www.actiontrip.com/previews/gothic3.phtml
  5. You have a very high opinion of yourself
  6. Like Ninja Gaiden or the full out attack?
  7. Then extrapolate, unless you fear copying or something.
  8. Found some Thief wallpapers some of you may not have seen: http://www.etapet.net/en/gallery-1306-0-wa...pers-Thief.html http://www.mywallpapers.de/wallpapers/game...f/thief_024.jpg
  9. http://www.broken-sword.com/ Sorry for bumping.
  10. Not an issue really. It just seems to be more suited for some quick action scene or quick movement between scenes.
  11. I sent quit a few to Dram. Hopefully he can send some to you. Also look at some of the pics for Gears of War, they have a Cradle/Thief look to them: http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...25102050694.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...25102054616.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...25102059272.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...25102539765.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...25102541046.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...11000824995.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...11000826963.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...11000831494.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...11000833103.jpg http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/...11000834978.jpg http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/article/52...24041521104.jpg http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/article/52...24041525213.jpg http://pcmedia.ign.com/pc/image/article/52...24041530573.jpg
  12. It sounds a bit like Thief as long as you play stealthy and Ninja Gaiden if you don't.
  13. Tell us the idea for this game then. It's a strategic FPS. The ones I can think of are Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. Is it along those lines?
  14. Isn't the whole point being that the Thief is good as a stealth attacker and not good as a fighter. This would imply he has an advantage from the shadows and a disadvantage out of them? If he's spotted his chances were slim anyway.
  15. He actually seemed like a nice fellow. Something you couldn't ascribe to many of the tv folk. True I didn't know him but would've liked to have met him.
  16. If you were interested in the Unreal engine then maybe you were contemplating it. So you reckon you could do 2 or 3 projects on the go ?
  17. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5313078.stm
  18. It's not been sort out yet between Epic and Nvidia or whoever. Unreal Tournament 2007 aswell as Gears of War aren't out yet. Maybe it'll be just after the toolset etc of the DarkMod has been released. Would you give up that engine you licensed then sparhawk?
  19. New Horizon directed me to 3DBUZZ. They have lots of info etc on Unreal modding: http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_home.php I go here a lot: http://phalanx.planetunreal.gamespy.com/
  20. You guys seen these for inspiration? http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108516
  21. Tempting... BTW, I apologise for being a bit hot headed in other threads and PM's Oddity. It's so much easier to vent steam across the internet to people you never see or come in contact with. Hopefully no bad vibes were felt? *REVOKED* I used to go on a feminist forum, called Feminista and wind them up
  22. A lot of the screens I've seen for Gears of War look like they could be used for a Cradle style level.
  23. Maybe some sort of future project for the DarkMod team? Take all you've done and then convert it to the Unreal 3 engine. It makes a lot of sense...NOT. But seriously, some of you guys may be interested in this bit of info from C+VG:
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