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  1. Why should I give it up? I already payed for it. :) Also there are many reasons for an engine choice. I'm not sure I should rather stick to Doom 3 anyway, as it has many advantages also. Most noticable, that I already know it's workflow and it's code, and there is a big codebase now available, which also makes up a big deal.


    If you were interested in the Unreal engine then maybe you were contemplating it. So you reckon you could do 2 or 3 projects on the go ?

  2. It's not been sort out yet between Epic and Nvidia or whoever. Unreal Tournament 2007 aswell as Gears of War aren't out yet. Maybe it'll be just after the toolset etc of the DarkMod has been released.


    Would you give up that engine you licensed then sparhawk?

  3. Tempting...


    BTW, I apologise for being a bit hot headed in other threads and PM's Oddity. It's so much easier to vent steam across the internet to people you never see or come in contact with. Hopefully no bad vibes were felt?


    *REVOKED* :P


    I used to go on a feminist forum, called Feminista and wind them up :D

  4. Maybe some sort of future project for the DarkMod team? Take all you've done and then convert it to the Unreal 3 engine. It makes a lot of sense...NOT. But seriously, some of you guys may be interested in this bit of info from C+VG:


    Epic plots new Make Something Unreal contest

    Monday 4-Sep-2006 12:47 PM Exclusive: Million dollar Unreal Engine mod contest on the way, Epic reveals to CVG!


    Epic Games, creator of Gears of War and the massively-successful Unreal Engine 3, is planning a follow-up to its 2004 nVidia $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest, according to company VP Mark Rein.


    Speaking to CVG recently, Rein said: "People ask me 'will there be another nVidia $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal contest?' Sure, we'll round up some sponsors again and hopefully have another big, huge mod contest."


    The Unreal honcho continued, saying that with Unreal Engine 3 as the platform, his expectations are even higher for the contest: "This time I think it's going to be spectacular," he said. "You see so many companies have licensed the technology, mainly because of how great the tools are and how productive and creative they can be with these tools, and it's going to be that much more-so for the mod guys."


    Advertisement:Epic's last $1,000,000 mod contest shot WWII shooter Red Orchestra to fame, whose team snatched a £350,000 Unreal Engine 2 license along with $50,000 in cash. UE3 has proved a huge hit amongst the development community, so we're certainly excited to see what indie mod teams can cook up with Epic's technical marvel.


    Stay tuned to CVG for the full interview with Mark Rein, in which the Epic VP spills his guts over the massive forthcoming Unreal Tournament instalment, the future of the PC market and that elusive Wii dev kit.

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