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  1. Done. An overall solid FM as we've come to expect of the Goldwell Seal of Quality (TM) ; I did especially appreciate how


    the guard+camera combo in front of Lady Volta's room (where the keg tap is found)

    is a challenging little segment that cannot just be stealth-crouched through - easily fixed with noisemakers, a bit of violence or swift legs, but still refreshing to be forced into it!

  2. On 5/1/2022 at 5:02 AM, ChronA said:

    Was there some piece of exposition I missed about why the factory was processing human bodies? I assume it was another reference to one of the more striking set pieces in Thief 4, but was there any more to it than that? Once I stopped to think about it did not feel like it fit in the setting, even with all the other horrible stuff going on in other parts of the level.



    I guess the place is both a nod to Amnesia: TDM (the enemies and environment) and Amnesia: AMFP (the "meat processing"). Goldwell's fan missions tend to all involve Humanitarianism anyway, at least those I remember.


  3. I'm not done with the FM yet but wanted to point out my confusions:


    - When going into the Factory I came across the Storage Room *before* the maintenance room that instructs you to get to the Storage. So I was extremely confused as why I was stuck - especially since I hadn't even found the valve.

    - Once I got that Valve and placed it, I assumed I had to restore the power somehow, since there's levers and an override and elevators need power, right? Wrong... I guess the dripping blood was the hint you wanted to use to make us look upwards.



  4. 9 hours ago, Wellingtoncrab said:

    I admittedly not sure what constitutes the  "main mission" - do you mean the non-optional objectives?

    Right. The ultimately compressed time to complete the mission, of sort.

    I must admit though, forcing the player to find/buy the lockpicks was a clever way to force some exploration


    (Got one from the guardpost lock-up, the other was bought)


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  5. Spoiler

    This is clearly a high-quality FM and I enjoyed it, but it's really not for me - I prefer drawn-out main missions with a few options on the side, and this is more like a massive hub to explore and collect'em'all (items, and loot).

    Don't get me wrong: you can be proud of the outcome, but it only makes me wish the main mission had been denser. But then again - your choice goes well with how you clearly wanted to build a lot of lore/story.


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  6. Right, I've finished it. I suppose it won't hurt if I'm the n-th person to tell you this is a masterpiece. And damn, I'm surprisied I could only find 50% of the total loot, but then again I know I consciously did not bother looking further for the


    Golden Chalice. I went in the pump station, down and through the water, but only found an unnamed loot item guarded by spiders. Oh well.


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  7. I haven't completed the mission yet but damn me, I absolutely want to chime in because


    I came upon Marlow in the club before I had even visited the Manor and dispatched him, and being able to do that this early

    was awesome!

    Edit: Oh and, it backfired. Turns out


    I hadn't looted a key on him (and god knows I would EXPECT him to carry a key) so I had  to turn back all the way after the manor)

    Speaking of which, there are a few typos here and here, mostly in the written notes, but I'm thinking about it now because


    that key is "Elabroate Key"


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  8. A short but enjoyable mission! Reconciled me with the mod after a few other missions than disappointed me somewhat.


    Loot distribution is mostly fair (not too hidden/on top of very high furniture, I hate that) and I didn't have to go back to complete the loot requirement.

    Puzzles are straightforward without being too dumbed down either.

    Plenty of moments where it's safe to sprint, but there's also places where a cocky player will be punished for it.

    "Utility" moments that do not break immersion too much (e.g the game


    reminding you of the code the cook gave you

    , and the player character


    taking a sketch of the painting that shows the 5 Ancient Items



    I felt like most important enemies are too easy to blackjack, as they're either not patrolling/moving, or patrol on sound-damping surfaces (carpets...).

    Some alternate paths/secrets could have been welcome.


    The "upper level" of the level with Wraiths seems... useless somewhat? All the useful rooms/items are on the lower level.

    "My own" issues:


    It took me forever to find Volume II, because the "chest" in the Lord's chamber looks way too much like a pillow! Clever man, I'd say...
    When going to fetch the Cook's cake, the female servant wasn't patrolling anymore and instead was stuck in the larder where the cake is, blankly facing towards the door. It's not impossible to get through her, but it looked like a bug - unsure if it actually is.
    The secret passage in the "crypt" (after the Wraiths, before the Elementals) eluded me for a while. I eventually concluded that SOMETHING had to be in  the crypt aside from 100 gold, since it took a puzzle to get through it - but that was kind of a "gamey" thought process.



    All in all, thank you and well done - and R.I.P to Grayman, which I did not know before playing this.

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