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  1. How do i upload a zip/rar of closeup images? I'm getting this error "Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload a file with that file extension."
  2. lol I'm gonna work on texture some more not happy with it needs to be more skin like xD
  3. Yeah i was thinking of actually having the corset fairly loose because she feels it is waste of her time to do it up properly . it'll fit in when i'm done. The texture just placeholder atm, probably end up making lot more detail in it. Reason i chose that corset is it was closer style to 16th century clothing. It won't be tied up tight it'll be loose and worn looking.
  4. Hi guys!, I thought i might post up my progress on the "streetworker" character so far. The weekend I'll be doing up the clothing style etc and hair planes. This is the higher Poly version for the normal map, I'm going to test it out later on low poly version see whether i want to take it through zbrush for more detail or not. Meet Ola Borkowski or "Ola la" if you wanna be corny I've just used templates more as reference then hacking them up etc easier to remodel then try re-edit things xD I'll do same with males ones too so if you want any of the high poly versions i do for future templates that's cool with me just have to ask. Anyway this is how the highpoly version is coming along, none of the textures are finished just placeholder for now. In terms of style I'm thinking of making her very dirty/poor rips and that in clothes, maybe her corset isn't even done up very well cos she just realises it'll be coming off again in the next 30mins as she waits for more clients. So I think her corset will be very half arsed done up cos she sees no point in making it difficult to remove. Uhh sorry if i post in wrong area, so many places to go i get confused *quick edit reposted pic with slighlty improved facial skin
  5. quick question. upperclass whore or gutter whore? (ie she could possibly work in a brothel but also streetwork) Or gutter whore? If she was upperclass whore she would have more access to diff types of makeup/clothing etc.
  6. tehehe so working on the whore first, i know the perfect makeup too ^^
  7. Spar I'm not lazy or unmotivated I want to work on this , I create stuff all day and night because I'd rather be doing something creative then wasting my time , I'm onto my 3rd 250gig external drive of artwork. I tend to get carried away some nights and will forget to post a reply. If you give me some things to do I can get started on them but till then i'm still making my own monsters until you want me to do something.I can also do environments as well. I can do what you guys want me to do( i enjoy creating, so it doesn't matter what you want me to make i will do it, probably generally prefer characters), I don't hang around forums alot cos most the time i'm doing my own artwork at the same time and I don't log onto it at work because if i do the ceo will think thats all i do all day I thought clint could let you know things cos was just easy sit next to me at work an on the forums. No need to get up in arms about my forum habits, you can always email me or msn which is most time easier because its direct contact rather then stickynotes. shannon.kirsten@gmail.com is new one or msn is kirsten@ashaki.org. My main mail account Kirsten@ashaki.org is dead because an overload of spam so works for msn but don't bother emailing that account cos i'll never recieve it. time i contribute would usually be weekends and some weeknights , depending if i have my own contract work to finish. I can only check forums after work too. And i'm still figuring out where everything is meant to be posted so don't eat me >.>
  8. I haven't ruled out centipede style leg thingies yet xD
  9. Yup when i finish it up :0 still have to change the body so doesn't look so much like those myridom things above poster mentioned ^^ If you have any suggestions for body would love to hear em
  10. Yeah i realised that after made body xD, that's why still changing the body concepts
  11. Wasn't sure where to post it, But this is a wip , a serpent like dragon. His going through more changes at the moment but you can see where it's heading anyway. I was orginally thinking 6 arms might leave it at 4 though. Also need to do up the organic plating he has etc. Right now i'm just fixing up the low poly models they are too low hehe, Going to give him an extended neck as well. I want to make this one look almost god like he won't have eyeballs I want the sockets to have a glowing aura from them. Because he is more aquatic by nature I'm probably going to redesign the body some more to include fins of some sort. anyway sorry if it's big So far i'm leaning towards the bottom right for style changes. Probably going to change him more so this is very wip. was orignally going to have dragon body but decided more humanoid/snakeish. could change though.
  12. *edited - took out toon dogs. really large monster pic lol not exactly highly detailed this one was a huge WIP it's not something i'd pick to show you my bodies. but at 7:47am i don't have the time to sort through max files (250gig worth) so no normal maps all crappy textures. not really a good example but tough kanewip early if you want more email me they take so long to upload * and games i've played sam an max, baldurs gate series, nwn, bf2, cod, wow, lionheart,oblivion, starcraft,redalert , aoe, settlers. never thief. so you'd have to fill me in on the style. I think maybe base a little of you designs of thief, I am confused whether this is a mod for thief or a fan made game, so you might have to give me a little info on this as some stuff on the site seems to contradict itself. either way i'd still love to do some work.
  13. Hi i'd like to get involved in this project, I've been concepting a monster up to show, it's still wip but i'd like to concept and create 3d models for you. I'm also including a game face this face has no normal map applied to it and was not a finished item ok here we go Kane unfinished - Kane Concept Monster also WIP - monster I like monsters As soon as i finish concept sketch i going to be making the hi res version of him, then i do low poly an normal map kirsten@ashaki.org
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