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  1. There was a moment in Glenham Tower where I tried to use the old busted machine and it broke apart and the thief said something like "hmm" and I just LOLed because it was so perfect for the moment, the wry consternation
  2. I too use a half-size light gem and TINY health meter graphics - my choice is little tiny blood drips, very very small and dark dark red
  3. Komag


    I like a lot of those shots, but a lot of them just reek of mutli-player blandness, the lack of anything personal, just a laid out "space" to run around in and kill kill kill. They're all kinda lifeless and empty. So "fill them up with stuff" you say? But they are designed with performance in mind and need to be empty because of that. I prefer smaller more "cozy" areas with more details and life, more full and real, instead of just a "stage"
  4. Not sure if I like the idea of loud door closes alerting AI, but maybe. Of course it would require giving us a method of quiet door closing, but that might just be a pain in the butt to do so often. Yeah, sometimes I KNOW the area is pretty deserted and would feel free to just let the door slam normally, but most of the time I would feel compelled to do whatever controls required and close it quietly, and I think that would get old, but I'm not sure unless I tried it for a couple missions or so. It might be good for immersion after all, I'd have to give it a fair try.
  5. okay, let me walk through this one writing it out as I think it through... I think that's it!
  6. (this is a puzzle that was used in hiring interviews for Cambridge, Mass start-up, Panjiva Inc.) - Imagine you are looking at three cardboard boxes. - One box contains all white balls, one all black balls, and one a mix of black and white balls. - Each box is labeled, but the labels are all wrong. How many balls would you need to pull out to determine which box is which?
  7. Thank you Legion for that post, It's much easier to read and very interesting!
  8. Komag

    Water too fast

    Seeing the video I think the fast one is not too fast and is useful many times, so I wouldn't want to get rid of it. Adding a new slower one is welcome too
  9. Komag

    Water too fast

    I tend to agree with the sentiment of not changing stuff in place, but I think exceptions MIGHT be made if EVERYONE agrees that the old water sucks in all cases. If there is even ONE author who liked it the way it is in their mission, I suppose it should remain and just have new ones added, but does such an author exist???
  10. meandering murderous mutilating mischief-causing mites!
  11. Komag

    Thief 4

    but I would rather have a FULL LENGTH THIEF GAME rather than a half-length one where I have to wait months and pay more money to get an extra level, then wait more months and pay more money for another level, etc. If that's what happens I MIGHT just be pissed enough to not buy it (not saying I wouldn't PLAY it...)
  12. I too am a bit skeptical about this being a virus, but even if it is, then I'm still VERY skeptical about it coming from one of our mission downloads
  13. Yeah that's the situation, the 5 levers around the Hammerite compound - I thought it was not a problem, but I guess I can understand that being frustrating for some.
  14. the lantern hand, really?? I thought it looked sorta goofy in the video. Maybe it would be neat while playing, but I'm skeptical
  15. Yeah, not for everyone, that's for sure. But it's a shame you didn't at least get past that very tiny beginning part, just to get "outside" and at least SEE the rest (it's all visible at that point), even if you didn't do any of it! You might try again just at least that much (or do a brief "noclip" just to fly across the first are with the three swings)
  16. Yes, that's fascinating to see those live examples of something I always thought was "wrong", thanks
  17. I remember dealing with that issue long ago, and I just avoided it by only making ambients abut in places you don't notice
  18. Thanks everyone for the detailed feedback! It's fun to read this thread and very encouraging - all authors love to hear stuff about how their missions are played, what the player though, what bits and parts stood out, various thoughts, etc To get the crown... For anyone who's interested, here's a list of all the bottles: Has anyone gotten down to that platform below the swing? and SiyahParsomen, how the heck did you get down there?!?!?
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