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  1. Those vids look pretty cool, impressive that you worked out the chains so well. (both clips are 30 seconds - you might try the free version of FRAPS which allows 30 second clips - it records very well with sound and probably at a better framerate than those avi's)
  2. but how are the chained synced? Can you post a video?
  3. The current sound timings are useful and good, so it just sounds like we need more options added as well, not necessarily to change the ones that already exist
  4. I played IW for a few hours, liked it somewhat, but I really was bothered by the teensy tiny levels, just really killed the immersion for me personally. original DX had huge massive sprawling levels that I liked quite a lot. That's probably the biggest difference for me.
  5. I think vsync would only clamp to 60 if the monitor refresh rate was 60. But Doom 3 has it's own 60 clamp
  6. That's a common phenomenon with the physics - not usually a good idea to embed like that. If you must, you might consider some little brush right below the thing to keep it held up, or something like that
  7. Oh yes, capitalism is extremely good for the world in general, provides excellent products and services at competitively cheap prices. Now, over-commercialization is something I sometimes get concerned about, with ads EVERYWHERE, but it shouldn't be equated with capitalism per se
  8. This sounds very very useful in the right circumstances! Is it very documented with tutorials on the wiki?
  9. You can't fall of edges in some games when walking carefully (I think Tomb Raider was like that), but in Thief and TDM you can
  10. No way man, it's way more comfortable! I can get more "into it" because I don't have to look at the keyboard ever to make sure I'm pressing the right thing, but can sit back and relax and focus on the game, very nice
  11. It's a very complex program, and sometimes hard to set up, but I've used it to great effect with Mass Effect 1 and 2, all Thief games, Morrowind and Oblivion, and others. You can basically set up anything to do anything if you learn it enough.
  12. just some basic math: 70 X 2.12 = 148.4 60 X ? = 148.4 you want to isolate the ? so you can solve for it. Just bring over the 60: 148.4/60 = ? = 2.47333333333333333
  13. I also play with a gamepad (an Xbox 360 controller), without issue - what program are you using to set it up? I use Pinnacle Profiler - so many advanced options, and shifted commands, make more than enough buttons for everything I've found.
  14. It's a FANTASTIC map, really impressive
  15. Yeah, it was good ol' hyperbole
  16. Wow, that is extremely impressive to me, it really has a "lifelike" look and feel, and is just plain FREAKY (but in a good way!)
  17. I never use it at all, but like Serpentine I always keep a windowed Dark Mod open at the same time I'm editing, and then update the dmap and map, or sometimes just the map, depending on the type of change.
  18. What the heck is wrong with Brazil? Some stupid commie anti-free-trade import taxes or something
  19. I'd say that T2 editing is fully mature with over 10 years, whereas Dark Mod editing is still in it's infancy with less than one year public
  20. Popularity contests don't usually reflect actual quality - there is some correlation, but not a lot
  21. But it's not "mirror along x", it's "x-axis mirror" as in "flipping the axis itself", not along it, and the picture shows an x on the left and an x on the right, which is conceptually good because I know the x axis goes left and right so I intuitively know that the mirror will be "left will flip to right and right will flip to left", all good.
  22. In other words, you just quit the mission, and then load and start the next one, there is no "skipping"
  23. I couple years ago I worked on re-creating the grounds from "The Name of the Rose", never got past just a rough outline stage, but here are some comparison shots attached:
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