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  1. 7318, Baddcog is not dissmissing anything, he's just not able to actually see or test the results we need. Your video shows the idea a little, but we can't see the effect of the head bob or leaning there, or how it will behave in the full Dark Mod setting with all the stuff we have going on (for example with using the bow or telescope or how it might or might not react to the wobbling of the mantle, etc). We all hope it works perfectly as you say, that would be truly excellent and most welcome.

  2. for large storage, I use external drives. I have a lot of home video, almost a TB, that I keep backed up on three external TB drives (triple redundancy), two of which are always disconnected from everything until backup times comes along.


    It won't protect against a house fire though, but I've yet to find affordable online backup for that volume of data, so it will have to do for now (and I'm not about to take trips back and forth to the bank every couple weeks just to use a safety deposit box, but I may actually start doing that in the future)


    I plan to upgrade the size of the drives as needed and replace them as they age as needed

  3. Different automatic Amazon listing software programs have ways of acting buggy and accidentally setting sky high prices. I remember reading about one story of two people using a program that always listed their item for one penny more than the highest price, so the programs automatically kept raising the price to millions of dollars or something like that.

  4. Hmm, sounds like that one might be tricky - I wouldn't want to hear the swoosh twice, for instance, or the second half first then the first half, or something like that.


    I wonder how it was done in T2, maybe some sort of stim thing, where once the arrow is within a certain distance of the player the sound started?

  5. I stopped asking for "any work that needs doing?" from people like inn keepers and jarls because they end up being a ton of the same "kill these bandits at this camp" or "kill this giant" or whatever. I even got the exact same "kill the leader of this group of forswarn guys at dragonbridge overlook camp" - I was seriously dismayed that they were BACK and I had to kill them AGAIN.


    I quit talking to the dumb mercenaries on the road who would say "there is a problem nearby, will you take care of it for me?" without any details, then some location shows up ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Whatever.


    But those are the negative sides. Otherwise the game is extremely excellent. TONS of high quality content. Tons of great storylines, subplots, exploration, battles, discovery, etc. Lots and lots of good stuff there.


    I just finished the main questline today. I'm somewhat satisfied with it, but I wish the "ending" was a bit more dramatic/grandiose/something. I ended up walking my old nord character back to his home in Whiterun, sitting down in a chair by the fire, taking off his helmet, going to third person view, and doing a nice slow pan around as we contemplate the staggering events of late. Then, fade to black, exit the game, and shelve it for a while (months? a year? more?)


    In the future I'll definitely do another play through with a totally different build, doing different quests, taking different sides (this time I sided with the Stormcloak rebellion, being a true-blooded nord myself), doing different "guilds", etc.


    But for now it's goodbye to Skyrim for me.


    Parting is such sweet sorrow

  6. Apparently 1.3 creates a bug that fortified skills past 100 just go back to zero and start counting up again! So if you had 90 smithing, and put on a ring that gives you +20 smithing, you now have not 110 smithing, but just 10. At least that's how I understood what I read about it.


    Guess I'll pass on this patch too!


    But I'm loving the game still, very much!

  7. Yeah, the game sort of tries to be set up for having companions, but it never works well, ends up just being a crappy babysitting job. I let a guy come with me to the tree with the sap, but when I tried to hit the roots out of the way I accidentally nicked him and he wanted to fight, so I disarmed and he said he'd forgive me, but now I had a bounty! And after that he wouldn't follow me home, so when I asked someone else to accompany me they said I already had someone! So I went back to that grove and he was still there, so I just killed him, and the game told me all the witnesses were now dead so the bounty was removed, ha!

  8. Yeah, even though they said they got way more voice actors for this game they still didn't get enough. I don't know how many it would take, but after play a few dozen hours I'm hearing the same voices over and over again. Not as bad as Oblivion, thank god, but still repetitive.

  9. Fidcal, I think I played that dungeon with the ultra hard guy - was it the one where you had to first find the two skull-key things, then put them in the slots and the baddie pops out? I managed to get him stuck in the water section while I hid behind some wood and just kept popping out and shooting arrows FOREVER till he finally died. Before that I probably died and reloaded a dozen times, trying every possible combination of fighting tactics, potions, buffs, etc. Yeah, probably should've temporarily lowered the difficulty there.

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