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  1. ... It was patched faster than Oblivion, although 1.2 makes it require Steam to run....


    What does this mean? I have to be online to play? Because I've avoided patching because Steam is blocked where I play at the school library (where I work), so if it had to validate with steam online every time I play I wouldn't be able to play!!! So I'll stick with non-patched if that's the case.

  2. I have done a high res scan of the "burlap" map I got for buying at midnight on launch day, then stitched together. It's frickin' huge, 43 megapixels, 7781x5613!


    JPG version (27MB):



    PNG version (119MB):






    PS - here are some 1/4 size versions (3890x2807)


    JPG version (8MB):



    PNG version (22MB):


  3. Man, I haven't been this absorbed in a game in at least a couple years! It's robbing my life away but I'm going to keep letting it rob my life away because it's so darn awesome and fun and engrossing and cool.




    Best Flowing Water In A Game Ever


    This world is so well-crafted it almost brings a tear to the eye!


    (but the menu interface needs major work!)

  4. You're definitely missing with those arrow shots. Try aiming lower - I've found that the game shoots too high much of the time. And you might try leading more - I've found the shots almost seem to "lag" behind if the target is moving. I'm getting pretty good at shooting now - I can nail a running rabbit sometimes, and can get off two shots at baddies in dungeons before they start running. One room was a blast - tons of skeletons and zombies popping out of caskets and I kept sweeping the room with arrows, knocking them off the stairs, into the water, etc, very satisfying fight that one.

  5. Thanks Komag. Sounds good. I'm surprised you said the grabber's not working because SH posted a vid link that shows cauldrons put on heads?


    Hmm, I read the whole manual and couldn't find it, and nothing worked in game. So I just Googled it and found out you have to HOLD the "activate" button! Man, yet another detail they left unclear. I even read a review where the reviewer played for 60 hours so far and didn't know about hot-key slots. I admit, it was a bit hard to figure them out myself, as the manual is a little vague about them and you can only set the hotkeys from the favourites menu and not the actual inventory menu (which is a dumb limitation). But I'm glad to find out there is still the grabber because I like dumping out baskets and moving stuff and tossing bowls and things sometimes!


    I've also noticed, so far, quite a lot of tips and information in the loading screen hints that aren't in the manual at all which I was very glad to learn each time. I guess they wanted to keep the manual as short as possible (it is pretty short), but I would have preferred it to be much longer and more inclusive of key info.


    Anyway, those little things are the bad stuff which can be lived-with/learned/whatever. The main game is fully great.


    Oh, and the reason I think the lockpicking is similar to TDS is because you have to set the one pick angle correctly and then turn the lock, sorta like you have to set the angle correctly in TDS then click the button (IIRC)

  6. I'll give some impressions after a few hours of play:


    I love it.


    But it's not quite perfect.


    The menu interface is surprisingly clunky - the inventory system is almost non-existent, so you can't compare things without actually selecting them back and forth to remember their weights, etc. Sometimes mouse wheel will scroll the inventory when you didn't want it to, or just moving the mouse right when you were going to push a direction key, making you select the wrong inventory path or something like that. Hard to explain, but I think they should clean it up more. Hopefully it will get tweaked/improved with a patch. But it's not all that bad, just not as tight or smooth as I hoped. And it's absolutely spartan, no "design" to speak of.


    The game itself is fantastic. Very gorgeous and wonderful, engrossing world, great visceral combat, nice spells, nice interaction with people, nice everything while playing. The storytelling thus far is very engrossing and immersive. Did I mention the world is extremely beautiful (in a rough-hewn way). There is so much detail and beauty. It's like a never ending masterwork. The rivers actually look like flowing rivers. The snowy mountains actually feel like the blustery wintery intimidating places they should be. I really enjoy playing this game!


    EVERYTHING has been refreshed and revisited design-wise, so I almost feel like I'm playing a whole new universe, and that's a good thing. I've been Oblivion Shivering Isles the past couple weeks so I'm fresh from that game where I'd gotten quite bored of the same-old same-old, and I find myself suddenly very excited to be collecting ingredients, searching every single box or crate or container I can find, picking every lock I can find, etc, because they've all been so thoroughly refreshed that it's fun and new and interesting all over again. I'll have to wait a hundred hours into the game to see how I feel then.


    I really like the detailed items themselves, just how nice and real everything looks in the inventory (when you look at them ONE-AT-A-TIME, blech)(At least the inventory categories are good and narrowed down enough to be useful)


    Lockpicking is somewhat similar to Thief Deadly Shadows, by the way. It's cool.


    They took some things out. No more grabbing anything. I miss that, I have to admit. But I also can understand why they removed it - most other games don't have it, and it never really served any purpose in Oblivion anyway except to just mess around and show off some of the model physics, which is old hat by now. The skills and abilities and stuff is all reworked, of course, with some thing taken away. I think the changes work fine so far, no complaint there.


    I'm still quite early on so I don't have any experience with dragon "shouts" or dragon words yet. I haven't hired anyone yet or bought any property or a horse.


    I like the two handed gameplay. You can use a two handed weapon (big sword, bow, etc), or two one handed, or one one handed with a shield, or with spell, or two different spells (that's a lot of fun - one hand blasting fire and the other blasting electricity, YES!) Although it's very weird that the default setup is that LEFT mouse button is for the right hand and vice-versa (but, strangely, that actually feels correct, it's just that SOMETIMES I get confused for a second)


    They've added some crafting stuff, haven't done it yet (armor, weapons, etc). Leveling up is quite different and simplified, with various constellations of "perks", I guess I like the system.


    I think the magika regen might be a bit too fast, it takes away a little from the strategic elements of the last games and makes thing more action oriented (but I must say the action is pretty great, so maybe it's an okay change).


    That was pretty much all rambling, but hopefully it's a little helpful! :)

  7. So I just watched a video about the making of the audio for Skyrim, and they addressed the lack of voice actors in Oblivion. They said that for Oblivion they only had about 12 different voice actors (not counting the main characters, I presume). They got a ton of complaints about that, so for Skyrim they said they got about 70 voice actors! That's even better than my request for 5 times as many! Woohoo!

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  8. a Standalone Dark Mod is VERY appealing though! I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but now that the actual real possibility appears imminent, we can't help but address it again.


    Imagine how much more fans would enjoy downloading one installer, and installing the whole Dark Mod, rather than dealing with first LOCATING and then BUYING and then INSTALLING Doom 3 (and then PATCHING it), and THEN downloading and installing Dark Mod. It would cut out so many steps which, while we know are not all that hard, DO get in the way mentally at least of a lot of people.


    But I realize it's a TON of relatively thankless mind-numbing work, and I know I'M not going to do any of it personally, so it's probably pretty pointless for me to say anything ;-p

  9. I can't say enough how much the microphone matters. I picked up a $100 condenser mic that plugs right into USB and it's something like 1000 times better sounding than my previous recordings using a basic $30 computer microphone. The difference is unbelievable, just night and day. No amount of post-processing can fix recording with a lousy mic.

  10. I personally strongly agree with making games shorter. I want a "complete" experience with my limited time. So a game that has a great story arc and can be fully experienced in <20hrs is great. I just don't have dozens and dozens of extra hours lying around to pump into a game these days. The price of the game is negligible. My time is what matters.

  11. Echelon, I've been around the block a few times and have played ultra-smooth 60fps plenty, it's very nice and I love it, but I'm willing to put up with lower framerates to a certain extent. I think most folks on these forums could live with 20 - they might not love it, but it would be playable

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