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  1. 20 is playable for me. I can play as low as 12-15 if necessary.
  2. that last is the main point, thanks for the good test. Is this always true? Might it depend slightly on build methods (such as the ground being one large brush or broken up, etc)?
  3. When I had a 360 I mostly played the arcade games and really enjoyed some of them, like Lode Runner, Geometry Wars (1 and 2), some kingdoms board game (can't remember the name - there were tiles and farms and stuff), many others I can't remember.
  4. I like your original "burrows" idea best, plus that would be the easiest and quickest thing to build too, plus it's open to some variety
  5. The bandwidth/processing department could be off-loaded to a super-server, sort of like how OnLive gaming works (and it works pretty well). So just the image is transmitted to your computer, all the processing happens in the cloud
  6. Wow, that's more Nazi than I've seen before, amazing
  7. I really like the detailed style of your map, very fun to look at all the little parts and sections, very cool!
  8. Certainly the publicity doesn't help his cause any, on the contrary it always backfires and people turn more against anything he was trying to support. There are insane crazy violent nutcases on all sides of political spectrums, and I always hate it when someone whose position is any way similar to mine goes and does something horrible like this because it only hurts that position. I have no idea what this guy's position is or why he did this, but I bet there some legitimate good people who happen to hold somewhat of a similar (but peaceful) position who are going to be pretty pissed off about it
  9. I have a cousin who named his daughter "Cortana" - good grief!

  10. it looks like I put up the first "never" vote, and it's true, I don't care about "replayability" (and it irks me when it's practically required in order to experience the full mission, as with "the inverted manse" which I never replayed and know I missed out on a lot). I just don't want to repeat stuff I guess.
  11. I prefer the changes - not that I'm saying I like the changed version over the book version, I'm just saying I like that there are large changes so there is something different because variety is better
  12. Having worked as a walking guard for years, I can say that, at least for me, my patrols are VERY "static". I go the exact same way and do everything EXACTLY the same, just so it's as quick and easy as possible. I do look around and try to be aware and such, but I certainly don't "mix it up" and go another way. Man, this stupid crappy job sucks the life out of me, I gotta quit and do something more productive with my life!
  13. I also thought this was some metaphor for electron orbits, such as build a level from the center out, with pathways that branch out from a central hub, or something.
  14. the Thief games are supposed to be coming to Onlive sometime later this year, that's pretty cool. I'm a big Onlive fan, a very nice cloud gaming service (a slight bit of lag involved, but it doesn't bother me and I have plenty of fun with the games)
  15. i did mine at native 720p, so if you watch it at 720p you are seeing exact native pixel sizes. 720 scales down to be pretty visible at lower resolutions as well. I think it's a good compromise resolution to use, as most people don't have monitors with 1080p or higher resolutions
  16. I agree that no 'nades turned me completely off, as that was by far my favourite aspect of TFC. One of my favourite things was to psyche people out to make them think I had a bad connection by making my character do some some sort of repetitive jitter/stutter movement, but then turn and suddenly shoot them, or run further into their base as soon as they ran by, haha!
  17. although TDS did have much better mantling mechanic than Thief 1/2 (but Dark Mod's mantling is superior)
  18. There is a huge dos error message, here is the pic: http://www.shadowdarkkeep.com/oddpics/tdmerror2011-06-16.jpg This is from my other computer that hasn't been updated in ages, I think it has Dark Mod 1.2 (ignore the wrong directory - I forgot I had a copy of my darkmod folder here - the real one contained within the Doom3 folder gives the exact same error)
  19. I didn't know that 60c was too hot. I've had that at startup for at least one pc, maybe more than one, IIRC, but maybe I'm wrong
  20. Well, after not playing any missions for a long time, then firing one up recently, I can say the long load times SUCK. I of course waited and then enjoyed playing, but my honest impression at first was that the mod is "broken", because only something broken could take so long compared to pretty much every other game nowadays.
  21. I've used camtasia and it works very well. I used it for my DR videos as well a couple years ago
  22. I think Creep only applies when you're walking
  23. But tearing is so nasty to me I'd much rather avoid it. The higher framerate you get with v-sync off is only part of the screen - why would you want half the screen getting refreshed but the other half doesn't? So it's not truly a higher framerate.
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