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  1. FYI, it's "anisotropic" filtering :)


    I just tried my laptop again, and suddenly I realized there are two more option screens under the Video tab - I didn't see the tabs on the left! So all those advanced option are there, and I turned off a few things, turned down a few more, and suddenly the game plays pretty smooth on my laptop with lowish settings all around.

  2. Okay, I'm at home and I just finished playing through the demo on my desktop (runs a TON better than my lamo laptop).


    I have to say, I'm impressed! I really liked messing with the gravity and jumping through the portals. (That round and round and round one was especially trippy).


    But the most crazy moment of all was when I was in this little room and saw this interesting little rounded rock in a small display case, and then I went through another portal and was disoriented for a few seconds, then WHAMO!!!


    I don't want to spoil it, but I suddenly got a massive hit of something like vertigo but not quite the same. THAT was a great moment in gaming for me.


    I'll probably get the full game at some point. Probably not right when it comes out, but maybe in a few months or so.

  3. So I just got done playing through the Prey demo on my home PC (runs very smooth - I couldn't play it smooth on my wimpy laptop at work). Talk about messing with your head on the whole upsidedown/sideways/which-way-is-up thing!!!

  4. Depends on how immersed you are in the game. If you play any flying games (flight simulators, or more "arcady" stuff like Crimson Skies) there is a lot of upside-down or sideways situations. It works fine to me. I don't know how I would like it with an fps game, but it might work.

  5. You could do Gothic 2 in first person (can't remember about Gothic 1), but it was crap. The game only works well in 3rd.


    So he's saying that in first person, you do the forward roll, but the view just keeps looking forward the whole time throughout the roll instead of how it would really look through your eyes, seeing the ground, then the upside down sky, then the sky, then forward again.

  6. I fired it up on my laptop (Pentium M 1.4ghz, 1gig ram, GeForce Go FX5650 w128ram) and it's only just barely playable on lowest settings (5-15 fps). From what I played though (just beginning, till opening first door on the ship), it seems pretty cool!


    It's using Doom 3 engine, but it must be taking it a few steps further because my laptop runs Doom 3 pretty smoothly (20-40 fps) on high settings!

  7. I honestly thought the leaning backwards idea was a joke (especially with the graphic). Why the hell would you break your neck twisting it 180 degrees as your body acrobatically leaned backwards when you could just turn around? What, am I missing something? Is one just more convenient?



    I think you're looking at it wrong. The idea is that you back up to the rail, lean back a bit out over the rail, looking upward as you do so, to see the guy up on the upper level. Kind of like leaning back a bit to look up at the top shelf in the closet

  8. But then again we won't be dealing with Garrett her in Dark Mod.


    So if it's a setting that authors can set or something, then that might be a good comprimise.


    Then again, going out with NO tools is only what a very few players want to do. That minority should probably just avoid using tools if they don't want to, like people already do with T2

  9. I think so, because I'm talking about when you look for the craziest maximum price $8,000 "SUPER ULTIMATE GAMING PC!!!!!!" it still has a normal Geforce line card (or two in SLI mode nowadays)

  10. I dunno how I feel about the allowing drop all vs keeping sword and blackjack. It would be odd to me to start with a sword and blackjack (as in I brought them with me from my apartment/hideout to the starting area) and then decide to drop them on the street!


    Maybe there could be an option in the inventory loadout screen to "unselect" the basic starting inventory items if you want. Sort of like Garrett saying "I'll leave these behind in my apartment for this one, I feel like a challenge!"


    I think there would need to be some basic objects in the world that can be blackjacks/clubs in disguise. Things like candlesticks, crate flinders, etc. Maybe the basics of those items could have the properties of the blackjack.

  11. So is the light gem brightness calculated based not only on the brightness of the light, but how much of you is exposed to it?


    If so, that would be a fair enough comprimise, because then leaning would only expose 1/3 to 1/2 of you to the lit hallway, thus the gem would at least be dimmer than if you actually stepped out there. Surely just leaning a little into the light should give you a non-visibility advantage over full-on standing out in the light.

  12. I was just wondering if there is already flowing water (where you can set it to flow a certain direction with a certain strength). If not, is this planned/possible?


    Do objects that should float work? So, can you toss in a crate and it bobs and floats on top, other wooden objects, etc?


    Floating objects combined with flowing water could lead to some cool gameplay elements!

  13. I didn't realize that was the design decision - is it?


    I always liked the aspect of staying in the dark with leaning, because that's how it works with T1/2. I know you all aren't just mimicing T1/2, but if leaning in light lights me up I will be sad


    I always figured in those cases it was more of a Garrett just peaking his head around but sort of magically/mysteriously staying masked in shadow.

  14. Hmm, that example of useful backwards lean is interesting, but I think not neccessary, because I would just lean left (out over the rail) and look up to my right to see. I don't think Garrett would want to lean backwards and possible fall off over the rail!


    About the light gem thing, could it just be the bottom half that detects how much light you're in, so the top half and lean around the corner into the lit hallway without lighting up the gem?

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