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  1. is it possible some or most of that stuff is just for the first level as a trainer? I'm thinking maybe the yellow outline crap and control reminders won't be in the rest of the game.


    But the RETARDED third person take-downs and ladder climbing break immersion so badly I have to agree that it looks very disappointing. It's like I'll play then get the controller yanked out my hand for a few seconds, then handed back to me to play for a minute or two, then robbed again, over and over and over but with little crack highs in between that keep me coming back, mugged and raped repeatedly till there's no more man inside me to fight back.

  2. Holy crap that all sounds complex! I'm impressed. I'll probably be getting an Android phone later this year, I'll have to learn some more at that time (but I guarantee I won't be doing that level of customization)

  3. I love one-price,unlimited-use data/internet plans, because I'm one of the folks using up the most bandwidth, thus all the other subscribers are actually subsidizing my use! I'm fully aware this is not really fair, but when I'm the benefactor, it's great.


    But in reality, the only really FAIR way is to charge per usage (without any higher rate limit or anything, just a straight 1:1 scale). It seems overly heavy-handed for a governing body to dictate how or in what manner a private company may charge it's private customers in a free market agreement, so this development sounds like a step in the right direction to me.


    So long as you have at least two or three viable competing options for internet service, simple market competition will control pricing and profits, no problem there. If one company is overcharging and blowing extra funds on "corporate gouging" or whatever, another company will be able to make a better offer to the customer and steal their sales. The only problem would be if they are actually colluding as a cartel in effect to control prices, which is possible but unlikely.

  4. I just tried OnLive free (you can sign up free and play 30 minute "free trials" of the games), and... it works!


    It's laggy, yes. I had to get used to the lag (you have to press jump like 1/4 second before you actually want to jump, etc).


    After getting used to it and the slightly "sloppy" feel of the controls, I played 30 minutes each of Assassin's Creed 2, Just Cause 2, and The Ball.


    I'm extremely impressed with the visuals - I can play these great looking games with my super crappy laptop that can BARELY run 10 year old games like Morrowind and can't run Dark Mod at all, in full smooth frame rate, very impressive.


    You can see the video compression if you look, especially in darker areas (that's always true of compression), but it's actually pretty good. I have a very fast good connection at home (15mbit), so that wasn't much of an issue.


    But the lag, yeah, it MIGHT be a deal-breaker for me, dunno for sure yet. You'll just have to try it yourself and give it an hour or so to be fair.


    (and there are hardly any games, but hopefully the library will grow)


    Nonetheless, very impressive, the service WORKS!

  5. the internet and ALL associated infrastructure inst cable of delivering this service for atleast another 5+ years.. Plus there is also the question of how much to pay...


    I think it's actually capable now, simply if you have a fast enough connection is all. A lot of people do.


    If it's a monthly fee service, such as $29/mo, that's pretty reasonable to play unlimited games with the settings maxed out. People fork over $14 or other amounts just to play one single crappy looking MMO, so the price wouldn't be too bad.

  6. I SWEAR by Pinnacle Game Profiler, extremely powerful and versatile. In fact I played the entire T2X with my 360 pad from my couch on the big projector screen we had at the time and it was a blast. I've played some Dark Mod with it as well, works great. You can do EVERYTHING with the controller because of a couple things.


    Main thing is the "SHIFT" function - you can set one button to be a SHIFT button and then you can set ALL NEW button assignments to the remaining buttons! So in effect you now get almost twice as many buttons!


    Second main thing is that you can set up advanced uses of buttons to do more than one thing. For example, you have a button do one key, then another key, back and forth each time you press it. I use this in classic Thief 1 and 2 to switch between lockpicks, for example, so I just have one button I use for lockpicks. Some of the functions you can set up can be quite advanced if you really dig into the program.

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