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    Deus Ex 3

    I agree with NH that 3rd person SUCKS. Indeed, hopefully it will be rare, or even hacked out by the community somehow or another
  2. Interesting about it seeming "smaller" just from a few screenshots. It feels exactly similar to me when I actually run through it, but I think I can see what you mean from the shots. I'm going to guess that it might be the wider FOV that makes it seem smaller
  3. I fully agree, new is better. This was just a pet project to help me get my head around The Sword. Even if you open it in Dromed you still can't see it all or really get a sense of its structure. But this old project is not really what Dark Mod is all about - this is just old low poly stuff, but the precise recreation work-flow is very slow and takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, so it's just not worth it
  4. Since I believe that "The Sword" is the most complex 3D level/space ever designed for any game, a couple years back I decided to have a crack at recreating it entirely within Dark Mod. I figured I'd also add "Escape" and see if they fit (or make them fit) as well. Through last year I got the mansion maybe 1/3 to 1/2 done, but never really got to the most interesting/weird parts, so that's a bit disappointing. But here are a few shots of the rough block-outline start I made at that time: http://www.shadowdarkkeep.com/files/KomagSword.zip (7MB, 24 pictures) Here are a few of the shots: Beginning area 2nd floor hallway west 2nd floor central stair area Kitchen Gardens section 2nd floor hallway east Altar room (scene of the EYE removal) Greenhouse area Above greenhouse "hidden" area
  5. Actually there's TONS of pop-up/fade-in going on there - you can see cars fade in at only about one block away, street lamps only light below themselves about two lamps out, a whole fence just appears out of nowhere at about 3:04, etc etc etc. So it's the same as any other game, LOD and pop-up/fade-in optimizations. I agree that it's done somewhat well I suppose, but one of my pet peeves is pop-up. I would far prefer lesser polygon/detail combined with further out pop-up or virtually no-pop up. Basically, my personal tolerance for pop-up is much lower than the average gamer audience that designers are making games for, whereas my tolerance for lower polygon and other details is higher.
  6. It looks pretty cool, I'll probably try it out. Am I right to assume that when a monster is "vanquished" the red mist is some sort of magical myst vapor, NOT blood and guts, right? Because it certainly could only pass for the former
  7. I'm not so sure that looks really good - falling water is fast moving and bubbly and white, not clear and still like that. So I think particles would really be more effective in this case
  8. I have to admit I'll buy Thief 4 on day one, no matter what. That's just a fact. Even if previews and such say it sucks big fat donkey, I'll still be buying it on day one
  9. Nice work! I can't test it myself right now, but this is something I've wished for for a long time!
  10. Holy crap, that's EXACTLY the house in "Rose Cottage", detail for detail! Here it is again: http://soundwavemusicfestival.ca/2007/wp-content/creepy-house-flyer-07.jpg EDIT Here's another site with it http://www.djibnet.com/photo/been/haunted-house-349431864.html "From EuroDisneyLand - Paris" EDIT ...and here it is - it's the "Phantom Manor" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_Manor and now I have to say that Saturnine's recreation of it is impressive work!
  11. It's possible some huge improvements could be coded and then would require a separate "branch", so that any missions made with the new features would require users to have that version of the Dark Mod. It's possible some changes would be extremely awesome but would break old missions, so what I mean overall is that there would then be two different versions of TDM, the "original" one, with a few upgrades and tweaks that DON'T break any old missions, and a separate version with drastic new features that break old missions but open up amazing possibilities. That's one way it could go. There are major downsides to branching like that, but it MIGHT be worth it if the upgrades/improvements are drastic enough. Or there could come a time when the team integrates some major drastic improvements and "evolves" TDM into a newer beast that can't play older missions, and the older TDM would only be maintained simply as a way to play the older missions but no longer as the main offering.
  12. But if we go back to the numbers: Air - 1300 Hydrogen - 90 vacuum - 0 The difference between Hydrogen and vacuum is only about 7% increase in lift, not such a big deal. If the main point is to make it safe from fiery explosion, I guess that's another matter, but Helium is right around 180, so it's just another 7% worse but completely safe already.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but that sceptre looks like it came from a Mario or Pokemon game or something. I dunno what it is, just to round and cartoony I guess. A good start/base though
  14. Yes, cylinder's can be done basically the same, just adding a third dimension
  15. Thanks Summer, always fun to read comments and feedback like these!
  16. Yes, I like it too, very subtle but very useful too
  17. The story pisses me off - should be a happier ending, I don't care what anyone else says. But yeah, extremely impressive achievement (although I have a pet peeve of anything with credits almost as long as the main event)
  18. Purah's CoSaS mission hasn't been a secret - it was finished something like 2002 - I've seen it and played it some, crazy crazy cool stuff in that one. But with how CoSaS is doing things "lately", it will most likely get 100% reworked - new textures, tons and tons of new other stuff, etc. We'll have a finished CoSaS by about 2025 or so
  19. Komag

    Deus Ex 3

    If your screen native res is actually 1366x768 (which is likely) then the 1080p will indeed be better for you, because 720p is only 1280x720 and that gets scaled up to 1366x768 which is slightly nasty, whereas having 1920x1080 scaled DOWN to 1366x768 will look much better.
  20. Very cool about Stephen Russel, wow!
  21. Yeah, the mirrors are too big and I can't position them much closer. But it still works like that, it's just more like you are holding something very close to your face, thus the right and left eye are seeing significant differences. It would probably work better with those mirrors if I shot something farther away, like across the room, so the difference would be smaller
  22. I cut up some rubber balls, set up the mirrors, and tested a picture! And here is the final image (with the left and right side switched) that you can cross your eyes at: I hope to try a small video, not sure if it can work well though
  23. A mounted setup like that could be used for a video camera too! Nice possibility!
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