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  1. For sure. I don't think there is any anti-creator sentiment here. It's about learning why a game designer made the decision to restrict saving. And, it's about learning — from the game designer's perspective — how restricted saving improves the player's experience. (stealth games only)
  2. I hear you. I don't disagree with this. A successfully completed mission can have moments of stealth, being discovered, and returning to stealth. And, that has its own sense of rewards and immersion. That can be quite fun. My comment was about pure stealth, the power fantasy of stealth, and ghosting, since Marbleman's preferred playstyle is ghosting and was part of the original question. If the player is discovered, that power fantasy is broken. Sure, for a ghoster, they might be able to recover, regain stealth, and successfully complete the mission, but their desired experience is broken. There's an objective in their mind of "don't alert anyone" and possibly "don't leave a single trace behind." Do they start the entire mission over or load a save? With save restrictions, they must restart the entire mission over or load from a checkpoint. That's not fun. So, why would a game designer put save restrictions on the player when the player, who wants to be forced to recover from their mistakes, can just not save (or unbind the quicksave key)? Players who iron mode do this.
  3. If the main incentive of restricted saving is to increase tension by forcing the player to adapt to being discovered, I think the game is no longer purely a stealth game, such as Thief or TDM. Once the player is discovered, there is no more stealth involved. It's like an insta-death in a shooter. If we include power fantasies here, the stealth power fantasy is gone. Therefore, it's either a mix of genres or a new yet to be named genre. The new genre could be a "chase game," perhaps? The stealth part is a time to collect resources and put the player in a better position for the inevitable chase. The player is rewarded during the chase instead of during the stealth part. So, my question is: Are game designers actually wanting a different genre than stealth when they restrict saving?
  4. I'd say the TDM forum is a very good place to ask such questions, because TDM can be a great game for testing out stealth game mechanics. It's open source and anyone who puts in the effort can make a mission. Like you, @marbleman makes missions. One of his missions (along with Random Taffer) won the Thief II 20th Anniversary Contest. He is both a creator (missions and walkthrough videos) and a player, which makes him one of the best people to research this, in my opinion. He has a game designer's mindset. As a player, I am very interested in what @marbleman discovers. One thing that makes his question interesting is that it is so easy to get off topic and talk about the pros of unrestricted saving instead of the pros of restricted saving. So far, the stated pros of restricted saving can be self-imposed by the player without removing the save function. Why remove the save function, then? What are we missing? Intriguing! @JackFarmer We don't want to read negative, unhelpful comments towards or about @marbleman. We want to read helpful comments instead, which will lead us towards answers. Can you help? Do you know of anyone who might have an answer? Is there something you have read in another thread that might be helpful here?
  5. @duzenko Hey, checking on the status of this. Has this been fixed? If not, does this have a bug tracker ticket? Thanks!
  6. Thank you for this excellent explanation! I follow what you were going for now, which is quite interesting. I'll do more playthroughs to see the different possibilities.
  7. @stgatilov Thank you for the detailed explanation! I look forward to the final results!
  8. Sounds like a neat feature. I prefer the look of stencil shadows and wondered about missing out on volumetric lighting, so this sounds quite promising. I do have some concerns, though. In Iris when I have shadow maps turned on, I see graphical artifacts. Have shadow maps been improved to where those artifacts no longer show? Please see comparison screenshots. Edit: It seems the uploaded images get processed somehow, so the artifacts look different than the original file. Welp. But the 3rd screenshot (stencil vs maps) looks almost the same. Screenshots: stencil maps stencil vs maps
  9. Hi @stgatilov (cc @nbohr1more) After some more thought, I really do think "pm_mantle_roll_mod" is a better cvar name, because it matches "pm_bobroll" and other "pm_*" naming. If someone learns about "pm_bobroll" and changes it for head bobbing, they may also search for other "roll" cvars. This will make it easier for them to find "pm_mantle_roll_mod". I've attached a patch, making it easy to rename the cvar before 2.11 is released. Thank you! rename-mantle-tilt-to-roll-v1-r10079.diff
  10. @kingsal (cc @nbohr1more) Hi there, just a heads up. In March, I downloaded hazard_99fbd10719fe4b06.pk4 as version 1. Now, the website shows hazard_8cd5aad459f465c1.pk4 as version 1 as well. I imagine that this might cause some confusion later when troubleshooting. Cheers
  11. If the can-blackjack animation is automatic (not initiated by the player), please put that animation behind a cvar. If it is like TDS, definitely please put that animation behind a cvar. For example, a blackjack helper toggleable option. Also, considering blackjacking from the front as an exploit is surprising. There can be more risk with that approach, since a guard might see the player and become alerted, making them unable to be knocked out. Blackjacking from the front can be carefully planned as well, so I don't know why that line of thinking is just for blackjacking from behind.
  12. @stgatilov After discussing `pm_bobroll` and seeing a TDM player on Discord write "mantling roll", I wonder if a better cvar name for this would be `pm_mantle_roll_mod` to match other `pm_*` cvars. Naming is hard...
  13. I'm trying to be helpful as a new TDM player before I get used to all of its quirks or they aren't present in my build. I've seen many Thief players complain about head bob and other movement "issues", so they stop playing TDM. That's not what we want, right? And recently, I saw a TDM player ask on Discord about his `pm_bobroll` not sticking. So, I think reducing the default head bob would reduce the complaints, since it's not working well for many players.
  14. In the playthrough video linked below, the x-ray glasses graphical glitch can be seen. (timestamp from 2:12:03 to 2:12:08)
  15. When playing Iris and Written in Stone, I noticed a graphical glitch with the x-ray glasses. When the x-ray glasses are activated, the first frame of the fade to x-ray vision is the last frame of the previous x-ray glasses usage. To reproduce: Use the x-ray glasses and look at something easily recognizable, such as a light source. Turn off the x-ray glasses. Look at something else. Use the x-ray glasses, and you should for a moment see the last thing you were looking at from #1. What could be causing that? I don't know if it is related, but I've noticed something similar with other (animated) fades: The pop-up note in the upper-left corner will start at 100% opacity and then reset near 0% before fading in to 100% opacity. Loading a new mission or loading a save will have a fullscreen graphical blink. It might be the last frame of the previous scene or the 100% -> 0% -> 100% opacity fade issue.
  16. Thank you! I hope players benefit from that cvar.
  17. I have to admit. I had the same thought after I added yet another cvar. I'd keep the cvars, so there's always that fine grained option. But, yeah, having something really simple in the menu would likely be welcomed. Maybe something like: [no motion] [slight motion] [normal] Or: [reduced motion] [normal] Shortly after I started playing The Dark Mod, I reduced the head bob and tilt view angle. Otherwise, it's been pretty great!
  18. One thing that was uncomfortable for me when I started playing The Dark Mod was how much the view tilted during a mantle. This is similar to the amount of head bob. For those who are sensitive to motions like that as well, I've attached a patch. I hope it or a variation of it will be accepted into the main The Dark Mod codebase, since it'll help those players. The new cvar "pm_mantle_tilt_mod" is a value between 0.0 and 1.0. The default is 1.0, which means no change from the traditional tilt view angle. A value of 0.0 is no tilt. I personally prefer 0.1, which tilts the view only 10% of the traditional amount. idCVar cv_pm_mantle_tilt_mod( "pm_mantle_tilt_mod", "1.0", CVAR_GAME | CVAR_FLOAT | CVAR_ARCHIVE, "The multiplier applied to the tilt view angle during a mantle", 0.0f, 1.0f ); (Patch based on r10036.) mantle-tilt-mod-v1-r10036.diff
  19. While these changes to pm_* cvars are being made, would it be possible to change pm_bobroll to 0.0008 by default instead of 0.0015? The reason I propose this change is that I felt slightly dizzy/seasick while playing TDM. I found that 0.0008 felt comfortable, so this default value may help others have a better experience when they start TDM. I tried 0.0006 for a while, but that felt too flat. 0.0008 felt like the sweet spot.
  20. Is there a way to get down here without getting hurt? The vine is not climbable, and I've tried different ways of falling to no avail.
  21. Thank you for making this, @Wellingtoncrab! There's so much to explore and discover!
  22. I'm leaving a spoiler here for others (and possibly my future self) who are having trouble finding Tobin's spyglass. I spent ages and ages looking for it. Strong hint and possible spoiler: Spoiler:
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