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  1. will do so ASAP. i am also going to be out of town until around august 20th, so i apologize in advance if i don't reply before then.
  2. hey everyone, i'm just checking to see how my application review is going. cheerio!
  3. aha, so that's how you quote. brilliant. I'm checking out the Theif series right now, darkness_falls gave me the link. sure! I'm interested in learning anything.
  4. Sadly, I have neither Photoshop nor a Wacom tablet, my friend has suggested it and I think I will look into them. Thanks a lot for the advice, it's great to know that people have been in my mindset and situation before - and gotten out of it successfully and trust me, your tips are quite useful, especially about "internalizing" what I'm drawing (wow!). I will check out the Thief concept art ASAP.
  5. hello everyone! sorry for not replying sooner. thank you for the comments. let's see (apologize again, i have yet to figure out how to quote...): 1. The question though is, can you create textures? -sparhawk -Yes, the thing is I can paint and draw very realistically; this goes for people, scenery, and inanimate objects or buildings. So I believe I could do any texture you throw at me decently. 2. Are you good with interior design (of all kinds from fancy and posh to ancient dust covered and crumbling)? -sneaksiedave -Actually I've never done those, but again, I think I could recreate anything from furniture to windows to weird lighting as long as I have a reference to start from. 3. How are you at architectural drawing? -Springheel -I haven't done loads of architectural drawing but I've been doodling in class and I can do perspective quite well. I think the main thing is that I need practice stretching my imagination so that I can think of, create and draw crazy/awesome buildings or other architectural things. 4. Irina, can you tell us what work you had in mind, which skills you want to learn/improve to help us here? -sparhawk -Work in mind: concept art, character design, interiors, and architectural designs. As cheesy as this sounds, I just want to learn how to improve my imagination. 5. Did you make any or all of those drawings up on your own, Irina, or were you looking at photographs/people when you drew them? -Darkness_falls -These were from photographs, another reason I want to learn how to pull amazing things out of my head. I feel very limited by working only from photographs. In general, I'm here because though I can draw and paint very realistically and recreate anything in front of me, I really would like to learn how to simply think of something and then draw it. I feel like I'm at a huge dead-end because I can't create...I can only reproduce. Like a copy machine. I know that my skills are pretty basic, but I'm sure that with a few instructions I'd be able to learn how to use and manipulate computer programs or whatever else is necessary. So that's about it. I think that working collaboratively with a group like this would be great for helping me improve my artwork and pumping out ideas. Thanks for all the feedback! Hope this helps. -irina
  6. Hello, I'm a high school art student and I came across your website. I'm looking for ways to expand my art education and being a part of the team seems like a great way to do just that. I haven't had much training in purely concept art or design per se, but I have almost all the traditional art foundations down such as color, texture, shading, perspective, etc. to name a few and I have great drawing skills. As of now I mainly draw and paint realistically, here are a few samples of my work: http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/20..._halcyonire.jpg I know this probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I think that with a little direction and instructions I could definitely direct my versatile skills into any area that might be needing another team member. Thanks a lot for your time in looking at this!
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