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    Yeah, I chose real aswell because the car looked too good, but the cobbles in the foreground looked as though they did not have enough patina and wear, but then I thought it was just me.
  2. I have just discovered the other forums! It seem I have to reload the page to get them to apear? Anyhow, I've been working on some castle stuff as N.H. suggested, and yes, I will have a rumage through my older assets and upload stuff that seems to be in keeping with the spirit of the mod.
  3. That was Antony Gormley's "Domain Field" at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in 2003. Out of the 300 sculptures, I made about 30. Those were great times, I would go to college during the day, and then spend the evenings and weekend welding and get paid a very good wage.
  4. The only thing I didnt make is the lamp post. There is virtually no brush work either. The geometry is a bunch of ascii scene exports from 3DS Max. The shadows under the plants are simply decals: Infact, I used alot of decals in that map to add dirt and such like. I find its sometimes a good way to break up a surface and hide the fact that a texture is tiled. That way I dont have to resort to stretching textures out over a large area, and loose resolution. I moved to Belgium in February, but before that I was living in London and I took alot of inspiration from the decaying Victori
  5. Well, what can I say? NH asked me if I would like to make textures for the castle theme. I cant wait to get started, so I didnt . I guess I'll try to integrate my self into the existing workflow in the coming days/hours and see what I can contribute. I'm really pleased that you like my work, and I'm excited to be joining what evidently is a solid Mod that I feel is worth investing time and energy in.
  6. Thanks alot! I usually browse with Safari on my G4. I dont get any popups . Is there something better?
  7. Hello everybody, I thought I would introduce myself on the forum. I usually hang out at Doom3world.org, but after seeing the new teaser video today I decided to offer to make assets for TDM. I use the same user name over on Doom3World aswell. This is some of my Doom3 work: I PM'ed New Horizion, and I look forward to making a contribution to the project!
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