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  1. From my point of view this mission is broken. Way too many things can go wrong.
  2. I just noticed the bell that you did reply: Confirmed! I "U"-ed the thief, dropped him and the trigger came as it should. If you manage to fix this so dragging works too: Make that the default for the highest skill. It was indeed really difficult, but manageable, to get the thief out of the mansion by dragging him from shadow to shadow with all those guards around. Since there is no "knockout limit" only "no kill" it works.
  3. Playing in 2022: I got the wrench VERY VERY early in the game so I instantly got to the south-west corner, but the wrench did not work. Even worse: The frob highlight did not work too, which worked when starting the mission. However I thought: OK, some other stuff to do and played on. Everything is done now except for the wrench still not working. The frob issue is now extended: I cannot frob or activate anything, cannot open doors and so on. There is even no highlight that I could frob anything as it usually is. Watching the video I found: OK I was doing the right thing. So for now this mission is stuck for me. Savegame is available, so it is reproducable. Loading another savegame (over two hours old) frobbing is fine, but I am not in the mood to retry. Is there a way to reactivate frobbing to finish this mission?
  4. Just finished CoS3: All four are exceptionally good! Thank you! Played them all on the highest skill. And "The Floor is Lava" on CoS2 (I think it was there) was a fun challenge!
  5. BTW: Very fast answer! But I cannot send the save game? Well, then as link: https://joumxyzptlk.de/tmp/The_Dark_Mod_cos0_tief_end_does_not_trigger_Quicksave_0.7z
  6. I have a problem: I still have things to do in that mission, so far the mission is very good!
  7. A very well done mission! Large level, lots of up and down, alternate paths, hidden stuff which can still be found, and friendly NPCs in the tavern. Can be done without a single knockout.
  8. I just had following case: Well, now the only thing left is loot
  9. If you search on and search what to do with the Alderic's skull and with the doll like me remember: You have a DROP key.
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