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  1. From my point of view this mission is broken. Way too many things can go wrong.


    I used noclip and even bound a key to show all frobs until I discovered I am supposed to go down as following place: Lowest level, where that one coffin you can frob is, there is a plate which somehow must have a way to open. noclip through that plate, swim, and then I got have clement's key.

    Maybe someone has a hint how to open that plate to get to clement's key normally so I know whether it is a bug or not...


  2. On 5/8/2022 at 12:04 PM, Bienie said:


    It was pure coincidence I went to check the forum and saw your post had just come in a few minutes before! Sorry I took longer this time.

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    I was able to load your save and it works fine for me, but I suspect you didn't carry the thief on your back, but instead dragged him the whole way. That's some dedication! I tried dragging the thief in and it doesn't work as you say. I have no idea why this is. But if you shoulder him (use key) and then toss him down (use key again) it should work for you!


    I just noticed the bell that you did reply: Confirmed! I "U"-ed the thief, dropped him and the trigger came as it should.

    If you manage to fix this so dragging works too: Make that the default for the highest skill. It was indeed really difficult, but manageable, to get the thief out of the mansion by dragging him from shadow to shadow with all those guards around. Since there is no "knockout limit" only "no kill" it works.

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  3. Playing in 2022: I got the wrench VERY VERY early in the game


    by climbing straight to the roof and running along the cable.

    so I instantly got to the south-west corner, but the wrench did not work. Even worse: The frob highlight did not work too, which worked when starting the mission. However I thought: OK, some other stuff to do and played on. Everything is done now except for the wrench still not working. The frob issue is now extended: I cannot frob or activate anything, cannot open doors and so on. There is even no highlight that I could frob anything as it usually is. Watching the video I found: OK I was doing the right thing.

    So for now this mission is stuck for me. Savegame is available, so it is reproducable. Loading another savegame (over two hours old) frobbing is fine, but I am not in the mood to retry.

    Is there a way to reactivate frobbing to finish this mission?

  4. On 5/4/2022 at 11:41 PM, Bienie said:

    That's weird...

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    You're sure it's the right guy right? I think there are a couple of thieves in this mission, at least one other who is dressed as a thief (in the pub). It has to be the thief on the second floor of the mansion. If it is him, then I'm sorry, I don't know what could be happening. You didn't noclip in there right? I feel like that shouldn't matter but it might.

    Hopefully it will work for you! Glad you are enjoying the mission.


    I got the one on the second floor in the mansion trying to open a door. Quite difficult to get him out of the mansion with the guard, and the ragdoll-physics really hate that thief. Once in the garden it is easier, the guards are knocked out and the guy from the pub standing in front of it and beggars ignore me carrying the thief around. Do you recognize him as the right one?


    BTW: Very fast answer!

    But I cannot send the save game? Well, then as link:


  5. I just had following case:


    When it comes to entering the code: If you tick the number buttons too fast they get stuck at half positions, neither 5 or 6. When that happens you'll have to keep on pressing them too fast until they line up again. Else the code does not work.

    Well, now the only thing left is loot :D

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