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  1. Do you believe the government is trying to stop cp and child prostitution? Because I remember a certain Maxwell getting 20 year for trafficking children to a bunch of "no ones". All these "no ones" where not your common plebs. Clare Bronfman got a whole "6 years" for financing NEXIUM which was also involved in child trafficking. Do you believe the government cares for the lives of people? Because the government doesn't seem to care that it's starving the people of Yemen. And I remember The us and europe destroying libya, while supporting isis and libya ended up with open slave markets as a result. You could buy a person for 400$. You hold the position that you can get behind banning sites that repeatedly host cp. All anyone would have to do is spam a site with cp call the government and get it shut down or the government could just claim they found cp and shut down dissenting platforms. You give the people that are at worst involved in child trafficking at best willfully ignorant, the power to close any website that is reported to have repeated cp on it.
  2. why not make murder illegal, that should stop all the murderers? banning such a site doesn't accomplish anything the pedos won't stop being pedos plus their main platforms are discord and twitter. All you end up doing is creating an agency to police the internet. That agency will want to continue existing and grow. Like all agencies before it, it will seek to expand it's influence. Some corrupt egomaniac politician will use that agency to further his goals and increase the agencies power. So instead of woodchipping pedos you made them migrate discord servers while creating an agency that can ban you for wrong think. Government never gets smaller by itself. Plus if you would want to enact some scheme that does not have public approval you would wrap it in something morally untouchable like protecting children a holocaust victim fund etc. The more goodie two shoes something sounds the more vigilant you should be. For example African countries receive food product from the us and europe for free or incredibly low prices, so native farmers cannot compete. This keeps their economy permanently retarded, making them dependent on the aid economy, the us and europe. Many corporations in the west would be negatively impacted by a economically independent Africa. Remember Gaddafi was the western governments favorite dictator until he wanted to create an African banking system. https://odysee.com/@ChangingTimes:4/hillary-clinton-we-came-we-saw-he-died:c TL;DR Don't give politicians, oligarchs and lobbyists more power over your life, and don't ever cross the BIS.
  3. https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/_/X/9/N/_X9Ne.caa.mp4?u=7nly5&b=1
  4. take that back and apologize to sam
  5. Getting people to use Real ID for the internet has been pursuit since the internet existed. The abolishment of anonymous phone numbers and numbered bank accounts come exactly from the same mindset. Google, FB, Twitter all the big social media sites will demand real id in the next few years and since they are "private" (with bailouts and corporate welfare) they will get away with it. Most people will just go along since comfort always wins over long term considerations. Wikileaks and the Epstein story being discussed and shared online is the reason they want more tracking ability over people asap. Abu Ghraib (where they played videos to imprisoned mothers of their sons and daughters being raped by solders on loop, popped inmates eardrums, raped inmates) only broke and got shut down due to the internet and all the legacy media did was discuss if water boarding is real torture. There are atrocities about the Vietnam war but they only ever reached the public 20 years later when it didn't matter anymore. Thinking either sports team blue or sports team red is the reason you are loosing your rights means you have no idea how power works. Your country is ruled by oligarchs look at the biggest donors and lobby groups (the people who make your politicians, no matter which flavor, dance) in your country and see how all policy decisions benefit them.
  6. just remembered PEGASUS software that takes complete control of your smartphone including microphone and camera.
  7. PROMIS a data management software with complete control via backdoor was sold to clients internationally through Robert Maxwell for Israeli Intelligence. PROMIS has been updated and sold under different names like PTECH which targeted ground up it solutions for businesses. Robert Maxwell is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell madam of Jeffry Epstein, she was convicted of trafficking children. Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner was a blackmail operation prostituting children. The Maxwells are great to look into when it comes to spyware.
  8. Intelligence heavily used these type of systems during their color revolutions like the arab spring or the orange revolution. They managed to topple governments with no causalities of their own. If someone thinks he is not being manipulated and propagandized, means the propaganda is successful.
  9. I am not old enough for that to be my time, but I like metal so ofc I do Big Hair needs to come back
  10. this one of the best ideas I have read in a while
  11. I am pretty sure TTLGs open disgust at the idea of 3rd person made them drop it for teef4, sadly they didn't listen to much else. having a pure 1st person protagonist or none is the most immersive way, although garret is a great character.
  12. https://odysee.com/@sarah.markus:f/2022_05_13_Armee_israelienne_charge_funerailles_journaliste_Shireen_Abu_Aqla:8
  13. this guy gets it. And all story decisions by the MC are decided in the cutscenes and are contrary to what the player would choose or do. All characters are unlikeable and only berate the player but the story demands you care for them. The dumb decisions aren't made by the programmers or 3d modelers or even the writers. The bad decisions come from the top down from board members, CEOs, producers, focus groups and directors. Most of these positions are filled with people based on nepotism. The best thing you can do is buy all your AAA games on Piratebay and all AA and indie games directly from the dev.
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