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  1. Ah ok I was shooting the fire arrow at things thinking there was more to it lol.. There seems to be a vibration noise that occurs every few minutes while inside the manor. I thought it would be a big elevator being used or maybe a mechanical guard but didn't find anything in the end! Maybe I can send over my save file and you can check the key thing if you'd like! Thoroughly enjoyable though and could easily have been designed by LGS. Do you have any more missions planned? Cheers!
  2. I can't figure out what the first secret in Volta II is about? I really enjoyed Volta I though and only have one little complaint.. once you've completed the objective it stops you going back onto the street to collect any remaining missed loot! Also what the heck was the big vibrating noise about? Cheers I'll try Hazard pay/Requiem next
  3. Yes definitely. It is great to print them out and go through the levels like old times checking each piece of loot off as I go! Will check out your missions soon cheers!
  4. So guys one more question rather than making a new thread... is it possible to play the T1, T2, TG missions inside TDM and has anyone converted the sounds/cutscenes also to fit with it or was that not possible because of copyright rules? If any of it is possible I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction.. Cheers!
  5. WIll have a read thanks Awesome!! I'll do those ones right after I complete mission 2. Thanks! Will check yours out for sure. I do like challenging loot searching like it was in T1 and T2! Great tip, I used that to find where that last 30g was and it was somewhere I thought about climbing to but I honestly didn't think the mission would be that detailed so I thought nahh.. I'm impressed by the work that's gone into it! I loved the lost city too. That, the pagan stuff, the ghosts and the devil stuff gave the series so much wonder and excitement on top of what was already an amazing idea. There was so much in the Thief universe to make games for many years after and they just didn't Will definitely be playing those missions cheers!! Brilliant. On my list!! That's really useful cheers Thanks for all the replies! I didn't expect so many people to be active on here. Its great to know there are still so many avid Thief fanatics! I'd love to see TDM have more of an official campaign and maybe make its way onto gog or something commercially! Is there any chance of this?
  6. Ah ok I thought it was quite a close imitation based on what I've seen!! I think its fantastic though. If polished into a campaign they could easily make it sellable! Thanks for the link i'll look cheers!
  7. Just finished mission 1 30g short so wondering what I missed, and whether anyones made a loot list for each mission? Also, are there any missions that take part inside the old underground city? That one was my favourite in Thief. Cheers!
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