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  1. Dude, I get it. I lose. EDIT: That was snappy of me, sorry. Rough day, I misread.
  2. Y'know what, could've sworn I've seen tweets of New Blood using exactly those links for advertising, but. Couldn't find them on a search. Seems I'm wrong. Your win.
  3. OHP, that was EXACTLY it. I was using blocks_brown_ns as my default brushing texture. Thank you very much! Thank god that was a simple error.
  4. Light and model seperately will *probably* be my preference going forward, as it allows me to customize the lights reach and shadow VS the model a lot more fine tunedly. I'm just aware it'll be more work. Currently, I have a lantern that casts light just barely everywhere in its room, EXCEPT the ceiling. Which I achieved by jankily shoving a china bowl into the model, and I love the janky solution enough to keep that one. Also, do YOU by chance know what causes light to bleed through brushes? https://imgur.com/a/wfkPB41 As it is now the level isn't even near complete so I don't gotta worry much about this YET, but I've got this issue kinda all over the place and wanna nix it in the bud.
  5. If I'm correct, the Stealth Score is almost entirely dependent on how many times you and your actions were actually spotted. The lowest level of alertness doesn't seem to affect the end level score, probably just to still ALLOW you do interact with mechanics without scuffing your score. It doesn't account for ghosting and the like that I've seen, so play as you wish. Or if you want to ghost, it'll need to be self-imposed.
  6. www.thiefwithguns.com directly links to the games steam page. Same thing happens with devilmayquake.com to ULTRAKILL. New Blood definitely does it.
  7. "Thief With Guns" is honestly not a good descriptor I find, after having played them back to back. Gloomwood leans half-and-half into immersive stealth AND survival horror. The games aren't very comparable past its stealth elements. It's the same problem with calling ULTRAKILL "Doom Eternal on a budget". I'm really tiring of these game comparisons that don't actually describe a game well at all. But if it's good advertising... oh well.
  8. Didn't occur to me to click an entity and press L. I might well be a moron tbh. Ah well. Thank you, least I understand no shadowing for the future. EDIT: Well new problem regarding light. It's just bare brushwork and shit right now, but how do I stop light leaking across brushes like this? https://imgur.com/a/wfkPB41
  9. Ayy, I just got through that tutorial series yesterday actually. One of the better tutorials I've come across.
  10. Next to no sense to me, but I'll make sense of it in due time. I am currenlty FUMBLING, my guy.
  11. Thaaank you bub. I figured it'd be something that simple, just couldn't find a result for the life of me.
  12. Yeah I'm just gonna start posting in here otherwise I'ma make seventy thousand topics. Current issue: I've placed a hanging lamp model in an area, and then put in a Create Light, cause I wanna customize the light strength and color. Problem is that I don't want the light playing really funny shadows with the lantern ITSELF on the ceiling or the ground. I essentially want to mark the lamp itself as "do not cast shadows" so that it can just light the area in an expected box, and I know it must be possible cause many prefabs/light entities do exactly this. I just can't find out how to do so, and google and wikis are struggling. Any help?
  13. That's done it, thank you. Took me a second to even figure out where to start when you said "spawnarg". So is spawnarg a universal term for the properties you slap (or come default) onto entities and such? Been using those plentyish.
  14. The truth is that I LOVE to ghost. And I will abuse saves when they're given to me. For sure. But... I really want to get out of this habit, and I think games should begin enforcing save limits. At least games like this. So many fantastic stealth games have entire WEALTHS of systems dedicated to what to do IF things go wrong. Metal Gear Solid, Hitman, and even Thief/The Dark Mod's own guards tendency to become permanently more alert when they've noticed you did something sketchy. A stealth-ish game that's doing this well actually is Gloomwood. You have forcibly limited saves in that game, so when something DOES go wrong, you're even naturally inclined to use your resources to solve the problem. Because failure mean a significant loss of time. Now mind you Gloomwood isn't a PERFECT example because it's leading equally into survival horror as well as stealth, so fighting is expected. But it is a good show of how limited saves actually cause the player to interact with systems of a game they'd otherwise just go "Uugh. I got seen. Reload save" about.
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