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  1. It does make sense to say "skin" because you're adding skin to a skeleton. But "rigging" for the entire process cuts down on the confusion a little.
  2. fbx plays well with 3ds max & maya (joints & rigging preserved).
  3. I hate using the word "skin" when rigging meshes to joints. I associate skin with changing a mesh's texture/material. Anyway if any joint is not weighted to any part of the mesh then the importers may ignore those. I think most joints are weighted so I think it'll be a non-issue. It's just something to keep in mind when working with these.
  4. What about Google code? http://code.google.com/ I've been seeing a lot of projects go from Sourceforge to Google code lately.
  5. There are md5 importers for 3ds max. 3ds Max is how I started working with characters. The problems with the importers are that they tend to import only the rigged joints (the new proguard rig has 71+ joints, if the rigging only used 65 joints then the importers would only use those). Most exporters use the Skin modifier in 3ds max instead of Physique. You will have problems with mismatching joints numbers and names if the animation joints do not match the mesh joints exactly. Doom 3 is really picky that way. What I like about D3's formats are that they can be edited in a standard text editor and you can check if the joints match between the md5anim and md5mesh. Maya has a really steep learning curve so if you use that then you need a lot of patience & tutorials. Here's my rigging tutorial for Maya: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Advanced_character_rigging
  6. I took out the skull underneath but wait . . . I have an idea He needs something to keep his eyeball from totally falling off . . .
  7. Well, my quest continues for improvement and I've been trying out different software to help. ZBrush has been largely unused until I started using my graphics tablet (ZBrush + mouse absolutely sucks). So here's an improved texture for the zombie head: New normal map generated by ZBrush (& I think it looks great on the left cheek).
  8. If you're concerned about texture bloat, maybe a skin add-on pack would be available after the main mod is released. I was thinking about having additional AI packs that probably wouldn't be tdm "approved".
  9. I think it'd be fair to put your characters up for review/critique. I hate to say it like this but I've been held to a higher standard, a standard that you seem to be ignoring. For example a few of those skins look more like bad drapes than clothing.
  10. As far as the base model (since it's tdm), it's not an issue. But as far a shaping within facegen, then yes, it will need some work. That's probably why I hated Oblivion faces
  11. Not necessarily Once you import a model into customizer it'll share the same uv maps & once that happens you can import the original model's skin weights in maya to the facegened model. The texture needs a lot of tweaking, I'll agree on that.
  12. I wanted to see if this would work . . . Randomly generated in facegen: My face on the guard (ugh): Tweaked random: Trying on the engineer's goggles: & the new proguard helmet:
  13. You can only please most of the people part of the time and part of the people most of the time . . . or something like that. In other words, you can't please everyone. I'm not sure how to approach that but in low light conditions & most people won't be able to get an extreme closeup. But I'll see what I can do. That's the new idle animation on the new rig. I can't do much about that. Partly my fault, partly the idle animation. With that combination the effect is exaggerated.
  14. Well, that's all the work I'm doing on him for now. Here's a look at the revised zombie head (who is using the "forester" skin for now): & here's a screen of the proguard 2 family: Updates on svn now: All cloth is sharing UVs Updates textures and materials Got rid of colored textures (taken over by the colored material stage) and other excess textures Updated rigging Mesh updates Head mesh tweak (less asian eyes) TODO: Zombie body skin Possibly add more meshes for commoner clothing (sleeve ends. collar) Texture touchups (beardless head is too smooth), add more character to cloth Better normal maps Update animation when available
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