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  1. I've not tried TDM for a long time (mostly because the lack of any reverb in the audio made everything feel so flat when compared with the original Thief) but I'm itching to try this mission out. Is 2.06 to be released imminently or should I just try this out now? (Not even sure old missions will support any sort of default reverb)
  2. The most cheesy, horribly written, vomit I've seen for some time. It's not my cup of tea.
  3. Thanks. I had those set already except seta image_downSize "1" and that allows it to load.
  4. I'm on Windows XP with 4GB (3.25GB detected) and an ATI 5700 series with 1024MB
  5. I'm not sure how true that is NH. No matter how the editor operates you are still creating points in a pseudo 3D space - a program to convert between one to the other is well within the grasp of a few of our members. See the System Shock/ultima thread. Reality is though that it's still a lot of work. I wouldn't knock a remake of a TDP level, but I think the best way is a new realization of it.
  6. Thanks, have completed it now. I quickly found it with a frobhunt in that room. Might be too well hidden but I can't say for sure until I replay. Absolutely loved your work. The lighting in particular was great. It seemed the ambient was lower than most missions, which I generally find too washed out on my cheap LCD, though I've recently had a re-install so maybe that changed things. There was so many individual 'pools' of light for me to play around in though, and that made the gameplay great. Not sure how much time you spent thinking about that but it was really nicely balanced IMHO. Only 'issues' I noticed were: When the 2 guys you follow are going up the long steps I took the shortcut over the wall. I ended up stuck in geometry after jumping off the wall to the steps The banister that goes along the stairs at the rear of the tavern to the beer store room just ended abruptly at the top step. Seemed odd. I had slow down in several locations. Feel bad about saying this as the level of detail and frame rate exceeded all of my expectations of what TDM can do. I am on a mid range system running Win XP. I won't go on but just say thank you and recommend everyone plays this.
  7. I haven't yet finished this, struggling to open the safe (hints welcome), but I wanted to say that this is absolutely fantastic Springheel. I don't give praise lightly but this is hands down my favourite TDM experience so far. I got into Thief through the Assassins demo and, as you may feel, that first Thief experience really is something and can never quite be matched, but this gave it a damn good try and really reminded me of that first experience for several reasons. The setting, story, audio and especially lighting is wonderful. And it seems that the higher skill levels will really add replay value. The multiple routes of entry also gave an incredible sense of freedom whilst never seemingly overly convoluted. Got to go back and finish this off, and probably replay straight again, but I needed to show my respect straight away. PS - the uneven roads you really nailed. This is a masterclass in how it should be done
  8. Worked like a charm, thanks. Going to fire up Alberic's Curse to try them out. Please try these sounds out people!
  9. Not quite sure how to set a bug tracker. Now this thread is completely derailed (sorry) but is this single channel issue also why the haunt (skeleton in builder chain mail) also sounds badly clipped and, well, crap? I don't know which pk4 the samples are located but I'm sure they don't cut off so abruptly as they do ingame.
  10. We use a few sites like this at work to send large files. It should send you a link to the file and the file stays available for 30 days or so. Can't recall exact details for We Transfer as it's been so long since I used it.
  11. Have you tried We Transfer? - https://www.wetransfer.com/
  12. Has anyone from the team tried these out? They're very subtle (too subtle in my mind) but do add a much nicer production to the sounds IMHO - and I don't mean that in the 'cooool, let's add HDR and Bloom' way. A good map to maybe try this on is the startmap pack, though AI is very close together - http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Startpack_Mappers%27_Guide Deadlove - could you upload all pk4's in a single zip to make downloading easier with the next update?
  13. From memory A Noble Home is a good place to check as you start off in ankle high water. I found the sample being cut off by the next footstep really annoying, though perhaps that's just OCD. Woah, that sounds odd. If a delay is used for every sound doesn't that cancel out any technical benefit? Also, doesn't that make the whole experience out of synch, or could it have been set that way for other reasons? Perhaps to tap-creep like in the originals...
  14. I think the problem with this is that the sound system only ever plays 1 footstep sound at a time, so walking in water means that the last footstep always clips off the sound from the previous footstep. At least that's what I was led to believe. I don't know if it's fixable.
  15. I'm sure it's not just the replacement assets as I can see all the computer console textures etc. Also lots of them still have 'shader not found' in the preview, which shouldn't be the case with any TDM textures (i'm guessing?).
  16. Are you sure stumpy? I may have had the directory set up incorrectly but I think it gave me all of Doom 3's assets on my first try of loading it back up?
  17. Thanks NH, I'll give that a try tonight. I should have pointed out that I still have Doom3 and TDM installed. Probably best if I do a clean install of TDM.
  18. Hi, it seems to me that most articles still refer to setting up darkradiant referring to the Doom3 folder. What is the correct way to now set this up so I don't accidentally use any of Doom's assets?
  19. As I said, forward leaning doesn't always resolve the issue, or certainly leaves it as a game of swooping the mouse around until it magically selects the item you want. Would it be possible that items of value have a stronger, or larger frob zone than junk items? This may also require disabling until a box or safe is open etc. This would also help scenarios such as when you're trying to pick up the expensive wine bottle at the back of a shelf surrounded by empty bottles and what not. 'Press X to win' is the antitheses of good gaming for me but scenarios such as taking loot from a box should be as slick and simple as possible for a rewarding and non-frustrating experience imho.
  20. NH - I've been on a TDM hiatus for a while but it did seem that replaying some missions showed that it was perhaps harder to get loot from a chest than it was before. Has something changed? I had quite a bit of trouble getting some items (flat out gave up on one - the penny in the chest in the guard's quarter's in A Noble Home) what so ever. Is there a reason that only the lid of a chest is ever frobbable, and the base isn't. Would seem to make this much less of an issue but I have vague recollections of this suggestion years ago. EDIT - and yes I use all the leans and combination of such, and have done since the Assassins demo.
  21. A lot of items come across as dull non-reflective objects in TDM when logically they'd be quite bright. I always find it jarring when picking a lock and the large metal plate and door handle are twisting away yet I've never noticed light shine on them. Is there a keyword to increase the effect of specular maps?
  22. Well I meant no offense Mortem. And Biker, who I think made some of the guard vocals. If anything, it highlights what an outstanding job Mr Russell did for the original games.
  23. Sorry Biker, I didn't intend to offer my services I'd give it a go but as an amateur song writer/musician I'm well aware of how bad my voice is and I've not an drama bone in my body. Perhaps whoever did the voice acting for the intro to the recent FM might like to give it a go?
  24. I'm also getting corrupt saves and crashes whilst saving (not sure if its just quick saving). I'm using a reasonably fresh TDM install and Windows XP.
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