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  1. Is the latest version linked in the OP of the beta thread..?
  2. tdm_updater crashed if it has no internet connection.
  3. https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144303&page=12&p=2407304&viewfull=1&t=144303&page=12&p=2407304&viewfull=1#post2407304
  4. I haven't gotten around to do this, do I still need too..?
  5. Its clear you are never going to admit when your wrong, not answer a question when directly asked. You accuse me of twisting words yet you are doing exactly the same thing. And regarding "what constitutes your own work" I asked you why you multiple times why you lumped that in with your complaint - you have yet to answer just that question never mind the others I asked. And regarding what you want me know, due to your belligerently myopic hostility - at this point I couldn't care less. Your grand sweeping statements, we have been there done that. And calling me Out when I screw up, by all means - but whether its worth listening to anything you have to have to say after todays rant is another matter.
  6. The day after the 2nd of Judith's posts in the beta thread, and then some issues at work - I realised that there might be an underlying problem that has been effecting me. I then I emailed the team at large, If anyone else on the forum wants a copy, drop me a PM/email. If after considering my past history and the points made in this thread, enough of the team agree the community and I need a time out, I have no problem with that.
  7. What planet are you on? you haven't answered my questions. I answered your questions and then asked you a few of mine, but not your not prepared to do the same? I'm treating you like an idiot because your a hypocrite. Prefab, template in the context of what I was trying to do what should I call it? I certainly wasn't purposely trying minimize the issue that Judith raised, albeit poorly.In retrospect I should have been clearer about what needed to be done or what I would have to do, it just didn't occur to me at the time that I would need to do far more than just rotating the map and moving stuff around. It was only after Judith tactlessly pointed that there was still section that were identical, it was then looked at the whole map and realised that I screwed up because forgot to change these sections.I can't argue with that statement, I didn't apologise because the plan was to only use the section as a base to create a new street. I did think about PM'ing before then, but in the past pm msg's I have sent you show as unread by you for days/weeks.I have never at anytime since being a member of this community condoned plagiarism, despite how many times in this thread I have been tarred with that brush. But I did fail to fully consider all the things that should have happened while I worked on the map.I did have plan but I badly executed it.I apologise to you personally - for using parts of your map before getting a response from you.for not adequately changing said portions when it was pointed out to me, and for not properly acknowledging said feedback and making it clear how I was going make those changes.for failing to properly consider my actions due in part to just plain forgetting.
  8. Im going to re-answer all the same questions yet again just so there is a record of it - The plan was to use parts of NJ as a template/prfab and then change them to suit.After I had changed/customized the templates/prefabs, a new looking layout.See above.If you had bothered to read the beta thread you would have seen, that i was fairly upfront about my intentions and Some1 was happy for me to proceed.This not a question, this is a thinly veiled snipe. If Jack asks for my help, then I would give it - he would then be free to choose if he wanted it or not.Not relevant to this thread, but as you've asked - I don't have an 'obsession with other peoples layouts or filling them with my stuff', I do how ever have a passion for the mod and making it the best it can be. But the manor I have go about doing that was poorly managed, I am and have been working on that.Again not relevant, but again as you have asked - In the past and even with some1, I had been overbearing. In the past I didn't realise what I was doing till it was too late, but with some1 I caught myself and dropped him a PM. I had offered to just do what I originally offered but he was happy for me to continue as I was.And as we are on subject of asking questions - Why have you repeatedly lumped in my copy and pasting of my own work into this map and tarred it with the same brush? It was neither correct or relevant to your core question.Why did you go from being civil, to outright belligerent and personally insulting me in the beta thread and now publicly?Why have you refused to or been unable to acknowledge any of the answers I have given you before now?Why at the very start, didnt you drop me a PM and directly confront me with your concerns before posting all of this drama?
  9. Before Judith even started this thread I had already spoken to Some1 to do exactly this, also mentioned that in the beta thread. I did just that, but apparently Judith even found fault with that. When I created The Gatehouse I did exactly that.
  10. No I am not and have not dodged any questions, I have answered every thing I have been asked, and there you go again personally attaching me. At this point I am not interested in what you think, I have explained what I was trying to do and and why multiple times. See above, christ are you f**king blind or just belligerently myopic..? I answered those very question/s in the beta thread more than once, but as seems to be a pattern with you, your refusing to see any answer given. I know what I have done in the past, repeatedly Insulting me and then twisting what I have said on previous posts - right now in this thread your the one causing the drama!
  11. You made that clear when you posted increasingly confrontational posts in the beta thread and then started a new thread in the public forum. Why didn't you just PM me in the first instance, your first post in the beta thread was direct but civil but then rapidly went down hill after that. I don't know how many different way or times I can explain what my intentions were, people other than me have tried to explain this also - but your refusing to listen. Repeatedly attacking me is counter productive, as is making grand sweeping hypothetical statements that have no basis in fact, both of which just undermines your viewpoint.. As I stated in the beta thread I asked you directly "please suggest locations as I have requested in the posts above" and before nborh1 repeated his request I had already spoken to Some1 so make him aware that where were several locations where I needed to change or recreate. I see you have continued to lump in the use of prefabs and locations I have created from scratch for other missions, beyond suggesting some changes - how is the use of my personally created resources relate to your argument? Since you have taken this opportunity to voice your opinion about me, I shall do the same. No one will deny the models and rooms you have created are very impressive, but when you started in this community, you came across as blunt and opinionated. And now choosing to create drama rather than avoid it, helps no one. I will not deny I have caused a lot of avoidable drama on here, but I haven't had much interaction with you before this point! So I am failing to understand how you went from that, to personally attacking me. When you took the decision to start an inflammatory thread in the public forum, what did you genuinely think or want the outcome to be?
  12. I was never my intention to blatantly copy Springheels layout, but to use parts of the map as templates. In the beta thread I made the mistake of posting WIP shots which were then viewed as final product, Springheel saw this and rightly commented it was a blatant copy. In hindsight had I been thinking straight, I should have just dropped Springheel a Pm asking if he minded my template intentions. Then fast forward to a few days ago where Judith angerly pointed out the the issue in the beta, I then asked him three separate times to take screenshots of examples where I still had to make changes. He eventually did this but only after some prodding from another member, and thought that was the end of it. Judith, I did try and PM you after your first post in the beta thread but as you blocked me I have no other choice but to discuss it in the beta thread and now here.
  13. Technically yes, but Skaky like Melan is a Darkengine purist, so it might be pure T1G. But also like Melan, Skaky is a genius master builder when it comes to his genre of mission.
  14. I wonder how Skacky is getting on with his new T1 city campaign - http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146501
  15. Nope, already looked into that. User 2560x1440 and the the monitor scaling just stretch everything horizontally. The fact that the engine can already do the above resolution means that 3440x1440 is just a code fix, so am going to raise a tracker. I have untill the 14th of January to test this monitor, atm Curry have a very generous returns policy -
  16. Oh man, imagine if you could build this in TDM...
  17. A lot of resolutions work that arent listed, for example I got 3150x1680 working on triple screens in the past. That and the game has support for 2560*1440No ratio I give it makes any differenceselecting that in game will not work, so might try the nvidia DSR method. Ive done the DPi option, but what are the optimizations are you refering to?
  18. Dude, this isn't even remotely on-topic. This is a physics issue, not a model issue.
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