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  1. Not interested in generating random views, its has to be out the actual inside and outside area's in the map, hence doing a ENV cubmap.
  2. I would like to be able to launch tdm on my Mac Pro without using playonmac as that is now broken under osx 10.13 and above untill the Devs update it.
  3. And from memory, an ENV shot creates a cube map. I just need to figure how to display that on a patch.
  4. Going back to my question in the OP, now thinking about it I don't think a security camera is needed. But the patch showing the fake view is an entity, I just can't remember which one. I mahevto do some forum digging.
  5. Now that we have a better working version of ENV snapshot, whats the best way to take an ENV shot from inside and outside the windows so we can have fake inside/outside views using the display part security camera entity..? Im looking to create a better version of what Kingsal created in his first mission.
  6. Thank you for the kind words, and currently Baal and I are doing a bugfix/update run on this mission. Its mostly to bring it upto date with the latest mapping techniques, make a few additions and to fix any remaining bugs as we go.
  7. The other work around for this os to make step tops FS, So in this instance I would use the third method show in Rich's image above, where the small step-caps and triangular parts are made FS. Then because Ai and the player tend to trip over the little bits of the cap that jut out, you make the whole FS non-solid and then place simple nodrawsolid brushes of the matching material, (stone, wood, etc) where the triangular parts of the steps are. I can make a little video for you if you like.
  8. Fallout: New California full mod now available https://www.dsogaming.com/news/massive-fallout-new-vegas-fan-prequel-fallout-new-california-is-now-available-for-download/
  9. it was clean, from floor to ceiling in the location of the table.
  10. @Skaruts, rather than creating multiple threads it maybe worth starting your own thread like 'Skaruts mapping questions' etc..
  11. Stealing stuff in a steam punk setting in one thing, but stealing stuff in a contemporary urban setting is way to close to the bone.
  12. Ooh very nice, that shot has a very Curse of Alberic about it
  13. I was mildly considering this game untill I heard the Dev was Rockstar, and my decision was cememented when I heard the CEO bragging about running his devs at 100hr weeks - like thats something you brag about - in a phrase " what a complete c**t "
  14. If you open up 'The Elixir' you will find a heavily cleaned-up & upgraded version of the stock prefab, with everything setup that a mapper might need. I also deliberatly left all my prefabs in the mission archive, for other mappers to use.
  15. Are there plans by the team to fix this or do I need to log a tracker?
  16. So I saved the map with a different name and then went to town removing entities spiraling outward from around the spot, and unbeleiveably it was a small nodrawsolid brush around a small resized table way over by the window that was causing the issue above AAS... er.... WTF...
  17. Thanks will have a look tomorrow evening after work.Yes please and here you go - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19668-model-requests/?do=findComment&comment=429035Have a look at my prefab/model - I cant figure how to get the hands to rotate clockwise, they are just a patch with the hand texture. I tried rotating the patches but then the handers werent visable, so how exactly where the other clock models made. Also prefabs/furniture/misc/grandfather_clock.pfb isnt present in 2.06, can you provide a link untill 2.07 is out.
  18. Ok what the hell is causing this path-finding issue, the spot in question has the number 1347 (see attached), ive turned off all filtering and - there is no entity in that location ,No MC or nodraw_solid brushOr anything else in that location or below it that would account for this that I can see in DR. I tried g_showentityinfo 1 in-game but that didn't help either. Add to Post
  19. Some of the electric lights have the shader applied that way and they stop making sounds when turned off, so its must be an issue with the entity definition for the gas light.
  20. I had the decals inside my clock, I just had torotate than as the hands were going backward through time.. Oooh, yes please.I have attached the model & sounds for anyone that wants to use it - mantle_clock.zip.txt
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