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  1. IMO I think that the 2nd one is better. The hammer is more decorative, as a priest would have more decorative type items. His physical proportions are better than the 1st. As in he looks taller and lankier vs. the short and squatty look the 1st drawing had. If you had made the 1st guy and wider and I would have thought he was a dwarf. I personally feel that priests should have that skinnier, almost frail look about them. It helps you underestimate the power that they hide within themselves. I like all of the decorative metal. It fits the religion. Especially since he is a priest. Can
  2. I really liked your concept for the moss arrow. Cool thing there.
  3. Your Thief looks really good. Im really looking forward to seeing more of this in game. Great job guys!
  4. Hey Jim! I have been following your site since you first posted it on D3W. Very well done. I am also a member, though I dont think that I have posted there yet. Glad to hear you are interested in our little project here. Keep stopping by. Skelly
  5. So with that scaling is that a lead in to what we are really making? Thief: Midgets, beware or you will get stabbed in the groin.
  6. wow, that room looks really good. It'll look cool when you get an actual fire going in it.
  7. but being a slave is sooooo much easier....right.... ahhhhhhh...............nevermind.....I go back to my dark corner and hide
  8. What happened to the idea of a rectangular light gem with a little compass nob on it that said either N,E,W,S?
  9. All of these textures are looking pretty damned good.
  10. Man, that sucks that you lost it. But at least you can look at it as that you know how to go basically and build something that you might like more.
  11. I guess that would work. Will satisfy all the realists and those who like the T1/T2 versions. Plus D3 has the multiple weapons already built in so that'll work.
  12. I agree. Call me a nerd, I dont care, but I play D&D. And out of all the thieves I have played and played with, none have ever used a sword or anything bigger then that. Its just not the way of the thief. AND since we are basically recreating T3, which had a dagger, should we include that in our mod. I mean think about stealth. How stealthy are you with a big blade out in the open glinting any available knife vs. the use of a dagger covertly tucked away from all view. Plus a sword is a little bit conspicuous when you are walking around town. Think about all of the movies you have
  13. Alexius...I like your drawing, however instead of a sword I think that it would look better if he had a dagger raised above his head or something like he was about to stab him in the back.
  14. Man, all you art guys are having all the fun while us programmers idly wait for the SDK.
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