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  1. What ever happened to this? I cant seem to find any recent relevant info on it! Seemed like a goofy idea from the start, but did they follow through? I never saw the submitted videos, and cant seem to find them now.
  2. Deadlove, awesome work!!! I loved the supernatural stuff from Dark Project, this is beautiful!
  3. Ironic that you would say tl;dr. I have no light to shed on this, the specific people who know, know. I just wont let it go this easy. jtr7 had contributed a TON to the Thief community over the years and the people who drove him away are fake shallow cowards, only in it to make themselves look good, not to contribute to keeping the legacy alive of a classic video game company and its awesome games. Looking Glass Studios of course. These people who hate jtr7 are just jealous because as much as they tried to look like hardcore Thief fans, by bluffing their way through website hosting services, and/or Thief II Gold projects, always fall through because their is no real love for Thief. Just a show. It matters little now, because the end was nigh.
  4. I get it, what you are saying. It is unfortunate that this years long dispute has come to such a dreadful end here at Dark Mod forums. Im just saying, before everyone just blindly sells jtr7 down the river, make sure you at least check the sources of this dispute. Or blindly take a side and take the mandatory shit on him before everyone moves on and forgets all about him.
  5. I think the real shame is what the various Thief "communities" did to him. He actually offered knowledge on Thief and new creative ideas for expanding game play. The people who are most happy to see him leave are the ones who contribute the least to the legacy of Thief. It pisses me off, because J has always been one of the most creative thinkers all these years, but because a few people didnt like him, and started and then perpetuated this hatred towards him, this is what we all get at the end of it. The worst part for me, is that people like Brethren and Subjective Effect who have contributed the most to running J into the ground, act like they are the undisputed rulers of Thief. They dont know a fraction of J knows about Thief. They never liked him, and because they are so "popular" have perpetuated this whole damn thing all these years, and now we lost a member who harbors amazing insight into this series. Or do we not really care about Thief anymore. Most people on TTLG who keep the game alive with FMs dont even really play the originals anymore. Anyways, congrats guys, now we are left with the awesome knowledge that Brethren and Subby can impart upon us, without that dreadful jtr7 always mucking about. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, and everyone eats the shit right up. An awesome human being, flushed down the toilet right before our very eyes! We will sleep easy tonight knowing that we have joined together and defeated this foe, and then mocked the corpse as it lay defenseless in the soil.
  6. I mean, yeah, you made some good points in your post, but when you say thinbgs like this, it kinda changes some of that, as your intentions no longer seem benevolent. Its lke a wolf in sheeps clothing. At least Vae is true to himself and believes in something greater than himself.
  7. Also, as off topic as it may be, I happen to love Jackson Browne. In fact, he is my favorite artist. I even recorded a version of his 1974 seminal classic song Farther On.
  8. Ok sorry guys, I was just keeping the spirit of "Thief 4 is trash..." alive. And I had seen Subjecive Effects over at TTLG bashing the contextual movement pretty bad, I didnt know that had changed.
  9. Just ignore it man, or pay closer attention while the posts are still there! Or do whatever you want, but the "point of doing that", for me at least, is one of great amusement. Of course, Im on the other end than you, and it really, really isnt funny.
  10. I agree, and I so wish I could do it! I just dont have any of the resources needed. Limited internet time *and* limited computer time itself! It just seems that with all the examination of NuThief, the time seems right, for Dark Mod to get its chance to shine, not because of all the ways it tried to make money off the Thief series, but all the myriad features and elements of Thief: The Dark Project it faithfully adhered to. Dark Mod is truly a fanatics dream, and I wish I could be the one to do a comprehensive and catchy "fanpage" for it. A wiki is great, but I mean more like a clasic fanpage about Dark Mod, that highlights all the awesome and classic features, with gameplay videos screenshots, and everything else.
  11. In keeping with the spirit of the original post, and my newfound exploration of Dark Mod, I would like to say that everything is already so improved upon Dark Project. I have just started playing this Mod after watching it grow for 5 years! I know there are things that the masterminds of Dark Mod still want to improve upon, but I think the time is long overdue for some sort of reflection. There is a wealth of concrete information available on the development and subsequent horde of critical and extensively honed gameplay features presented in Dark Mod. However, all of these truly glorious things are not all highlighted together in spectacular effect in one single location. I just think that after everything we have been through as hardcore Thief fans, and though I have not contributed to Dark Mod, I am about as staunch a hardcore crpg gamer as you will find left anywhere, and you are the guys who brought this dream to fruition. You should take the time to reflect on all your achievements and assemble a mass listing of features and gameplay ideals carried over from the classic Thief: The Dark Project. It could even be a good project for Subjective to sink his venemous teeth into. You know, really make it pop, so everyone can see in broad daylight the beauty of what has been done here, to preserve not only the legacy of one hell of a game making company, but also carrying on the spirit of CLASSIC gaming itself. Again, sorry for the rambling, it wont happen often. Carry on with thy tales of further improvements to this modding juggernaut!
  12. Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I should have reloaded the tutorial and had another go. I am absorbing this as fast as I can, because I am ravenously inspired at the moment. At the same time, I have both limited time and limited computer time to check this all out! So far, I am digging this. Being able to stay crouched while jumping is something that... I.... actually love more than what they had in Dark Project. :-o The Rope Arrow action is just as good as ever, and the updated graphics for the bow is what I would have imagined that LGS itself would come up with for a Thief III. Yes, thank you for the advice on the lockpicking, I feel a bit silly in hindsight. EDIT - Nice. I get the new lockpicking now lol. Yeah, I was certainly playing like it was Dark Project. I gotta say, I loved the original lockpicking just the way it was. Im glad that they didnt change the general aesthetic of the original lockpicking (regardless of being realistic, its what we know and love why change it) and yet, they were somehow able to take a mundane element of Dark Project and actually improve upon it by giving it extra depth. Its actually more fun this way! Nice indeed...
  13. Okay, Ive been playng the first Mission of NHAT. So far, Im digging it pretty good. Getting a good feel for the controls, which are pretty damn good. A couple things are nice for me right away. Crouch jumping. Whatever awesome person came up with this, my hats off to you. Also, crouch blackjacking, just superb. Talk about an actual improvement over Dark Engine. Also, believe it or not, jumping up and down while leaning forward no longer breaks the lean. Pretty sad, I know, but each player finds different enjoyment out of a game. Again, hats off. It is still more intuitive for me to play with keyboard only and have been able to do so, up until I wanted to use the Look Up key. I pointed this out a while ago that you can customize everything you could in Dark Project, except for that funky Look Up, Look Down, and Center View that most people scratched their heads at. Well, for keyboard only players, those keys are super important. They are not in the Dark Mod options. However, now that I am spending much more time playing the game, I accidentaly discovered that the PgUp key does the Look Up command! Whats more, PgDn does the Center View. The only key I cant find now is the Look Down key. lol Im guessing that these keyboard commands I discovered, that arent in your options panel, must be defaults of the engine? Any way to find out what the default for Look Down is, for an old crpg fanatic, such as myself? Seriously guys, excellent job on the depth of this effort. And yes, I have a question about the Mission I am playing. I am stuck, I think. I got through the waterway, got through the undead with awesome jumping across the ledges, got up to the top of the shaft with awesome rope arrow climbing. Now I cant open the door at the top. My lockpick just keeps unlocking, but the lock never finishes picking. Is it supposed to take a real long time to pick this lock? Its the first Mission in the NHAT set. Sorry for rambling. I cant seem to make new paragraphs at this forum.
  14. When I hear long time "fans" fawning over the new game they sometimes say something that makes me throw up in my mouth. It is this: "Im playing with all the settings to as close as possible to the originals". In light of the obliterated free form movement, what does that even mean?! As close to the originals as possible. I laugh my ass off at you for even saying something as silly as that. Why not just tattoo a dollar bill to your forehead its that silly.
  15. Wait a minute here... are you guys saying that in NuThief, amidst all of the things they saved/discarded, and all the iptions included therein, there is *NO* permanently onscreen compass?!?! Are you sure its not just really small, and is circling the tiny NuGem??
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