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  1. Hopefully soon, yeah. People get on PA's case all the time, but it really seems to be a bug specific with Id Tech4.
  2. Just posting that this worked perfectly, thanks! This should probably be added to the wiki for anyone else with pulseaudio problems.
  3. Awesome, I'll try this out an report back later today.
  4. Setting it to OSS just crashes for me. I can get it to work* by closing every other sound device and running it, but this is kind of a sloppy work around. I was thinking I could add pasuspender to dmargs and it would prepend that when TDM goes to launch doom3. * In alsa
  5. I'm on Ubuntu 10.10, I unfortunately have problems with the common pulseaudio sound delay bug. I can run Doom 3 fine, but I have to prepend pasuspender (which suspends pulseaudio for the application) before doom3. With TDM it seems to launch the doom3 engine differently. Just running: pasuspender -- ./tdmlauncher.linux doesn't work unfortunately, and dmargs are only appended to the doom3 engine. Any ideas on this? Besides just removing pulseaudio.
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