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  1. My son Nolan was born on Friday 10:51 PM. Everyone healthy and half and tired. I won't be around for the next few weeks.

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    2. Sotha


      Congrats! Busy busy busy...

    3. Dram


      Congratulations man!! :) My son was born July 15th.

    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Congratulations. :-) I wish your son the best of health and a long life, and the same to his dear parents. 8-)

  2. Senate voted to overturn net neutrality repeal! On to House of Representatives!

    1. Aosys


      Finally, some good news!

    2. Sotha


      Good! But I read it is only a temporary victory.


      The evil empire will gather their forces and strike back.


      Hold the line! Hold the line!

  3. Wow, TDM is #1 on Greenlight!

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    2. nbohr1more


      Couldn't resist...


    3. jaxa


      Gabe Newell's finger hovers over the "destroy Greenlight" button.

    4. Gast
  4. TDM is at #2 on Greenlight!

    1. Bikerdude


      This is truly impressive and I sincerely hope it means a curator will gets his or her skates on and Greenlights this game, made for the fans by the fans. And if we do get in, we maybe one of the last games to get in on the old Greenlight system.

    2. Sotha


      This is awesome. Thanks again for doing this, Biker!

    3. Anderson


      Is there any way to see who is #1 right now?

  5. Amazon.com has a flash sale on the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse. If you're serious about gaming, it's one of the best mice in the world

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    2. chakkman


      I wonder who needs 12.000 DPI. :o I have a Logitech G302, and i set it to 800 DPI in the driver, anything else is like light speed already.

    3. AluminumHaste


      No one does, unfortunately they had to include that for the marketing side. I mean the sensor can do it without issue, so why limit it?

      I also run 400, 800 and 1600 on mine.

    4. chakkman


      Actually, i just checked, and, i always had it running on 1.200 DPI. :) 12.000 is still excessive, but, of course you have a point there, they probably do it mainly for marketing.

  6. Holy crap, #4 on Greenlight

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    2. jaxa


      *the last greenlight wave pass

    3. Epifire


      Just getting under the door with this one I think.

    4. STiFU


      It's crazy how good this works. :-)

  7. TDM is Top 5 on Greenlight.

  8. Current rank #6 of 2,527 games in Greenlight Unique visitors 10,686 In 12 days

  9. TDM on Greenlight has now hit #7 on the list!

    1. Gast


      Yasss! Also, the Greenlight vid has been seen more than 5000 times. Impressive!

  10. Wow so Trump......fuck

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    2. stumpy


      He wants to burn bridges and build walls.

    3. demagogue


      I know for sure the phrase "Leader of the Free World" definitely doesn't apply anymore.

    4. PPoe


      Actually im happy that he won. My humble opinion is that Trump will mess up less important things, maybe he will continue being sexist, everything phobic etc.. But with clinton the whole economy would follow very bad direction, and her world politic could lead to much greater disaster than trumps. But its just point of view of someone living in europe, so maybe not completely true. At least USA needed republicans more than democrats. Your success was built on american dream, capitalism etc, n...

  11. Baby Viktoria was born at 10:02 July 2 @ 8 pounds 1 ounce

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    2. jaxa



    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Sincere congratulations. :-) All the best to your daughter.

    4. Biya




  12. So now that I've been in my house for 2 months, I'm starting to really enjoy it. Cleaning out the old people's garbage (literally ugh) was such a huge task.

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    2. Bikerdude


      What would a local cleaning co charge for removing 2 tonnes of waste? bill the estate agent..?

    3. AluminumHaste


      Too late, been more than 30 days so we can't really go after the old owners. But a cleaning company would probably charge 500$ all in.

    4. Lux


      That's a lot of garbage!

  13. It's official; I'm no longer getting email updates about topic replies.

    1. SteveL


      Replied to your PM to test whether you get an email from that

    2. AluminumHaste


      No didn't get it.

  14. I'm off to get married, see you ladies and gents in a few hours, at which time I'll no longer be single. Finally.

  15. Hey @nbohr1more, I sent you those screenshots like a week ago!!! Moddb could use some new screenshots! :)

    1. nbohr1more


      OK, will look tonight. Sorry about that. :)

    2. AluminumHaste
  16. Loving the new computer.

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    2. Bikerdude


      @LUX, crucial are doing deals on the M500 series, you can get a 480GB for the price other makers are selling 255Gb for!

    3. Lux


      is that the x100 series or are they clearing out old stock?

    4. AluminumHaste


      I do plan on getting an SSD biker, but I need the ram anyways for various projects.

      So most of the time the Ram won't be in use, so might as well use it :)

  17. Man, I work the afternoon shift because it's quiet and I can darkmod and quake. Not work wtf is this? :(

    1. Mortem Desino

      Mortem Desino

      I work the night shift so I can shout at shadows "Come on out! I know you're around here somewhere, thief!"

    2. vvGarrettvv


      I work the night shift so I can sneak around, steal something and hose you :-)


  18. Damn ATI drivers! Had a video driver crash now certain games always crash at the same spot. Time to reinstall drivers.

    1. Lydecker


      Yup, the only real difference between ATI and NVidia these days is the drivers.

  19. So has anyone else watched this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiwa9-e10m8

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    2. jtr7


      I wanna see 5 seconds of gameplay where th player character's movement/navigation/action animations can be interrupted or the camera can look around. I wanna see clumsiness, and other signs of player agency assured.

    3. jtr7


      I like the commentary on the Machinima vid, but the footage they edit and loop came from the German hands-on review, and shows more and continuous footage in longer segments.

    4. Lux


      Something that is clearly evident in all the videos is... cramped FOV. If its adjustable why aren't they using it? Cause its not. YAY! (sarcasm)


  20. Holy crap are we getting another download spike? The forums keep going intermittent on me.

    1. Springheel


      The forums aren't on the same servers as the downloads.

    2. stumpy


      its sunday, the internet is always slow on a sunday for some reason.

    3. Lux


      "for some reason" I imagine is you being sarcastic as we all know everybody and their brother/sister are online on Sunday either shopping or looking at porn combined with all the gaming packets.


      I'm sure there are also people just "reading things for the articles" though...

  21. Okay changed it again, this time Quake 1 logo! <3

    1. SeriousToni


      Looking good and a bit spooky :P

    2. Melan


      Quake 1 is the bestest Quake.

  22. Liking my new forum logo, just made it myself.

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    2. Bikerdude


      very quake1, very cool.

    3. Goldwell


      That looks bad ass! Nice job ;)

    4. AluminumHaste


      It's Quake 4, but I do like the Quake 1 logo better.

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