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  1. 11 hours ago, revelator said:

    I ment comparatively :) but yes it gives a nice boost regardless.

    measured my asus laptop once and the throughput was in excess of 25GB per second... that is insane ☠️ no wonder  i could not manage to hit any buttons.

    What NVME drive are you using that gets 25GB's per second?

  2. This has bugged me for a while, but why do door entities that claim 104x56, are actually 58.25? The height is exactly 104 units tall, so why not the other dimension?

    For example, 3panel_104x56 and 6panel_104x56. They're exactly 104 units tall, but are 58.25ish units wide. Why? Either you will have a gap that you can see through if there's no visportal, or you'll have a black space when the visportal closes, or it will clip into the wall when it swings shut.

    Same with stained_glass01_118x52, it's actually 116x49.25, again you're wall geometry is either going to have a gap, or clip, or you're setting your grid size to 0.25 to get it to fit exactly (big nono). You can fit the height at grid size 4, which is fine.

    I notice the old doors made in DR and exported as model are exact dimensions as claimed, such as door_104x56_2hing and door_128x56_2hing etc.


  3. 5 hours ago, JackFarmer said:

    Erin: "I am better than you, you cannot teach me anything!!!"

    Garrett: "It's not about how much you steal, but what and how you steal."


    I stopped where you had to escape from a burning building.

    To this day I have not understood how they could screw it up so badly. But then I remember that someone from the forum once mentioned he met with Eidos people in Montreal and some of them didn't even know what Thief was. That certainly doesn't explain everything, but quite a lot.

    I do remember an interview either on tape or written, where some of the devs mentioned they were not fans of the stealth genre and Thief games in general.

    It would explain they high turnover rate at the dev house in Montreal.



    The original Thief voice actor Stephen Russell has a lot of fans; did you pursue him to play Garret?
    We were all very big fans of Stephen Russell’s previous work on Thief – the originals would not have been what they were without him. However we did not make Thief 4; this was a new entry into the series, and we wanted to make sure that we weren’t presenting a carbon copy of the previous games and the previous Garrett.

    Which shows how dumb they are, by calling the main character Garrett, and making one of his eyes different. Cause it's not a previous Garrett and it's not Thief 4......Fucking morons.

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  5. I STILL haven't finished Thi4f. I keep going back to it but get annoyed by the constraints of movement. No jumping, no mantling except on special surfaces, no rope arrows, the awful repetitive animations (beautifully made though).

    Honestly the worst part if the level design. Each level is incredibly linear with almost no side content. Just always move forward. Sometimes you'll get to an area that has 2 or 3 paths, but those seem really rare.


    I rage quit at the point where I was in the vault, and I had to get back out.

    Normally I would just mantle onto the railing, and jump over to the other side (it was like 5 feet away), but nooooooooooo, you have to go back and play the waiting game with the roaming guard. But I do understand that mantling and run jumping and grabbing ledges is the domain of mouse and keyboard, another stupid concession to console gamers I guess. (I'm salty as fuck this morning, can you tell? lol.)



  6. That's a carry over from the Thief series, you didn't know the total amount until you finished the level or died and saw your stats.

    Thief 3 changed it up with a percent left (Not sure on all difficulties).

    But for your first suggestion, you do see that amount you've stolen so far, when you pick up more loot.

  7. 8 minutes ago, wesp5 said:

    Which brings back the idea that maybe lockpicking should only ever be possible on the bottom with the lock and once it succeeds, the bottom should become unfrobbable and only the lid can thus be opened. This would also fix the common issue that it's hard to frob items in chests if the bottom of the chest is frobbable too!

    That's a good idea but custom chests in maps, especially older maps, wouldn't be affected.

  8. 34 minutes ago, stgatilov said:

    As for qucksaving... I think the first question is whether it disappears depending on various graphical cvars, like "r_useNewBackend 0".

    I turned off as many of the r_use... CVARS but I still get the flashing when quicksaving.


  9. 1 hour ago, grayman said:

    Has anyone noticed white flashes when traversing visportals?

    Either one frame is painting all white, or a few are.

    I think this started with 2.09.

    I get it I think when it resizes some buffer.

  10. Something that has been broken or never worked, is skyboxes turning black when using either g_stopTime 1, or using the jitter option for screenshot command (screenshot <width><height><samples>).




    I don't expect it to get fixed, but I've brought it up before in passing, but I guess it's time to make a bugtracker for it.

    Here is a 32 sampled screenshot, skybox turns black


  11. And yeah, some games and some monitors running freesync (like mine), don't use freesync on anything AT or OVER the cap.

    For example, if my game is running at 144 fps, I don't get freesync, but between 30-143 fps I do.

    Now, what happens is that I get the occasional frame drop to below 144 fps and it stutters. If I keep it at 143 fps, it's butter smooth, even when it drops lower.


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