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  1. Is this normal? --------- Map Initialization --------- Map: museum WARNING: 97 duplicated edge directions, 30 tripled edges WARNING: 2 duplicated edge directions, 9 tripled edges WARNING: 4277416 duplicated edge directions, 17724 tripled edges WARNING: 3 duplicated edge directions, 1 tripled edges WARNING: 4 duplicated edge directions, 4 tripled edges ----------- Game Map Init ------------
  2. How did they do it in Quake 4?? The scenes which were outdoor and that huge ship lands and you get on it. That was big. Did they use a projected light?? Oh and I just noticed that DarkRadiant (Well any version of GTKRadiant) does not support projected lights. It's on the todo list though. So the only way of doing those lights is to use D3ED.
  3. HUH, the map still runs at 60fps with a light at the size. Weird. So how do you simulate a really bright light in the sky? Just don't bother?
  4. Can someone take a look at this and tell me why it looks like this in game: textures/mydoom3textures/stainedglass001 { noSelfShadow noshadows twosided translucent glass forceoverlays qer_editorimage textures/mydoom3textures/stainedglass_edge/stainedglass_edge_d { Program heatHaze.vfp vertexParm 0 time * 0 , time * 0 // texture scrolling vertexParm 1 .4 // magnitude of the distortion fragmentProgram heatHaze.vfp fragmentMap 0 _currentRender fragmentMap 1 textures/sfx/stainedglass_edge_local // the normal map for distortion } { //mask
  5. I see. That makes sense, but then again not really. What's the difference if a skybox has a light emitter or I put a light entity really high in the sky and change it to like 2000 2000 2000??
  6. Why did they change the shader engine that much from quake 3?? Skyboxes used to have a light emitter, so you could have a sun. So what, now we can't have a sun in the sky??
  7. That might be the problem. When I was creating the mounts for the pillars on the front of the bank, I created an 8 sided brush, then clipped it in half, then strectched it on one axis. Bad one I guess. I'll redo all the pillars and see what happens. Thanks for all the excellent advice guys.
  8. Okay that is a better idea. Also instead of using a big light to simulate the moonlight, can't I just tell the sky shader to emit light??
  9. Of course, half the level is still caulked lol. I tried copying and pasting all the brushes and patches into a new map, but still the same problem.
  10. Okay I found this info online about the errors: Warning: Backwards triangle generated Benign: This is a compiler optimisation problem and can be ignored. Warning: Backwards triangle in input Benign: This is a compiler optimisation problem and can be ignored. Okay it's more serious than that. When I changed all the caulked faces to shadow faces and tried to compile in Doom3, I waited for more than 10 minutes with nothing but WARNING: Backwards triangle generated scrolling across the screen, and my commit charge was up around 1.5 gigs. So yeah, this is a problem that I want to fix.
  11. I know, the caulked faces are like faces that are completely covered by other faces. Stuff like that. Thanks I'll try shadow.
  12. In this picture: You can see light shinning through the roof and against the wall. The reason for this is that the faces on the brush that isn't seen by the player, have the "caulk" texture applied so that the engine doesn't render unseen faces. But this causes light to shine through everything. Is there another texture that I should be using that blocks light but is not rendered??
  13. Okay a little update; I started work on a new level using a building in a picture. I changed things a bit, but it's mostly the same color and style as the real building. The tower on the side is from another picture so yeah, might not fit perfectly with the style.
  14. I tried that, but I couldn't get the egdes to meet up, which will be important if I ever have to scale the thing. PS in order to save time, can you save that map and post it here please
  15. I've got a bunch of these: CM file part Primitive 298 has more than 128 Windings That warning is repeat over 100 times in the console in D3. And at the Create LightShadow 0B153278 stage: Backwards triangle generated That warning is repeat several dozen times also.
  16. I have GTKRadtiant v1.4 (for the texture set), v1.5.0 (latest release) and DarkRadiant (latest build). This seems to happen at random. the last time it happened I just had radiant open in the background, and I was surfing the net, and BLAM; the error window popped up. The other time it happened, I just opened the editor and it autoloaded my map, and I used the mouse to create a standard brush and I got the error. I closed the editor, re-opened it, and I was able to continue on. Weird.
  17. 12.4 GB free, and I have 1 GB of system ram.
  18. Here is the error I got: Email me if you need the map file.
  19. I tried the cone + octogon, but the cones edges don't ever matchup with the octogons. Is there a way to set primitives to use the grid points??
  20. I see that, but this is what I would like to do: Now clip the last four edges the same as the first four.
  21. I was hoping that you could use the third point, to specify another angle to the clip plane. Like 45 degrees in the XY view, and then 45 degrees in the ZY view (not sure if I got those windows right). So far clipping the edges of certain brush work looks good, but you can only do it on brush that are perrpendicular to the view panes. Well, perfect example; make an 8 sided brush, then clip it's bottom edge all the way around, at 45 degree angles. I can only do 4 of the 8 sides because the other 4 aren't perpendicular to the view panes. Down, Left and Right. Could the third point help with this?
  22. I also didn't know that, thank you that pretty much explains every problem I've ever had with Radiant's vertex editing. And I do usually clip most thing into the shapes I want. I used to try and vertex manipulate everything (like in max) to the shape I want. But I read some tuts and they all said; "try and clip brushes into the shape you want". Can somebody tell me where a good tutorial is for clipping?? What is the 3rd clip point for?? When do you ever need it. If it's for what I think it's for, than it's very useful.
  23. Yes I thought it might be that too, but what do you use to block vis?? There is no hint texture anymore.
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