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  1. A better model is unnecessary imho, it's so small and so dark that you wouldn't see much anyways. And bats move so fast you wouldn't be able to see any detail anyways.
  2. Here I'll post the links: https://www.youtube.com/user/bosnianbill
  3. Bosnianbill on YouTube, you'll learn a lot about locks
  4. Turn off menu music in the settings in game.
  5. Up to the map designer who placed those lights, but you were in shadow, complete darkness according to the lightgem.
  6. No that's fine your gem was mostly completely dark, and you were out of the AI's FOV when it did light up a bit. That was normal. EDIT 2: Watching it again, your lightgem was completely dark when the guard comes around the corner, there's no reason that he would see you. He didn't touch you either. EDIT: Nice moves btw.
  7. As Springheel said, they will notice some doors being open. Also, if a guard is on no alert level, there's no reason for them to be suspicious and notice you, but on Challenging, they should notice you, sounds like something is up. Do you have a video example that I can test on my system?
  8. You can try s_reverse 1 in the console.
  9. You should probably start with WHY it's reversed. Is it just in Darkmod or in every program?
  10. oh god the camera moving with the body when he's just looking straight makes me sick
  11. No man, Riddick was awesome, but the body awareness was super jank in a lot of situations, having to wait for your body animations to complete before you could do certain things is always bad.
  12. Well with a well respected builder visiting I thought it fitting that the first thing he would see walking in would be that lol. Someone's head is going to roll!
  13. Can't use those directly as they are assets from another game that's not in public domain. They could probably be modified enough to be unrecognizable, but derivative works of copyrighted content is still a nono I think.
  14. Oh yeah, found it right away. BTW, there was Just a bit of fun.
  15. This is why it hasn't been bothered with all this time. It's a shit ton of work, for very little benefit, and most players have gotten used to the player having no shadow. Though I have to say I always turn it on now as it's very immersive, I love seeing my shadow splashed across a wall.
  16. That was my question; what is the players motivation? If he has some, great, note it in the objective window like what you're saying. But from the intro all I got was that this was a thief, looking to steal a painting. That's it. Good mission btw joebarnin, so far it's excellent, so don't take this nitpick too seriously, it was just immersion breaking. This has been done in other missions, notably in Biker's new mission where you can see loot but when you frob it there's a message that pops up saying why you don't steal from this guy.
  17. Yeah please no body awareness, while it's cool, in practice it sucks to be limited in what you can do by the player model. It really made Thief 3 feel super janky when doing anything.
  18. For future reference, you can type listcvar in the console and it will print all cvars and then you can do a condump and search it that way.
  19. lol be thankful you're not developing for TDM
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