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  1. I will never understand how much trouble people still have with Blackjacking in TDM, unless you're new of course, it's understandable. But, if we make it any easier.....it's already trivial to knock out everyone, and I play on Challenging/Challenging for site and sound of AI. Like....how easy do you need it?
  2. Wow, those are ancient, from 2017. 2.08 is using newer graphics techniques, go get the latest. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/132837/ Those are at least March 2018, but it looks like your card isn't being updated anymore. EDIT: Or, if you get a 64bit OS, even windows 7 64bit, you can use much newer drivers: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/results/162099/ July 2020
  3. Huh, I just noticed this on my laptop also. What's your video card and drivers?
  4. Not if they're not reported lol
  5. Just finished it, is that the whole thing? Mission ends at escape point? For some reason I was expecting a mission part 2, but if this is just mission 1 for now that's fine.
  6. Just playing this for the first time, cool so far. I'm playing on hardest difficulty but
  7. Where were all you people during the beta test??!?!? This is exactly the feedback that was needed
  8. I get issues with sound on my computer if I set the sound card to anything higher than 44,100 audio. Happens on both windows 7 and windows 10. Using a Creative Sound BlasterX AE5 card. 16 bit and 24bit and 32bit work fine though, just can't do more than 44,100.
  9. lol I know what mission you're referring to, and I did raise an eyebrow at that also. After reload, I just skipped that one til I was on the way out.
  10. That's the mappers fault though, you can mark items in the editor so that if they're missing the AI's go on high alert.
  11. No. The whole point of the game is to avoid enemies and STEAL EVERYTHING! Punishing the player for doing what they naturally want to do is stupid.
  12. Well, ha, don't get too far ahead of yourself There are lots of missions that push hardware a lot harder than the training mission. But that's awesome to hear, should have asked about performance a long time ago
  13. Oh, FXAA is Nvidia only, unless the game implements an FXAA shader.
  14. I was surprised how quickly I got used to no AA in TDM. Won't hurt trying FXAA, just make sure to set AA in game to 0
  15. Oh god yes. AA in game basically cust your FPS in half. I don't think FXAA works in OpenGL though. For you, turn off AA, Bloom, Soft Shadows.
  16. You're definitely being held back by that CPU, your Motherboard supports up to Devil's Canyon 4790k. I have a 4770K in my other computer overclocked to 4Ghz all 4 cores, with an EVGA 980ti, which clocks to over 1500Mhz. You're 1060 isn't that far behind, maybe 20% slower. On that computer, I get 133 FPS in the same scene. While the Xeon and the 47xx series are similar, the Xeon is not overclockable. Only K series processors have an unlocked multiplier.
  17. Anyone with less than optimal specs should probably run with VSync off or use Freesync/Gsync if available. What is your motherboard? (HWinfo64 if you don't know). Is there a reason you're running an ancient Xeon processor? Is this an old server that you repurposed to game on?
  18. Because the ambient method has changed (for the better, it's way more accurate now), they will look different. Here is the 2.09 version with Gamma at 1.2 like the first screenshot
  19. Yeah that was the old ambient method which was based off texture colour I think, so it was wrong Also I think I had gamma up too high in 2.03, it was at 1.2, whereas the other 2 were at 1. EDIT: All the new settings are off, SSAO etc.
  20. They're supposed to be shiny and wet according to the spec map anyways.
  21. I was playing around with older version of TDM to try and compare performance and it's such a drastic improvement that I had to share. On v2.03 On TDM 2.08 that just released On Cab's 2.09 Alpha branch Both have as close to the same settings as possible. Well done everyone. Amazing work.
  22. Just wanted to check which version you were running. The hotfix one I believe is build #8079, soooooooooo, that's weird that your savegames are broken.
  23. Open the console in game, what's your game version number at the bottom right?
  24. .....well that was unexpected.
  25. As soon as fucking possible hahahaha No seriously, it's been like 3 months and 8 beta test phases. Time to push this child out into the world!
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