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  1. I am having issues with svn. I guess I have to find the login/password.
  2. If TDM wants any of these textures in the mod/game, I will work up some mtrs, and make new normal maps for them. While they are original, they were inspired by T1. They are all 1024s. http://www.brendamake.com/game/tdmcontact01.jpg [Yes, I that's a graveyard scene in the wallpaper in int_old_wall04.] Certain textures were made in groups to work together, such as those with green casts, and the gold ones. A few texture may be in the repository; those should be crossed off/eliminated. I also feel the the current bark is stronger than mine. [Also, perhaps some of the current TDM textures can be expanded with these, creating larger sets, such as making a gold series of the current woodwork...but one thing at a time.] I just need to know which ones, and what name will they bear. Please PM, me.
  3. Seen in real life, reddish rusty iron is quite flat and dull because it has an immense surface area that diffuses light. Whatever takes wear, such as the edges of plates, and the tops of bolts and riviets, will be a little darker and shinier. Wrought iron, as well as any iron that is touched a lot will be dark and shiny, like an old pair of pliers, because of the oils and acid from our skin put an odd layer or oxide on it that slows it from rusting normally. I'm sure that medieval iron armor need to be oiled to keep it from rusting. [Also early firearms, should there be any in a medieval game : ) were not blued, but browned.]
  4. Seeing that it does involve textures, I thought I would post a link here. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry109604
  5. I liked "Ominous Bequest" for logic, and challenge. I felt that overall it a very strong and long mission, and if I had to pick only one T2 add on mission, it would be that one. It's graphics were not groundbreaking, but I thought it's scripting was exceptional in the same way that Looking Glass would have approved of. There was one mission in T2X, that was quite creepy. I remember, it conjured the same feelings of angst that was present when I played "The Return to the Cathedral" for the first time. When I was in both missions, I felt I just didn't want to be there. I believe it was "Down Among Dead Men," or "The Cure." I thought that TDS's Cradle was scary, but it worked though shock than angst.
  6. In TDS, you needed an item icon, but never needed to know what weapon you were was using, if you can see it in your hand. If you look at the... http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?act=A...ost&id=1353 ...screenshot, we see the vine arrow in 3D, and we may also notice the HUD icon, if we look closely. I think the Minimalist Project added something good to Thief gameplay that got me thinking: in a 3D game, in the end, I think the best HUD--is less HUD. Yes, we still need it for messages, and showing things like health--until we can have damage maps on the character, but that's a few years from now. I think the player shadow does add to the immersion of moody lit games like T. In the real world, we cast shadows. In TDS, I could sometimes how well I was hidden, by checking for shadows. In the Cradle, I jumped at my own shadow. Walking across narrow things is easier, if you can see where your feet are. When I T2, now I notice, "I have no legs!" I was not suggesting getting rid of the light-gem subsystem, but as a option to move the gem to the player model. If it's too much work, I understand. it was just an idea.
  7. In the T family games, there was a light gem that showed how much light was falling on the character. In T3, I noticed that because I could see who the light was falling on the character, I needed the light gem less, and the gem itself became another 2D element to distract me from an otherwise 3D world. In minimalist, I cold always tell what I was wielding by just looking the character's hand. I never needed a 2D icon to tell me that I was using--they just lowered the immersion. As an option, it would be interesting to make the light sensitive gem--in a heavy ring that the character wears outside his glove, or perhaps as an amulet. When you need it, you can just look at it. Also, I hope beyond hope that in TDM, you can see your character body character in first person mode. Player shadows added immeasurably to presence in the game.
  8. I am making more textures... http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?...226#post1558226 (Yes, they are 1024s : )
  9. I just got back from the East Coast. I took over 300 pictures for use on textures. I forsee another texture pack coming. I am going to make some stone walls, brownstone blocks, slate, green copper trim. treebark, and some more ground stuff. I am going for the greenish mossy look. It will probably be a few weeks to do another batch becasue I am a little under the weather.
  10. I had a rather strange idea. I suppose it is possible to make a file converter to take non-portalized Dromed source files, and convert them to Doom 3's/Dromed map format. I realize that Dromed works with negative spaces/airbruhes for portaling, but utilities already exist to take a BSP'ed Quake format map and reconstruct the source from it. The Dromed maps wouldn't be all chopped and triangled, and so it would be easier, and I do use the word easier cautiously. There are hundreds of fan made thief maps, there are some really good series. It would be great to convert play them, and give mappers a head start on the geometry. BTW, someone is working on an open source Dark Engine.
  11. I may be around Yale, so I might be able to get some texture photos of brownstone buildings.
  12. Thanks, yes, you may use them. Perhaps I may may make a map or two when I get back... My Webpage
  13. Hi, I am working some textures that may help. They should be uploaded soon. http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109122 I had intended them for Thief DS, but I suppose they will work for The Dark Mod. I was going for the 1600-1800 look that was used in Thief 1. Take Care, BrendaEM
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