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  1. Yeah I'm getting the same issue for the second mission, it seems to have generated the world but it doesn't load without crashing to desktop. malloc failure for 134217736 Got a nvidia DX11 1024mb memory card with latest drivers, XP SP3, 2.40Ghz processor, 3Gb ram. Haven't had the issue on other FMs.
  2. I agree, it did feel a bit sparse in terms of things to do (ie no eaves dropping, any decent hiding places besides crouching down on any side of a hallway, no desks/closets to search through) vs largeness of rooms, amount of NPC's and long hallways. Without a map to makes it feel a bit of a back and forth running about and backtrack fest atleast on the upper floor, personally feel it seems a tad pointless to design it in such a way that you spend more time walking than anything else fun. I'm a bit ambivalent about how much stealing there needs to be although I do think some of the rooms could use more decoration to justify their size (larger carpets and more statues would be nice). I'm fine with the cathedral and library as they are (although a bit to much light and I think the library could use more reading material, something more besides one book to justify its size), I'm speaking generally. Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 2/5, Story 2/5, Sound 3/5. VFAT2: Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 3/5, Story 2/5, Sound 3/5 VFAT3: Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 4/5, Story 3/5, Sound 3/5.
  3. I noticed that crouching before landing doesn't cushion most of the sound anymore. I thought that was a nice feature (à la Dishonored), that made sense to me because it reflects how you would land in real life bending to absorb more of the weight, some into your arms and not all at once but landing on one leg, bending your knees as you land on the other leg. How much sound does it block out now? (audio wise it sounds the same)
  4. It all felt rather easy for me this one, except occasionally getting spotted moving into the hallway when someone switched the lights back on. Rather quick to get between the key areas, after doing an initial sweep, and the notes for hints are all in convenient areas near those key areas. The vault was pretty easy for me after knowing what to do with that pipe, although I didn't carry the bags around I figure there was an easier way if I spent the 4 gold for alternate drop point that I could have easily bought. Story and graphically its alright, certainly a bigger map than the ones I've played recently which is I think how TDM should be played. I liked the style of these missions, heists are definitely one of the better kinds of missions because you need to plan things ahead rather than just steal as go (although there is some of that to of course) and apart from novelty of assassination its what I would want out of a mission, I liked the size and more guards in slightly more difficult areas of this one better but it still felt a little to easy seeing as guards take quite long patrols (so minimal observing while doing a sweep, I go through it as fast as possible & seems to work fine) and you already have what you need to take on the 2 guards in the vault so its merely a matter of searching or buying the info to do the planning where to go first to minimize time in the hallways or going to rooms downstairs that serve no purpose apart from getting caught. I don't know how to make the mission harder given the layout, perhaps make taking out the guards not just a matter of gasing and knocking out the 2 down there, thanks for this, I certainly will play the next one if you decide to go further!
  5. I have version 2.0 and It keeps trying to download TDM_update_2.00_to_2.01.zip, then restarting the download again once it finishes (29.3mb over and over again with a average download speed of 200kbps, there is no zip file in the darkmod folder apart from with with 2 underscores before its name and 0 bytes big). I've waited patiently but every download mirror it tries downloading from does the same thing, downloading keeps restarting but gives no zip file and just starts restarts the download for the next mirror in a continuous loop. Its already bad enough that I need the whole Darkmod installation folder with me to the internet cafe just to download a measly patch, but this is bizarre. I tried copypasting the download link from the logfile into the browser, which worked but honestly that took longer than it needed for me to figure out the updater isn't doing its job. But then.. ugh again an issue. I extracted the patch from the zip, 2.00 to 2.01, overwriting.. but now its saying my version is "no exact match" and trying to download the zip again :/ I put the zip file in the darkmod folder so I would think that the updater would notice that the update package zip is already there and shouldn't be downloaded, no luck still tries to download it regardless. This is ridiculous, doesn't matter what way I do it, it still won't allow me to get the next 2 updates. I tried downloading the updater manually from the website: http://www.thedarkmod.com/download-the-mod/ Same issue. My system is XP SP3, same as I've always had for TDM.
  6. That well was a neat surprise, very unusual there mr Grayman. Although I spent way to much time trying to find the well. (thats probably my fault though, as when there are guards patrolling and usually don't explore very well, especially with light sources scattered around the place). I did however find the City Watch building to be fairly tough to get through, I did find the vents but some areas had guards going through in regular intervals with a fair bit of light like the front desk and the sleeping quarters . Unfortunately I have no idea how to get the map for that side mission, if someone could point me in the right direction...
  7. Well I didn't enjoy it, but I'm very much used to bigger maps. I think that Thief to a large extent can't be experienced unless its a mission with multiple ways around the objective and that by extension requires many rooms, side objectives, equipment to choose from (although that last point can be approached differently by finding equipment along the mission rather than choosing it at the start). Here its a hole in a wall and 2 rooms. I guess its more of a personal issue, aside from some small nitpicks others have already mentioned.
  8. The gameplay at the Guards Watch headquarters was really underwhelming seeing how much a build up there is to getting there. The scenic route ended up being totally overshadowing the part that should have been difficult. I love going over buildings and having to do a bit of mantling, tightrope balancing and keen observation of my environment. The Guards Watch was had alot of light and a few light switches but it didn't have enough guards, so there was no reason to really use the ventilation system and all that light made the place rather bland looking. Although I did like the basement/prison cells/armory visually, but it to felt rather easy. I felt as though that is really the only thing holding this mission back and is perhaps the only blemish on the 3 missions we have so far. And I had all that equipment to! It seems like its a reoccuring issue that I never end up using my theify escape tools even when clearly this mission should have been begging for it. I can say that I thought the city was wonderful though. Also maybe I'm just getting good at this, but I found that finding all of the loot was rather easy.. to easy. Maybe put some of the loot off the beaten track? cheers!
  9. Probably one of the better FM's, that does alot with little. Its just so much replayability and with a fairly small level to. Ah thank you sir!
  10. The gameplay on this one was suprisingly fun, tough trying to sneak with such few rooms. Good example of few guards used well. Though the extra few guards outside thanks to shouting of AI, has kept me more on my toes after being foiled. Nice placement of that sewer gate key by the way
  11. Though on forgiving hearing, I find guards react to me walking on wood or stone close behind them. Thats a tad annoying, I don't wanna go as low as "nearly deaf". I would be alright with creeping more often if it wasn't so slow (eventhough it only makes sense on gravel, grass, marble and metal). It just doesn't make sense to me that a expert in thievery, who wears soft padded shoes and can distribute his weight evenly would make noise on stone (and as for wood, in the Thief universe wood doesn't creak so its like recently installed wood floors in the real world, not impossible to move over).
  12. Yes another great mission, although there was that one stash of loot that was a little to hard to find :/ I can't complain though because I had only just managed to get all the necessary loot but still
  13. How do I get into the second city section, beyond that gate? There doesn't appear to be any way to open the gate, and I've already completed all the objectives, unless there is somekind hidden optional objective. I know theres a point to that sewer section, like that room I can see passed the grate, and there has to be way to get on the other side of all that.. maybe you should have provided a easier way passed all that, and even though I usually hate it when fidcal does key hunts, here I found it tolerable because there wasn't to many to find and the way is more or less clear after the initial ridiculous jump across to that small gap, and then another jump onto that bridge.
  14. Yes! Its nice to see that new peeps with talent willing to contribute. TDM deserves it!!
  15. Also AI are surviving a arrow to the face... kind of makes broadheads feel less impactful and arcadey.
  16. For some reason eating cheese, muffins and bread makes a crunching noise like carrot/radish/apples... how am I suppose to eat that stuff while I'm sneaking about? I need quiet food. Oh and I'm enjoying dark mod so far
  17. playing as assassin (which who wouldn't want to?) the mission felt rather flat. The lag was terrible, worse than any mission to date. The uninteractable outdoor area serves as a nice backdrop but I feel you missed out on a opportunity here sir.
  18. Man that musuem, its damn near impossible to hide from them guards with all that light around. I'll have to save this for a later playthrough.
  19. This is exactly what I wanted out TDM for awhile. I personally preferring to hide out of sight rather than in shadow. But I assumed that the reason it wasn't implemented was of issues with AI. That to was something I had wanted ever since I could ledge climb. But by this point its very easy to start getting feature creep now that the game is finally reaching that big release... but at the same time I really like those possible features. I don't see how old maps are at all relevant. The point of TDM becoming standalone is that anything is possible. After there is a v2 release, any idea is a viable one. The only restraint now is temporary one.. to focus on bugs and polish.
  20. damn, Gecko pulled a fast one. The gold HD texture pack is now TBD
  21. the original thief is also getting a HD texture pack in a few days, http://www.moddb.com/mods/thief-gold-hd-texture-mod/
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