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  1. I thought there already was a zombie model.
  2. Following a post someone made a while ago... Totally agree. I personally think that while a wolf is a excellent hunter and impossible to sneak right up to it or passed it unless you keep a distance of at least 20 metres... a werewolf is a like a incredibly powerful version of it that not only would have those heightened senses but also have a highly strong, fast, and regenerative body that easily makes them the most powerful creature in the world. It could take on a elephant and win, other various lions, leopards, jaguar, grizzly bear. Perhaps a Cheetah might beat it speed wise but aside from that a werewolf is king of the jungle. You would have to find tricks to beat it like explosive arrows, flashbang, a few land mines, but if you don't have all that then its basically about keeping a distance from it... or run like hell when it comes and prey you have a rope arrow to get to high ground or barricade a door. If anything I think it should be upped senses wise for the following Dark Mod v1.8 It should be the most challenging AI to come up against. Wondering if this beast has ever had a tweaking made to it?
  3. Very nice mission, the sort that you love to do every once and a while. It had some tough mission objectives, others like Benny's footlocker just needed some common sense. Overhaul I liked the details, going through all of those houses, eaves dropping in the bar, the tight alleys and that random cat scared me you bastard even some secret loot high up there for the real ninja thievers. I admit there wasn't as much AI as I expect but then again this isn't a big mission and these places are not high security so it makes sense.. the tight level design helps up the difficulty factor. It was quite beautiful from the tower top, and I felt that I'm generally let down by easier FM's, this one made up for it in all the right ways. In general I liked the hideout/sewer system, and the premise of the story even if it was a tad simple. I think I'm going to like what b1k3rdude conjures up.
  4. Well I suppose when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter if something is made by one or more people. The reason why I used the word 'official', is that the people who created this project made it the way it is through collaboration, and it would be pretty dam tough to make a 'game' on ones own especially with adequate play time. I would say that NHAT or Sotha's could 'be official' if most of the TDM team agreed to it. I think it would be a shame to not have a 'collaborated effort' on the campaign. It would be missing out on alot of talent. I think everyone deserves to be part of this journey to the top the mountain so to speak...
  5. the length, and the fact it comes with the mod would speak for itself... Aslong as it covers the 3 criteria as I said.
  6. Ah but you see it is. Because its a collaboration. Not a individual effort. My 3 points stand even if NHAT is the exception to the third point.
  7. Ah you beat me to it. I was thinking over why small series of connected fm's don't hold the same water as a official campaign does. I think it stems from the problem of not catering to "convenience". When people fire up the TDM they may not know where to start, what to download, if they have to google 'tdm storymode/campaign' or what not. Having Saint Lucia fm automatically come with TDM was an idea thrown about before, and I think that it was a great idea and only now is it being put forward for 1.08. Not to mention a campaign is something that would be brought to light through publicity. Connected FM's hasn't gotten that advantage. Even I didn't know there where any until recently. Theres also the idea that there is a big contrast between each series of fm's. Each are made by different author & each contain their creators idiosyncrasies. That is a advantage in my eyes but it creates a problem of 'being fractured'. They are released in parts (fm's), so when you start playing them you know that it isn't the "end", the author is probably making another part. The story hasn't come full circle. So the experience isn't complete. The experience is fractured.
  8. Nobody is questioning the amount of work put into TDM by the select few team members for it to get this far, or even the fair amount of publicity it has received on moddb by winning that award & the attention its gotten on TTLG, thief blogs. (even if TTLG was a mostly negative one). The problem is it hasn't gotten any where near enough new players/commentors and contributors as it deserves. I think the point is there are milestones, and each one gets closer to the level of success/popularity that the mod should have according to how much work has been put into it. The campaign is going to put the mod towards a lengthy, coherent & proper gameplay experience, that people look for in mods/games. Yes but you've just highlighted the crux of the problem right there, even though your arguing against a campaign. That the lively of TDM rests on the balance of a few dedicated people. If all they ever do is fix bugs or continue working on the core of the mod and popularity simmers at the point its at, It poses a bigger risk of having the core development team "burning out", and having everything die with them. all it will do is make things stagnate... less activity on the forums & less fm's will mean less people will get interested. The key to turning that around is not just getting featured in a magazine or by big name gamers in podcasts/reviewers, is by having a actual campaign... or multiplayer. Where not just arguing about ambiguous things like "how popular can mods get?" or "how popular can thief be and the style of gameplay we offer?" You know why games do the level design once they have their editors up and running, and make the textures/models along with the level design, expand on them both as they go through the game development cycle... and lets not forget the concept art and storyboard that is done before any of this. The campaign is essentially a top priority for games because it was what its all about. Putting all the attention on creating the "tools" for people to use and more core content is limiting in it's appeal. The obvious exception is a "open world" environment like Minecraft, eventhough all the work went into 'tools' for the people to use, its in a big randomly generated environment that anyone can get into... which is level design! It's a rare thing and where not going to talk about exceptions here. Games are about the gameplay. It's why people purchase them and seek them out. So creating a coherent lengthy experience, the key word there, is what people are after. It's the biggest milestone... it's not about always wanting more. Seeing higher and higher mountains.. it's about actually making the damn mountain rather than just growing more grass & laying more foundations. The only valid point is the other side of the coin, if the localizations aren't done by the time the next big publicity event we risk losing more of the foreign Thief fanbase & potential fans.
  9. Very nice mission from a beauty standpoint, like the solar system, telescope and sky, Definitely better than most of the ones I've played in terms of size, and while I liked the premise of the storyline, sort of expected more from it. Like the pagan book I found skipped the Pagan lore which I felt was sort of a stupid joke. Let us decide if its gibberish... There was a interesting use of humor in some readables and the briefing and so I guess thats your trademark. While I liked the cramped stairs, and a general sense of claustrophobic design where rooms are only as big as they have to be for their function, but the priests room you would expect to be bigger... The secrets where nicely placed indeed. also the gameplay, while fun exploring and looting the place the AI where at a loss to stop me due to how few of them. It may have been part of the storyline but that was a limitation none the less. I'll have to disagree with nbohr1more. Thats gonna mark you down because dealing with the AI is the difficulty of a mission hence why the player take/finds all that equipment. Even a map and compass is to a lesser extent only necessary when theres a AI presence because if they're patrolling about you don't want to have to be going back and forth trying to find a alternate way into the locked rooms or to get up into the upper rooms. So a map is there to save time and lessen difficulty. For these reasons a map should be designed around to accommodate AI, not as a after thought. While I understand that if you don't put much focus on one aspect of a game, it allows you to put more focus on other aspects like visual design/exploration... But I like to have my cake and eat.it .. not just look at it and pick the cherries off it.
  10. http://www.thedarkmo...tails.php?id=58 The bloodgate link listed there doesn't work... you have to take the 's' out of the /fms/ part of the link.... Also the Fidcal link doesn't work, you have to take out the 'www.thedarkmod.com/' part out of it A real shame to have 2 broken links for a great FM like this one
  11. Agreed, Lantern is supposed to have a much more vibrant light because it can have oil instead of a candle.... it definitely should have a larger light radius than a simple candle. Then I might actually use it to navigate... I also think you should be able to drop it... its weird how you can drop the spyglass but not the Lantern... when theres actually good reason for dropping it, to use it as a portable lightsource like if your in a big cave and want to light entrance up for instance. Or other key location that you need to keep your eye on.
  12. I wonder if its possible to allow the player to use the dagger I've seen some enemies use (like from the Too Late fm), and if its possible to make it throwable. As a knife lover this would allow me to play my favorite way, perhaps some console command could switch between the short sword and knife for those who prefer it. I would like to make stiletto skins.
  13. very nice visual style, much like a real hideout would be. Lovely litlle yet hard encounter, some good hidden loots, very lite on story... its a nice mod and one to come back to.
  14. Ditto !! I found this quite enjoyable for a small mod, mainly because it was tough. Electric lights are always a problem for me, along with the metal floors. It really makes you study the guard patrol paths rather than zipping through unaware guards leaving the place dark and somehow less wealthy in a short time. But than again to much of that could be annoying hence why these sorts of places are always rare builder type laboratories.
  15. Talk about tiny, No wonder I didn't hear of this back then. Even the apartment was unnaturally claustrophobic. I expected it to be a lot more difficult to find the hidden chest. I actually expected to get a shovel and dig around a large big garden in the back, to my dismay it was much easier and blander than expected gameplaywise. I did find it weird that I had to kill the guy but heh, I'm not complaining Boy was it tough though that underground builders structure. Lights, metal floors all make me sad. On the challenge factor it ranked quite high considering how small and how few builders there where. It's tough to say whether I liked it or not. The visuals I think where quite good overall but there wasn't enough for me to give a favourable mention.
  16. Talk about short, it was nice, visually appealing but there could have been more to do or read. Anything to add some kind of replay value. If this is a first mission it was done very well I think, I had some time to get that dam guard out of the room. In any event there is something that every thief mission can do to make me excited.
  17. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Surface_Types I searched the article to no avail. How do I modify how much noise certain surfaces make. So that I can make players make little to no sound on marble and metal floor. Lowering AI_sndvol only ends up making noise arrows useless along with throwing items for distractions..
  18. They are not even alerting guards on my end !!!
  19. anyone noticed their noisemaker arrows aren't attracting or alerting guards.. or anyone for that matter. Is there some sort of way to check and modify how much noise they make via the console? I've checked on several maps just to make sure.
  20. Something really cool about this mission, its the tight streets, that are more like back alleys... its that sort of style that puts emphasis on getting passed guards with the skin of your teeth or forcing you to take the high road, climbing is fun for me. I'm fast so I run, jump and climb like a ninja. This whole level is beautiful with finally a small taste of the undead I have had yet to see... I went up to the corpse only to my surprise he sits up right into my face The builders place was a bit weird to see such a easy to get into building, I have always come against heavily fortified Builder churches, cathedrals and underground machine laboratories... this time it was a cake walk. I loved the climbable vines/wooden wall, haven't seen that before. The gameplay was as good as it could be expected but there was always something illogical, like having to leave Rowan's tip on his desk, and I couldn't find where his place is... there was no mention of it anywhere besides the note on the actual door to his room and there is no map leaving that compass of mine cold and alone, surely I would have scribbled a little map of mine by scouting the place before hand. Can't go in blind wandering around the place can I. Also the player should have some options as to what optional tools to bring like the spyglass and a lantern eventhough I don't use them. Some shop options would be nice. The storyline is more of a compliment to the map rather than something noteworthy. There was also a pretty hard to get secret spot up ontop of the buildings
  21. I actually thought the FM was light on exposition (the lack of readables, apart from 1 probably contributed to that), but its has a good premise. The FM's strengths are some good scripted sequences.. like the bad guy trying to prevent your progress and the drunk guard ranting to himself, and the end briefing is something I love eventhough it didn't give us anything we could have easily guessed. Oh and the briefing was good but I always expect every FM to have that. And I always love diaries that actually look like diaries in games by having a fair bit of writing... The mission although looks great doesn't give much in terms of gameplay either apart from exploring which you get in every FM, the lack of looting is understandable it being a mine and all (still found myself missing some loot) and the lack of guards is also understable. My only real criticism apart from the lack of readables is that the 2 floors before getting to the main elevator are sort of bland filler, with just 1 or 2 rooms with one loot item. It could have been something a tad more difficult. The only real gameplay element that adds something is using the fire flask but it was obvious.
  22. Love the name for the mod, reminds me of something, like something I read in a thief mission before or maybe in Morrowind. The image has some discoloration at the bottom of it and its a bit dark, but otherwise it does well to tease us with a unique look of dusk at a castle.
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